It was near dawn when Aubrey heard the a creepy sounds outside the kitchen door. When she was about to open it, she was startled by someone.

”Why are you still awake?! ” The landlady who suddenly appeared in the kitchens door.

Aubrey gasp after reassuring it was just the owner of the building she live in.

”I feel hungry so I come here to eat… ” She explained.

The lady noticed the table has nothing on it. So she raise her brows to make Aubrey clarify her actions. Aubrey who was now nervous after she observed the lady was not fooled by her lies. Create more lie explaination for the owner to understand.

”Miss, rules are rules. I told you to not roam around every 10pm to 3am, so you won disturb your fellow board mates. Or maybe… ” Aubrey interrupts the landladys sermon cause she knew the lady might thought she just arrived after sneaking out in the house.

”The truth is I have these habit of waking up it these hour to eat. ” She sarcastically said then gave a fake smile.

The lady then stops investigating Aubrey, then slowly close the door to live. After it was fully closed Aubrey saw a dark hand wrapping around the lady. So she pulled the door back open making the landlady surprised. But she was shock to find no one except the land lady alone.

”Miss, any problem? ”

”I forgot to ask you if my mom has fully paid my stay here. ” She lied, of course they might have a huge quarrel if she said stupid things like black hand wrapping the ladys shoulder.

The lady thinks deep who was her mother, and Aubrey knew the lady was still not familiar with her mom so she again lied, ” Oh I remember! I still owes 500 ” then bids the lady a good sleep. The lady doesn mind her foolishness. Then closed the door, after that hurriedly run back to her room. And she was wondering if its a real ghost or it was just an illusion. She remembers that when you were lack of sleep you will experience hallucinations.So she returned to her old habit surfing online il 3 am passed.


During class many students could tell Aubrey was not alright. Her looks were pale as a dead. The dark on the corners of her eyes makes here look like a masked raccoon. She can participate in class whole heartedly cause my brain is full of air. Indeed They noticed these after A week acting weird. Not just at school but even in the boarding house she live in her boardmate too. And she finds Aubrey scary and weird, cause she catches Aubrey staring at her not blinking and with a neutral expression. The land lady also finds Aubrey roaming around and making up excuses and lies when she was caught on the act. Until one of the older on the house asked is she was suffering into some stuff. She was silent cause she doesn know what to say and she doesn like having someone worrying about her. So she once again said,

”I might have sleep walk ” or its the habit of hers.

The landlady heard their conversation, so at night when Aubrey starts to sneak out and proceeds to the receiving area on the house she approached her. And starts a quiet conversation.

”Lady Shang… Why are you here? ” Aubrey who was surprised on the ladys presence.

”I heard your conversation while ago… I just want to talk to you. ” The lady replied.

”Was these about the house rules? Cause I can return to room, right now. ”

”No… Its not about it. I want to talk to you about the thing you you said, the habit of yours and the sleep walk thing. Cause I don believe those lies. ” Aubrey was just silent. The lady seat on the couch and begin to make her spill her secret.

”Tell me miss, are you suffering on something. Thething that makes you not sleep? ”

”Its called insomnia. ” She started. ”Actually I was suffering on it for 3 months. I was admitted with that disease, thats according to the person I know who studied these kind of field, the mental health. She told me that my case was insomnia. ”

”Is that dangerous? ”

” Yes if I don seek professionals to help me cure it. ”

” Why don you asked your parents to go to mental clinics? ”

” I don want them to worry. Plus, we don have enough money. But I know I can handle it myself. ”

”When did it started? ” Aubrey then sighed. Then begins to being back her fresh and fault event that happened in her life.

”I was on my way home from one of my friends debut when I passed by an old building. I just pass there but on the windows I saw a lady offering someone on the devil. It was a young man, because I was too nosy back then I watched the whole thing. But suddenly by one blink the young man being offered and the lady vanished. It should feel okey but I have goosebumps and I know someone was watching me. So I walked fast, but I stopped when I feel someone passed at me. And when I turn around I saw the face of the woman. Her look were very evil and that made me faint and gave me fever. After weeks of that event she approached me on the dream. And was determine to replace the boy with me. ”

After hearing those, the lady pitied Aubrey. She was just you g but already haunted with evil people on their dark magics.

”So you were coursed? ” She asked. ”Yeah sounds like that. ”Aubrey replied.

Suddenly the lady come up with a brilliant idea.

” Miss, do you know what, there was also someone here before who also experience that illness. Bur everyone was surprised that he finally overcome that problem by himself. But the truth is he has secret. ”

Aubrey was now excited and curious about it. ”What did he do? ”

” He has these book. ” Then showed the book that she hides inside her jacket.

Aubreys eyes sparkled, ”I want to end up like him. ”

But then the lady face fades and now terrified, ” No! I cant gave it to you. The previous owner of these book was not found and I heard from him before he doesn finished reading the book. And also that the book has a spell, it makes you dream beautiful and youll have a good night sleep. But… ”

”But? what? ” Aubrey asked out of confusion.

” It take souls and locked them inside their dreams. ” Then gaves a horror look to Aubrey.

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