theres no rules, no time. Some dreams are pretty and some hideous. A lot have studied about dreams. There were books published on stores about dreams, their meanings, cause and types of dreams.

Have you ever experienced lucid dreaming? Cause in myself, I do. And I love to direct my dreams, because it doesn gave me nightmares. But one night while the rain was falling and the hauling dogs on street were making a loud noise. I woke up panthing, I was scared, I am almost stuck on a dream. I thought I couldn scape. She was chasing me, and she almost got me. An old saying says if that thing who chase you on the dream catches you, then youll end up n coma or worst is to be dead.

I just turned 19 months ago, my life was better my dreams were planned and my sleep is my entertainment. But being hit by insomnia, makes my fantasy disappear. Now I suffered lack of sleep, dark eye corners and weak body. I am pale as dead, I thought adults are no longer experiencing bad dreams but it was worst. I spent 3 months of lack sleep, my parents are unaware of it. The dream catcher I hang by the windows are useless. And now I just sleep 3 minutes and that thing already hunts me. But still I have to force myself to sleep. Because tomorrow is a big day. I just graduate from highschool and then Ill be living on the city and begin my college life. No need to rise on bed right now. Or maybe I should begin to overthink. It helps me to calm.

Then I reach out my phone that was charging on the study table. 80 percent is enoughto surf online. When I finally get online the furst post that appeared was the page I followed about dreams and creepy things about dreams. Ofcourse I looking for answers about these diseasewas. I know its insomnia some advices about having insomnia was that I have to seek on professionals to deal with it. But base on my social status, I think its better to handle it myself rather than spend too much amount of money that can be use for the house rentals and other family important needs. Then I scroll down on my phone. I saw my classmate who has a pretty love story online. She and her boyfriend are really suit together. They take care on each other went on several places on a date plus both their parents agreed on their relationship. I was wondering, during my college days will I find mine too. Its pretty boring to not have a wonderful sleep, you can flirt on the ideal man you choose.

Then I heard the first cry of cock, the sunrise is near.

”Oh…. sleep, sleep. When will come. The roosters are clucking. The sun will soon rise. ” I said in a low voice to not wake up

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