”Adventures at Night? ” Aubrey reads it out. ”The Title was very childish, for all the difficulties of the previous letters the title only ends up plain and simple, huh. ” She said on herself while having excitement. She was really curious how the book made the boy have a good sleep. She just envied him fir the landlady offered her the book unlike her who just stole it.

As she opened the cover, she was amazed how everything was readable. She could totally understand whats in it. Then she began to read the first line,

”There was a young maiden who was sleepless at night.. ” through its introduction it made her attention focus on the books words. Then she first heard a ringing sound so she covered her ears and closed her eyes tightly that echoes inside her brain. Then by a sudden it stops. She heard peoples voice outside the rooms door because of her curiosity she opened it and was surprise on what she witnessed.

It was her hometown, the very magnificent hometown she dream of, colorful, peaceful, and harmonious people like the ones you see in a theatrical movies. She runs around and enjoy how people interact and praise her. She saw a mirror on a store and she wows herself because she sees the beautiful version of herself. She was wearing a long sleeve dress that is white on the top and floral blue on skirt. She was also wearing a black doll shoe with lace around her ankle. She gets out of the store overjoyed.

”Was these a dream. ” She said on herself. But she was shocked when all of the people there replied in synchronized, ”No! Its not a dream, its real. ” Then the people return to the thing they do after saying it like nothing happened. Its like they were NPCs and Aubrey was the main character and the player of the game. In Aubreys mind she doesn care if what world she was in. Its just like its real better than a dteam. There is no blurry object everything was clear and fine, and she love it.

Then she heard a voice of a woman having its announcement. Everyone proceeds on a hall where a fountain can be found. There were lot of people around the fountain and she was on the standing there trying to see who was talking. She was annoyed cause her height doesn support her. But she was wondering how she can overse the head of people around the fountain when back in their town their family were labeled the breeds with blessed height. She jumps and jumps but Still unable to see who was announcing.

”Don waste your breath jumping there. You will never find out who was announcing around the fountain. ” It was a guys voice she heard from her back. She turns around to identify the person but as she do it. She just experience one of those in a romantic movie where the female first meet her male lead. The slow motioned and having a romantic background effect. And she was not discouraged on what she see. It was a handsome boy smiling, and he was shinning, literally shinning in front of her eyes. ”Ayyieee… ” The crowd teases her that made her back on herself.

” So why are you here? ” The guy asked.

Aubrey who was mesmerized by the guys beauty shyly replied, ” I was listening on the announcement. ” The guy gave a smirk that made him more attractive. ”What about you, why are you here? ” She added.

”Shh… ”he hush while signaling his hand to be quiet. ” You should listen on the announcement. ”

The womans voice announced the challenge. And out from nowhere there appeared 3 holographic image of locations in the sky. They are all her school. The first 1 was her elementary school, then her highschool and college.

”These was called the team race. No opponent. So everyone is already a winner. But there is only one rule. Stick the trail. Just simply follow it and everyone will be in a win-win situation. ” The crowd claps.

”How can it be a race? ” Aubrey questioned herself again.

”Thats why you shouldn be joining on that boring race. ” It was the guy ones again. This time she doesn feel that butterfly in her stomach when she met him earlier.

”Excuse me? ” Aubreys real attitude towards guy now appeared. Lets just say, she doesn like men who are feeling close towards her without even introducing himself properly.

”Just call me Zecheng, Aubrey ” He cutely says.

Aubrey was shocked how these man knows her thoughts about meeting a guy in first time, and he even know Aubreys name. She then remembers the town was her home and everyone knows each of the family in neighborhood.

Instead of responding Zecheng, Aubrey saw her friend Belle approaching her. She invites Aubrey to join the competition. She declined the offer cause she doesn know what she should do on that race. But Belle pursueds her and even drag her to the competition field. Aubrey saw the participants were only the people she knew and also young. But mostly are her classmates in elementary and cousins. Then Belle exits on the field.

Meanwhile Zecheng who was still following Aubrey surprised her again for his presence.

”Are you following me? ” Aubrey ask with no hesitation.

”You can blame me for following you, its these heart that cant live without you ” he teases her while holding his chest. Aubrey laughs on Zecheng corny qoute. While Zecheng gaves a genuine smile that once again creates that romantic perspective on a movie. Aubrey who notice this kind of effect shakes her head. She wants to be her true self not too magically romantic genra of a movie.

”Are you okey? ” Zecheng asked seeing Aubrey shaking her head.

”Yeah Im fine. I just cant wait when will it start. ” She replied.

Excitedly Zecheng held Aubreys hand and run towards a tainted blue glass door. She just raised her brows as a sign of asking whats going on in an attitude way.

”You should change your clothes. ” He responds.

Aubrey though that this guy was a maniac so she distance herself with steps. Zecheng who understands what shes doing defends himself his not that kind of person. Then he reached out Aubreys shoulder and made an eye to eye contact. Gave instructions on she should need to do, ” Blink your eyes 3 times and look at yourself in the glass. ” Aubrey follows Zechengs instruction curiously and turns around. And can believe what she saw.

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