my sister who was on my side.

I just made a silly poem.

Will I have no choice as usual, lying on bed cannot change everything. I decided to rise and change my location, the doorstep on the room. The door was close so I can lean on it while watching my sister sleeping. Ahhh.. I really envied her peaceful night. I wonder what was she dreaming cause she was smiling. Will then I have to stay in these position looking at her and waiting for the sun to rise from its bed.


”Bye mom, bye dad. Take care of your health. ” Me while waving at them on the school gate. They we
e the drama parents that is very awkward to witnessed. Imagine thing still think of me as a child. If I haven choose to study on the citys college, ( would continue to be the Baby Aubrey who can leave without her parents.

”Goodbye darling. Remember what I said don use your phone at night cause it steals sleep! ” My mom who shouted.

I only gave her a smile as answer and proceed inside. My parents really thought I surf all night il the sun rises. But they don know I can sleep at night. Using phone is only an excuse to escape from their worries.

But who knows I am now on the city. Maybe that nighmare won haunt me.

————-1:08 am————–

False alarm, my guts are wrong. I just suffered a triple temple run experience on my sleep. Now I have to suffer staring on the ceiling.

I can hold on lying. Only burns my back. I have to stroll inside the house. No, wrong idea, I just heard from my classmates yesterday that a boy who board here got missing. And they said he was already dead and his soul haunts at night. But its not night its already pass 12. Oh no, I forgot aome of the ghost are haunting at 3:00am. No choice I have to stay.

I then covered my face with my blanket.

Wait! I am not coward. Im not afraid of ghost. So stand up Aubrey, there is nothing to be feared of.

As I opened the door it creates an eerie sound. So then I tiptoed downstairs and proceed to the kitchen. Atleast when someone catches me awake I can lie being hungry.

I hate these feeling, I have no one to talk to. I can even share these issue on my board mates cause I don like to trouble others.

I was on the middle of overthinking when I feel a goosebumps. I heard a chanting voice, a ver familiar chant and a begging voice. I stand up from my seat and follow its noise. The more it cried out loud when I approach the exit door of the kitchen. And then…

”Why are you still awake!? ” The lady on her 50s asked.

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