Adventures in Nirvana

Chapter 6: Battle in paradise

Elisa sat curled up on her bed, brooding. She wrapped her arms around her knees and hugged them to her chest, staring into empty space with a weak glare.

Ten minutes have passed since the fight. When she had lunged on her younger brother Harry under the assumption that he had split on her regarding the secret of last nights party. It had taken all of Mrs OSullivans strength and patience to pry her children apart. Elisa had fought like a wild animal, first pummelling Harry on the floor (while he did nothing except shield himself), then struggling in her mothers arms, trying to get at her brother.

It was only after her mother had managed to get her under control did she learn the truth. Mrs OSullivan had received a call from a friend just before she went to clean up the backyard. It was this friend of hers who told her everything about the party and Elisas prank items (which she had received as a prize). However, to make sure it was all true, she sent Harry to look for Elisas prank items in her room, telling him that grandpa and grandma left something behind in there. After he found them, she knew what her friend said was true. So she set everything up for when Elisa would return (like leaving the spray in an open drawer). After that, she just waited for her daughter to come back.

At first, Elisa was inclined not to believe a word her mother, but now, after having 10 minutes to cool off, and receiving a text message from her grandpa, she realised that her mother was telling the truth. A friend of her mothers (who Elisa didn know) had attended last nights party and saw everything that happened. She was the one who called, asking if her friends daughter was alright.

It was a shame it took Elisa this long to realise the truth. If she had believed her mother earlier, she wouldn be in her current predicament. Instead, she shouted and screamed at her and Harry, calling them names, throwing at them all the insults she could think of. Soon enough, a shouting match began between her and Mrs OSullivan, with Harry huddling in the corner, too afraid to join in. After what felt like many endless arguments, Mrs OSullivan ordered Elisa to stay in her room and not leave until she was called, something which Elisa was more than happy to do. Now though, she realised that this was just a brief respite; the real punishment would come AFTER she was called out of her room.

Elisa buried her head in her arms and knees, groaning. She had formed the perfect plan before she left. Create a few large piles of fake dog poop with the dispenser, spray them to create the smell, and use the pen to make it sound as though a dog was in the backyard. All while Mrs OSullivan was in her room resting. She would then sneak back into the house while her mother came out to investigate. Mrs OSullivan is someone who prioritises cleanliness (which is why they don have pets), so she would have been very thorough when cleaning the backyard, probably taking about thirty minutes to ensure it all shined when she was done. This would have given Elisa more than enough time to sneak to her grandparents house after she had a chat with Joseph. Then, she wouldve convinced them to lie to her mother when she called, using evidence she collected from last night to ensure their part in the plan (basically blackmail).

She could never have considered the fact that someone she didn know would call Mrs OSullivan and spill the beans. Now here she was, locked in her room with nothing to entertain her.

When Mrs OSullivan left Elisas room, she locked the door behind her, ensuring that her daughter couldn leave. At first, Elisa didn mind, until she found that her mother blocked her phones signal, which shed left behind accidentally when she went to see Joseph. It caused her to throw another tantrum, shouting and yelling, walking around the room like a mad person until she finally calmed down. She had sent an **S message to her grandparents a few minutes ago to verify whether or not her mother told the truth, only to learn a moment later that she was. Their messages told her everything she needed to know.

Now, Elisa just sat on her bed, waiting for the inevitable. A punishment from her mother. To be honest, it was actually a long time coming. She had managed to get away with all sorts of trouble for more than a year now, never receiving any sort of punishment. What punishments she did receive mostly came from her mom and (very rarely) her teachers at school, and even then, they were always made light thanks to her grandparents. Now though, after being found out, and with all the evidence stacked against her, she couldn see way out of a serious punishment, even with the help of her grandparents.

After a few more minutes of waiting, she heard the sound of a key turning in her door, signifying that it was time for her sentence to be delivered. Once the door was unlocked, her mother called through it, telling Elisa to come down to the living room, before leaving. Elisa felt seriously tempted to disobey her mother, but she knew that would only make things worse for herself, so she got up from the bed and went to the dark.

