Rita hurried up as soon as she separated from Aurora.

Now that Aurora had told Rita about her suspicions of being followed, Rita could sense the people following her.

But the barely-there feeling was concerning. Those people were hiding well enough to fool even Ritas senses.

“Hey, are you alright? You seem a little tense. Am I a bother to you?”

“No. Its not about you. There are just some people who decided to tail our group since we are from the Rocx Academy. Im just trying to lose them.”

Rita did think about hiding the situation from the princess but she decided not to hide in the end.

Since Rita and Natasha shared a similar background, Rita knew that the princess would not be impressed with the if they hid such a piece of crucial information.

Rita would not have liked it if someone treated her like a kid either.

“Are you sure they are after you and not me? You dont have to lie to me to spare my feelings. I can go away if you find me to be a bother.”

Rita sighed as she heard those words. She was not good at this kind of talk and she hated to get invested in emotional situations.

But she had to remind herself that she was doing this for Aurora and that made this worth it. Aurora was worth it and so much more.

“Natasha, you are going to be a part of our academy. It is our duty to look after you. Besides, Aurora likes you so shell help you out. I am just helping her out.”

“Wait! So you knew who I was all this time?”

“Of course we did. We just dont care about it. You can be whoever you want to be in the academy.”

Rita had not expected to speak so much. She had just wanted to console the other female a little and be done with it.

But once she had opened her mouth, words had started pouring out like water.

“You talk like you have experience with this kind of thing.”

“Of course I do. My family situation was similar to yours. Locked up and made to practice for a selfish purpose. But I decided I had enough and ran away.”

“And then I met Aurora and she accepted me for myself. And then more and more people joined in. Im sure you will also find people who accept you for yourself in the academy.”

“I guess I will have to take your words for it.”

Ritas eyes might be playing tricks on her but she was sure that Natashas face looked a little redder than before. It almost looked like a blush.

But Rita decided not to call attention to it. Natasha was not ready for that kind of teasing yet.

“So, about the people following behind us? What should we do about them?”

“We dont need to do anything. Our companions will take care of it. You should just focus on enjoying our day out.”

There was a point in time when Rita would have killed to have someone show this kind of care.

It had been before Rita had met Aurora but she still remembered the feeling of longing and freedom she had carved.

“You are right. I want to enjoy this time I have. So, I also have a request to ask of you. There is this one place I want to visit today. Can you take me there?”

Rita felt somewhat shocked at Natashas words. She had not expected the younger to trust her enough to ask for a request.

“No. Never mind. Forget that I asked you anything.”

“No, its right. I was just surprised by your request. You dont have to feel shy about asking me for something.”

Rita quickly amended her behavior. Her surprised expression must have caught Natasha off guard.

Rita cursed her inability to act right in such situations. She was awkward when emotions were involved. Now if only Aurora was here, things would be so much better for her.

‘Speak of the devil and she shall appear.

Rita breathed a sigh of relief once she felt the familiar aura headed her way. Aurora was finally here and she could take care of things from here on.

“Hey, Im back. Alexander decided he had some other work to do so hell join us later.”

Auroras cheerful voice sounded forced. It was a poor attempt on her part to hide the truth.

“So hes dealing with those creeps following behind us? Good.”

Auroras face did not change when Rita spoke those words. Rita had a feeling that Aurora had expected the truth to come out by this point.

Rita hated to be this predictable but it was also nice to see that Aurora knew her this well.

“Hey Aurora, did you know that Natasha had a place she wants to visit? She even went ahead and made a request.”

Rita ignored the startling jolt Natasha gave at her words.

“She does? Then lets visit that place. Natasha, where do you want to go?”

See, Aurora was better at this whole comfort thing than Rita. She even knew what questions to ask and what kind of voice to use.

“I..ah, its nothing important. We can forget about it and enjoy Central Park for now.”

It seemed as if the confidence Natasha had displayed before was nowhere to be seen. Instead, she seemed nervous to bring up that place in front of Aurora.

Was it because Rita had bared her heart out in front of Natasha? Or because they were similar that Natasha had decided to trust her?

“Now, dont be shy. You can tell me, Natasha. We are going to be family at the Rocx Academy soon enough.”



Rita wanted to shake her head at the unintentional manipulation Aurora was doing. She had no idea the effect of the things she was speaking about.

For people like Rita and Natasha, the family was all but an illusion they had been shown. As such, the feeling of carving for love and acceptance was always burning bright in their heart.

“A-Alright. Ill tell you where I want you to take me. But you have to promise not to make fun of me.”


“I want to go to a grave. My mothers grave to be exact. But I do not know where it is situated. Will you help me look for it?”

Rita opened her mouth to agree with the request but it was Auroras unusually serious face that stopped her.

Aurora was hardly this serious for anything. So, for her to be making this face for Natashas request was a first for Rita.

“Are you sure this is what you want? To go to your mothers grave? Will you be able to handle the truth about it?”

Rita had a feeling that Aurora knew something about Natashas mothers death. It would not surprise Rita even a little bit.

Aurora was someone who knew a lot about insignificant things which may never come up in polite company. She was a resourceful lady who held her cards close.

Even Rita had not discovered a lot of her secrets.

“I was afraid up until a few moments ago. But now Im sure I can face the truth. So please, if you know something then tell me.”

Natasha sounded unusually serious. It was nice to see the indecisive girl finally coming out of her shell.

But wasnt it all happening too fast? Natasha had not even known Aurora and Rita for even a day before making this request.

“No. You are too desperate for my help to make me feel alright about you doing this. I cannot allow you to face your past in such a state.”

“But, I need to do this. Im afraid I will not get another opportunity like this.”

The more Natasha spoke, the more desperate she sounded. And the more desperate she sounded, the more Rita felt sorry for her.

“Natasha, I can see what you are thinking. I wont allow you to find out the truth and then end your life. Someone like you needs a purpose to live. So make this your purpose and get stronger.”


“This truth is something you will have to find out for yourself. Her grave is something you are not ready to face in your current condition. Come join us in the academy and get stronger. Only then will I tell you if you want to know.”


Rita felt awkward seeing that scene, but she did not interfere.

As for Aurora? She had her reasons for hiding the truth from the Northern Princess.

There had been rumors about Natasha trying to end her life after a certain incident. Aurora was not sure what the incident was that pushed the northern princess to take her life but she had a feeling it was connected to her mothers grave.

And this was a risk Aurora did not want to take right now.

[Alexander: We have a problem. A group of main palace guards is headed your way right now. What should I do now?]

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