The cold walls of the Northern Palace felt restrictive to the small princess. The cold was seeping into her body, making her senses go numb.

But the small beauty was used to such treatment. Her body was used to enduring the cold since she had lived in such an environment for a long time.

“Hey, do you know when the people from the academy will be here? Will lord Karan accompany them as well?”

The small beautys voice was extremely cold. It held no emotion and caused the maids around her to flinch.

This action of the maids did not even phase the small princess. She had long gotten used to such treatment and even lost hope that these people will come around.

It made taken years for the princess to realize that her maids feared her. They never told the princess why they feared her, but they did.

And they were not the only ones.

Everyone except the head maid feared her.

“P-Princess. The people from the academy will arrive in the Northern Republic shortly. The princess just needs to sit tight and wait for them.”

The princess did not ask anymore after that.

Since her second question had been ignored, it was safe to say that Lord Karan will not be arriving with the party.

Not that the princess expected Lord Karan to come for her. He was far too busy in the to brother with her for now.

“I see. You can go away now. I want to be alone.”

The maid didnt even give the princess a back look when she left. The maid left as if she was fleeing for her life.

It was like this each and every time. These people were afraid to anger her but they didnt make any effort to reach out to her either.

The princess did not want to stay cooped up with her thoughts so she decided to take a walk.

The princess was not supposed to take a walk alone. Her head maid had insisted for the princess inform her when she wanted to go out. But the princess wanted to be alone.

So for the first time, the princess decided to sneak out and visit the gardens on her own. She wanted to be surrounded by the white landscape and mute her thoughts.

The princess had a good memory and easily escaped from her room. The corridor was cold but not as cold as the loneliness the princess faced each day.

“-feel sorry for her. I mean, the princess was so enthusiastic when the head maid told her that it was Lord Karans idea to send her to the Rocx academy.”

“Dont feel sorry for that monster. She had it coming-”

The princess stopped and turned toward the conversation. She felt like she needed to hear that out.

After all, her head maid had refused to tell her anything when the princess asked about the academy.

“-but still, isnt it too pitiful? Lord Karan made this decision to send the princess away. But the academy he chose isnt even affiliated with the tower. Isnt that academy headed for doom?”

“Well, I also heard that Rocx academy had a fall out with the tower recently. They are not going to last.”

“So Lord Karan did care about us. Hes sending the princess out to that failure of an academy to rot. We wont have to see her face again.”

“For real. That monster gives me the chills. No emotion and so cold. And shes only twelve right now. Im afraid to see how shell become once she grows up.”

The princess felt the earth beneath her feet shift. Her balance fell off and she realized too late that she was having a dizzy spell.

But the princess could not stop her emotions from ringing in her head.

‘Lord Karan wont do that. He cares. Hes the only one that cares for me.

/But hes not here. He left you as well/

‘Not true. He said hell come back to save me. He wont lie.

And then the princess did something she vowed to never do.

The princess ran away from the royal palace with only the clothes she had on her body. She did not care much for the cold, nor the thought of survival.

She just wanted to get away from her life.

And that was why she jumped down the first bridge she saw leading out of the royal palace. Even if she died, she would have no regrets.

Because at least she would be free. She would be free to be with her parents whom she has never seen in her life.

But life was not that grateful to the Nothern Princess. The cruel threads of fate will not allow her to escape her destiny.

Her head maid had told the princess how she was important and precautions had been taken against her death.

Now the princess would find out if the head maid told her the truth or not.

The freefall feeling was exhilarating. It made the princesss heart beat like crazy and she could not help the small grin that greeted her face.

But it was all over too soon and the princess crashed into something hard. Her fall was broken and she soon lost consciousness.

But at least this was the point in time where her fate changed. This encounter was fated to happen sooner or later.

And it would change the tides of the upcoming war for everyone.


“I agree. It almost feels like the republic is trying to stall us out.”

Aurora had to agree with Alexanders analysis. The republics actions did not inspire any feelings of friendship in Aurora.

Rather, they felt like an obstacle implemented to observing the foreign pirates.

“Does it matter what the republic is trying to hide from us? Whatever problem they are having is none of our business.”

Rita was also right in saying this. Aurora and the Rocx academy were only here to take the northern princess away with them.

Whatever was happening in the Northern Republic had nothing to do with them. But that was what made the republics actions so suspicious in Auroras eyes.

If this all was a ruse to stall Aurora and her party, then why did the republic need to do so much?

“I think something happened to the Northern Princess and the republic is trying to hide it from us. That is the only thing that made sense.”

The main reason for Aurora to think like this was because of the treatment they got from the republic.

While everyone entering the northern republic needed to get chipped, their party was the only one that had been accompanied by guards.

“Makes sense. They send a tone of guards to make sure we get chipped. Thankfully, theyll leave us alone now.”

Rita relaxed after finishing her words but Aurora could not help but still feel suspicious of the situation.

Hacking the chips felt like a temporary solution to their problem.

“I still think we should be careful about how we handle this situation. But lets forget it for now. We should enjoy our time here. Remembers, dont do anything suspicious to attract the guards eye.”

Auroras suggestion was based on her instincts. She could not help but feel like something big would happen soon.

That was why she decided to issue a warning and tell everyone else to be careful.

She was not sure why, but her instincts were trying to lead her somewhere. Ignoring them did not seem like a wise decision to Aurora.

“H-Hey, where are you headed? Didnt we decide on the marketplace to visit first? Why are you walking toward the opposite side?”

Ritas voice sounded panicked. Aurora had no idea why her body wanted to go the way it was going, but she could not help but feel like something was heading her way.

“Dont worry so much Rita. I just have a feeling that I should check this direction out as well. Maybe we will find something huge here.”

Auroras feeling was rarely wrong and as a goddess, her instincts were even stronger. So she decided to listen to them.

But she did not get very far when she felt something collide with her back and send her lying down.

Aurora felt the impact her body made with the snow but thankfully the soft cover broke her fall. It also prevented Auroras chest from coming in contact with the hard concrete floor.

Whatever was pinning Aurora down was heavy and the impact hurt.

“Huh? A kid? Aurora, someone fell on top of you. I wonder where this child came from?”

Aurora would like to ask that question as well. Did kids rain down all the time in this capital? No one else seemed to be paying any attention to the trio.

“Looks like your instincts were telling you about this kid and her possible suicide attempt. So, what should we do now?”

What should we do now was the big question here.

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