A little while later, she arrived at the living room and came face to face with her mom. Her face still held a lot of anger and defiance. Despite all the odds, she was determined to come out on top. However, Mrs OSullivan was just as equally determined, if not more. For too long her daughter had gotten away with doing whatever she pleased. She was putting a stop to that today.

For a moment, there was nothing but silence as mother and daughter stared at one another. The air around them felt so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Finally, Mrs OSullivan spoke. ”Listen, Elisa. Youve taken it too far this time. Getting your grandparents to take you to a late night party, forcing Harrys involvement, and then, to top it all off, you try to play a PRANK on me to hide what youve done! ” Elisa stared defiantly as Mrs OSullivan continued, ”Whats even worse, when you were found out, you acted like an animal. ” At that, Elisa retorted indignantly, ”Who are you calling an animal?! You and Harry snuck into my room and went through my THINGS! Then you put on a show to get me CAUGHT!! ”

”YOURE one to talk about putting a show!! Did you forget about your prank? Or that fiasco you pulled to get me out of the house last night so you could GO TO A PARTY?! Also, if you want to talk about sneaking into someone elses room, why don we talk about YOU? Don think I don know how you creep into my or Harrys room to take something you want! ”

And so it went on. Another fighting match between mother and daughter, this one even louder than the last. By the end of it, however, every one of Elisas misdeeds for the past week had been uncovered and laid out, some of which Mrs OSullivan didn know about and had shocked her to her core. When the shouting was done, as they both a breather, Mrs OSullivan made up her mind on what to do. She dearly loves her daughter, and her heart couldn bear anymore of Elisas bad behaviour. It had to stop!

She looked at her angry, defiant daughter and said with a bit of strain in her voice, ”This can not go on, Elisa. You
e making everyone around you miserable. You
e a good child, with a kind heart, but youve become so spoilt that you don think about anyone but yourself. ” Elisa waited, knowing a punishment was just around the corner, but not caring in the least. At that moment, while she was in an aggravated state, she felt like she could handle anything her mother threw at her!

She couldn have been more wrong.

After taking a breath, for this was hard for her to say, she continued, ”Ive made a decision. Its something Ive been thinking about for a while now, but I never could go through with it. Until now. ” She sighed before saying, ”Im sending you off to Eastwood Academy, a boarding school in a town near Grimsby. It has good teachers, a good reputation, and good people. ”

Elisa just stood there, shocked, unsure as to whether she heard her mother correctly. She waited a few seconds before asking in an almost hushed voice, ”What did you just say, mum? Im not sure I heard right. ”

Mrs OSullivan looked at her straight and said once again, ”Im sending you off to boarding school. One that specialises in transforming people into their best selves. Its the perfect fit for you. ” After hearing it again, and this time knowing she didn imagine it, Elisa just blew up at her mother. She shouted, ”No WAY!! ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I WILL NOT go to some CRUMMY BOARDING SCHOOL!!! YOU can do this! I already go to school HERE, and have LOTS OF FRIENDS!!! You can not take that from me, its not fair, Its Not Fair, ITS NOT FAIR!!!! ” She began beating her feet on the floor when she started saying Its not fair, hollering like a baby, unable to accept the bombshell that had been dropped on her head.

After about a minute, whilst Mrs OSullivan stood and waited, Elisa stopped her petty tantrum to stare at her mother, her angry face shining with tears, before saying, ”I will NOT go to this boarding school. You can make me! ”

”Actually, I can Elisa. ”, Mrs OSullivan said, looking tired (no surprise there). ”Ive already taken care of everything. Youll be going there in two weeks time, whether you like it or not. ” As she said that last part, a firm look came into her face, showing how determined she was. Elisa knew that she couldn argue with that look on her mothers face, leaving her no choice but to, reluctantly, accept defeat. For now.

With an annoyed growl, she turned and went out of the living room. Before she could get past the doorway, Mrs OSullivan spoke. ”And where do you think you
e going? ” Elisa turned around, right hand on the doorway, before saying, ”What? Youve given me my punishment for what happened last night AND this morning! Now Im going back to my room. ” Her mothers eyes narrowed. ”That wasn the punishment. ” Elisas eyes widen as she nearly shouted, ”What?! ”

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