Aurora woke up alone in the underground room. Her surroundings seemed to have reverted to the normal Abyss dungeon in her sleep.

Aurora waited to feel Avas touch. She vaguely remembered the larger female falling asleep spooning her body.

So, the lack of body heat was concerning. Had Ava decided to leave Aurora alone for the time being?

Though Aurora did feel something heavy draped around her neck. It made her feel sore and tired. She did not remember owning such an accessory.

Aurora could only conclude that Ava must be behind this. Maybe the overlooker had decided to bestow Aurora with a magical artifact?

“Hey! Be careful. Having no limbs makes it difficult for me to balance myself.” Aurora tensed as those words reached her ear. They sounded like they were spoken directly in her ear.

There was a wet feeling in the inner side of her ear. Something wet was touching her ear rather intimately.

Auroras hands moved toward theaccessory on her neck carefully. She had a feeling thataccessory was not the right word to describe it.

Auroras hands touched something scaly. Auroras mind decided to freak out and defend herself.

One second Auroras hand was empty, the next second she had a snake in her hand.

“Heyyyy. Wait! You cant throw me like that. We have a contractttttttt.” Aurora almost swung the snake before the snake decided to coil around her wrist.

The snakes grip tightened at the first hint of the swinging. Aurora quickly stopped her assault once she realized who the snake was.

“Ava? What are you doing as a snake?” Aurora asked.

She was not really surprised to see someone turn into a snake. Even a trained human could do this.

So an overlooker being able to do this was not a surprise to her.

“This is myreal form. I was a snake before receiving the abysss blessing. I dont enjoy being in this form. But it would make it easier for me to leave the abyss with you like this.” Ava explained.

“Real form?” Aurora questioned. She let Ava coil on her arm, but fatigue was building fast. The snake was heavier than Aurora had anticipated.

“Abyss can grant power. It can even reverse the time back. It even has the power to revive people. But it cant create life. So the tower shared its power and enlightenment with others it deems worthy.” Ava explained.

The snake decided to take advantage of Auroras shock and climb up her arm.

Ava decided to coil around Auroras neck and settle her body there. It was uncomfortable for Aurora at first, but she quickly got used to it.

“So, you were a snake before the abyss granted you enlightenment?” Aurora asked. She wanted to make sure she had the right information.

“Yes. I was a snake, just as you were a human. Now we both are more than that. But that is a talk for another day.” Ava answered. She had answered Auroras question but it felt evaded.

“So, what next? How long have we been in this chamber for?” Aurora asked. She was calm at first but quickly panicked.

It had felt like a day inside the chamber but the passage passing time was weird in the abyss.

It mainly followed the over-world day-night cycle. But there were certain parts of the abyss that had their one flow of time. A day in such a camber could mean months outside.

Aurora prayed that she had not found herself in such a chamber.

“How long have we been here? A century.” the snake answered. Aurora felt her heart sink and her face paled at the answer.

A century? A CENTURY?

What about the academy? The progress? Her revenge? Cloves soul?

“Hahahahahah. Your face! Did you believe me? Without any evidence? I did not expect you to be so pure despite your circumstances. Dont worry, its only been one day.” Auroras pale face went red at the tease.

“Stop it. What did I do to deserve this treatment from you?” Aurora questioned. She did not want an answer for real.

And Ava knew that as well. The snake chose not to answer Auroras question.

“So, you will come and help me out? What about the area you have to overlook? Wont it be a problem for you?” Aurora questioned.

It was not Auroras problem for now. But it could become one in the future if Ava had to leave at a crucial time.

Aurora needed to be certain that she could trust the over-looker at a clutch time.

“Dont worry. I can still keep an eye on the first 5 floors from the outside. They are close enough to the surface that I wont have any problem.” Ava assured.

Aurora did not question the overlooker further.

The chamber door disappeared behind Aurora once she stepped out. The corridor was not the same one she had entered the chamber from.

The first thing Aurora did was switch on her system. Auroras heightened emotions had caused the system to malfunction on her end.

She just prayed that it had not affected anyone else.

[System powering on.

Alerts: User

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