It was cold. It was so cold that her body was not able to keep up.

Astoria felt like all her energy had left her body. The only thing that was left behind was the feeling of ice inside her chest.

The only source of warmth was outside of her body. It was lying at Astorias side and she had to consume it.

Her instincts screamed at her to secure her treasure before the intruder took it away from her.

The intruder already had one of Astorias treasures in her hand. Astoria could not allow her to take another one from her hoard.

“Go. I will keep her stalled.”

The voice brought a wave of cool with it. Astoria chased it unconsciously with her lips.

Her lips landed on something soft and cool. The feeling of magic brought calmness to her mind. The calmness of the likes Astoria had never felt before.

She wanted more. She needed more.

She needed to be surrounded by that coolness and make it her own.

So that was what she did. She leaned in and started consuming whatever energy she could get her hands on.


Aurora expected the attack coming her way.

Astoria had not exactly hidden her intentions toward Aurora. More so, her aura had given her excitement away to Aurora.

“Dont hurry to devour me. I am not going anywhere. Come, have your fill.”

Aurora braced herself for the flash of pain that was about to come. She could sense Astorias intention of biting her nape.

Astoria was more beast than human right now. As such, her body was responding in kind and making her act out.

Aurora also knew that the use of blaze point had deprived Astoria of any common sense she held before. The lack of energy in the goddesss body contributed to her wild nature.

There were only two ways to knock Astoria out of her current condition.

Either let her gather her energy or to dual cultivate with her and restore her power.

Aurora chose the more time-efficient one from the bunch.

“Calm down. Match your breath with mine.”

Aurora cupped the elders face with her hands. It was an attempt to snatch the elder goddesss attention back on her.

But Astoria did not pay any attention to the soft command. The elder forced her lips out of Auroras neck and reached toward her breasts.

But of course, things were not that easy for the pair.

Astoria pawed at Auroras shirt in an attempt to get it off. But the lack of sense was getting in the way.

There was no other way now.

Aurora pressed her lips against Astorias with a brutal force. Being nice and soft was not going to work against a beast.

Astoria did not play around either. She forced her body back against Auroras in a violent clash of tongues.

Two pairs of lips moved against each other before Aurora broke the kiss.

Astoria followed the saliva string held between the teeth and licked across Auroras face.

“Give me some space to work.”

Aurora tried to push Astorias heavier body off her but the half-goddess did not seem to be in the mood for that.

The more Aurora pushed back, the more Astoria pushed ahead.

In the end, Aurora had no choice but to give up and allow Astoria to have her way with her body.

Astorias hard penis was rubbing against Auroras belly but the hands-on her breasts distracted Aurora more.

Astoria was playing with her nipples and fondling her breast like a baby who had found a new toy.

“Astoria, pay attention to..”

A hiss was forced out of Auroras mouth as Astoria decided to bite her. The soft flesh of Auroras breast held the teeth imprint.

But Astoria looked far from satisfied and intensified her attempts to mark Aurora.

Pain mixed with pleasure inside Auroras mind. Her skin blossomed a pretty pink at being handled in such a way.

“A-Astoria, C-Come here.”

Aurora branched herself before she pulled Astorias body on top of her own.

She made sure to move around so that her pussy would rub against Astorias hard penis. The contact made Aurora hiss out in pleasure.

And it distracted Astoria from her ruthless assault on Auroras neck as well.

The half-goddess finally seemed to be paying attention to Aurora and her lower half. Astorias penis rubbed against Auroras wetness resulting in a bolt of pleasure.

“Thats right. That is where you need to go. Dont be shy and touch it.”

Aurora was not sure if Astoria understood her words or not. But the elder did reach out with a hesitant touch and lightly touched Auroras pussy.

The pleasure was intense on Auroras side but Astoria seemed to find her exploration fun.

The fingers disappeared quickly from Auroras pussy and were replaced by a hard penis.

Astoria seemed contented to rub her penis against the wet pussy in front of her. The goddess was not even interested in penetration.

Or, it was more likely that the thought of being inside Aurora had not even crossed her mind.

Aurora cursed her fate and got ready to take things in her hand.

Since Astoria looked inexperienced, Aurora decided she needed to pull her weight and ride that hard cock.

That was the only way things would work out for the pair.

“Sorry for the delay.”

Aurora apologized before she finally turned the tables.

Astoria melted once Aurora put her hands on the elder. The hard penis throbbed in Auroras hand and Astoria all but collapsed on herself.

Aurora easily manhandled Astoria on her back while she reached for that hard cock in front of her.

It was impressive and relatively human-shaped.

However, Aurora could also feel something new at the bottom of the cock. Something not relatively human-like.

‘I am in for it. Shes going to knot.

Aurora knew being half-beast came with such a territory but she had never experienced this phenomenon before. Being knotted was not on her list of priorities.

But now it looked like she would have to face the beast head-on.

Aurora pumped the cock in front of her before deciding to take a lick. The lack of lubrication only left Aurora with so many options.

Aurora needed to be wet to be able to take Astoria without pain. And the only way to do that was to play with herself.

Since Astoria was out of her mind, Aurora could not even count on her for preparation. All Aurora could do was distract Astoria and pray that her mere preparation would be enough.

Auroras hand entered her pussy as she played with Astorias cock. Her mouth made quick work of lubricating the well-sized cock in front of her.

Aurora finally decided to such the cock head to prepare Astoria for the sensation of sinking in a tight wet heat.

But the plan backfired on herself.

Somehow, Astoria gathered enough brainpower to catch Auroras head and force her to take in the whole cock.

Auroras new body lacked a gag reflex but the penetration still hurt her throat.

Aurora wanted to pull back but Astoria did not allow Aurora to do that. Aurora had to fight against Astorias stronghold to get free.

A pair of teary eyes looked back at Astoria and it seemed to have excited Astoria even more because she pushed harder against Auroras head.

Aurora had to do her best not to use her strength.

Though she did use her magic to calm down Astoria and to free her mouth.

Her pussy was more than ready to take Astorias cock and she had to pull back to get to the main course.

Thankfully, Astoria finally got the clue and let Auroras throat go free.

Aurora gulped in the unneeded oxygen and quickly straddled the elder half-goddess.

“You better appreciate my sacrifice. I dont think Ill be able to use my voice tomorrow.”

Aurora complained before she sank on Astorias cock and took it in deep.

The penetration caused a hiss of pleasure to escape both parties. But no one even slowed down to take time and adjust the position.

Aurora held herself back from actually moving once she had sunk balls-deep on top of Astorias cock. She wanted to catch her breath before the next big event.

But Astorias instincts finally kicked in and she decided to take charge of the operation. Her hips moved aggressively against Auroras and the position allowed Astoria to reach down into the deepest part of Aurora.

It was hard and fast action that caused both parties to not give in.

Aurora tried to take control of the situation but Astoria did not seem ready to give the control up.

Astoria seemed more than ready to take advantage of her new position and her thrust picked up speed.

Aurora was losing ground faster and faster. It was Astoria that was in control of their coupling.

But before Astoria could release, Aurora tried one last try to get the control back in her hands.

She held Astorias hand tightly and kissed her before the half-goddess could move.

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