Aubrey who was now on her room, wearing angry face. She still can forget what the lady has told her.


” It take souls and locked them inside their dreams. ” the land lady said.

Aubrey holds her laugh. She can believe the landlady was also fond of fantasies. But the way the lady stares at her was serious.

”So wheres the book? ” She asked, even the way she asked sounds like making fun of the landlady.

”It seems so hard to believe. ” the landlady smiled, ”But its okey… Atleast you won get curious at it. ” Then stands up from the couch. ”Miss you should get back to bed. Why not try count 1-100 it might help. ” And walks out with a grinn on her face.

(At the moment)…

ahhh…. Why am I curious at it. I know its not real but, why do I keep thinking on it. And why does it feels like she was telling the truth. She said on her mind. Her eyes were caught on the calendar where schools schedules are written. The midterms are coming and she can even focus on her studies due to her lack of sleep. Then she thinks she should believe what the landlady suggest. In fact she won lose anything if she believes an old ladys imagination. And she will do anything just to have enough sleep and earn good scores on the coming exam.

(At school)….

Aubrey was on the class and their professor in mass communication was discussing about their exam rules and coverage of the exam. They are in the middle of reviewing the topics when the teacher stops seeing Aubrey was sleepy and very inattentive.

”The lady on the back wearing black… ” The prof called out.

The students turn on towards Aubreys seat. Her seatmate signals her with its elbow. With a sleepy and airy mind stands up on her seat. She was asked about a question she couldn understand. She even stutter that made the teacher mad.

”What are you doing inside my class? Are you even listening to my discussion. Tell me what is our first lesson? ” The professor asked in fiery looks and voice.

But Aubrey doesn know ahe still doesn understand what she asked cause the way she heard it was like a robots sound. And the classroom environment was very foggy on her eyes. The professor gots irrate on her silenced and floaty mind. So she called out other students to answer it.

After class, Aubrey was told to stay cause the teacher wants to talk to her. The prof talk to her calmly,

”Miss Canlas, your performance in class was low. If you have difficulties about these subject you can ask for my help. Its just that….. Exams are coming and its like you don understand our class. If you continue being like that you will receive low marks and you might fail. At the end youll take thses class once again. ”

Aubrey understand what the prof means. And she knew she might fail on all subjects base on her class performance. The teacher lives first and she was lift inside reflecting everything. Then she without much a do, she run back on the board house looking for the owner. She choose to believe it and wants to experience the book, even though its sounds funny.

”Aubrey why are you looking on Miss Devial? ” Mica, her boardmate ask.

”I have an important matter to talk with. ” She replied.

”Is that matter can wait? Cause Miss Devial was on province, one of her relatives died on a cancer. ” Mica.

”What? ” Aubreys eyes widened. In her mind, she doesn know what to do. She need to get the book and ask her how to do it. How to use it without being stock on a sleep.

It was already dark and quiet, Aubreys eyes was still bright as the light. She was still thinking what to do, how can she get the book. The landlady might return sfter the exam. She really need to get the book cause she was dying to try if its true. And if its true she is willing to take risk.

Suddenly, a light bulb on her mind flashed. why not steal it. Then return the book before the landlady arrived. on her mind.

At first she doesn like the idea cause she was not that kind of person. But at the end she found herself inside the landladys room. It was dark there and by the help of her phones flashlight she manage to see whats inside. She saw the ladys study table, and proceeds searching there. During her search her phone suddenly shutdown, it turns out she forgets to charge it earlier. One disadvantage of sleepless night is being forgetful. She was mad on herself ”that lady Devial really uses reverse psychology to push me on curiosity and steal her so called magical book ”, but it doesn last after she saw the hanged picture frame of the owner glowing. She was curious whats in it and why it glow. So she took it and found out its thick and heavy. When she dismantled the back cover of the frame ahe saw the book and it fades it light seeing Aubrey.

She run back to the study table holding the book on her hand and place it on the table. ” It turns out that lady was really telling the truth about these magic book. ” She talk by herself out of joy. Using the moons light she read its title but, she can read the carved title on its thick cover. So she flipped it on the first page but she was surprised seeing the writings are like an old writing of Hebrews, mixed with a little Spanish and french writing. She flipp all the pages and everything was written in that weird language writing.

She was dismayed for what she just witnessed. First she believes in magic that kids would usually believes too. She stole a book that turns out to be just a glowing book inside a thick frame and now she can even read and understand what is in the book. She sighed deeply and return the book inside the frame. Wishing it should be English so it can be useful.

When she was about to hang it again she noticed the ladys picture who was once staring seriously was now grinning. But once again the frame was flashing a light and now its shinning very strong that causes her to close her eyes. She heard the frame fall so she opened her eyes immediately. And she was already caught on the books attention. Because the book was now written in a cursive English translation.

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