Adventures in Nirvana

Chapter 8: Fresh start

Elisa has getting strange dreams like the one she just had for the past two years. In every one of them, she was her seven year old self, prancing around and having fun with a group of imaginary friends that she couldn even see, for the most part. The setting was always different, sometimes a grassland, other times a large valley, and once she found herself in a cave, but the one thing they all had in common was that they gave off a heavenly feeling. Indeed, these dreams often came whenever she was feeling really unhappy or dissatisfied with life, and it always cheered her up (somewhat) in the end. Right now, she definitely felt a little better after having that dream.

However, it also left her confused, like right now. These dreams weren frequent, and there was no pattern or schedule as to when they would appear, except for whenever she felt really negative about life. Whats more, she couldn remember everything in the dream, only small fragments here and there, but all in very high detail. This dream in particular was the most confusing one yet; it felt as though the dream had actually connected to her life, to her thoughts and feelings.

As she pondered what she could remember about the dream, writing it all down on a piece of paper, she happened to gaze upon the voice recording pen, the only item she had managed to keep hidden from her mother. Seeing it reminded her of everything that happened in the morning, as well as the terrible fact that she now has to go to some boarding school called Eastwood Academy! She groaned, buring her face in her hands, not knowing how to get out of this. Although she didn really like her current school, a boarding school was much worse. And, based on what her mother said, it was a school that specialised in teaching people like her! If shes sent there, she might come back all prim and proper like a boring old lady!

Calm down, she thought to herself. Just calm down. You can find your way out of this, Elisa OSullivan. Youve always been able to get out of trouble. You can get out of this. You have to!

She tried thinking of a way out, tried to find some way to get out, but nothing came to mind. Whatever ideas she did get would always fail in the end, making her start from scratch. Just as she was about to give up, she looked at the piece of paper and remembered the end of her dream. Sometimes, to win you have to be willing to take a loss. Don be afraid of failing, because then you wouldn learn anything. That was what her dream friend told her at the end.

Readjusting her outlook on the situation, she began to go deep into thought. After a minute or so, she sat up straight, having found some clarity.

She had underestimated her mothers skills in finding her out, and overestimated her own skills in keeping herself from getting caught. She had failed to take into account several key factors when forming her plan, although some were out of her control. And when she WAS caught, she completely lost her temper and exposed more of her actions to her mother. THAT was how she ended up in this situation.

Her mother is convinced that she is an unruly, selfish bratt, which is why she is sending her away. That means, if she thinks that Elisa is a good child, she won send her off to Eastwood Academy.

A devious smile slowly began to creep into Elisas face. ”Thats it! ”, she realised, think to herself, ”All I have to do is convince mum that Im a good girl, and she won send me away! Itll be difficult, but Ill have to become a real angel for at least a week, doing chores, saying things, and obeying moms every command. Thatll convince her that I don need to be sent off to some boarding school in the..the… ” She paused for moment before continuing, ”Alright, I don know where it is, but that doesn matter! If I do this right, I won have to know anything about it! ”

A determined look crept up on her face, accompanying her devious smile and mischievous eyes. It gave her the look of a villain. Getting up, she went to her door, setting her plan in motion right away. And it all starts with a couple of apologies.


For the next few days, Elisa OSullivan was the perfect child. She apologised to her mother and brother, did several chores around the house, was polite and kind, and controlled her temper to the point where she didn even shout and scream (most of the time). It was a really shocking, yet pleasant surprise to Harry and Mrs OSullivan. Naturally they were quite suspicious of her change in behaviour and attitude, but as the days went by, they slowly let their guard down and relaxed.

Elisa herself was quite pleased. It was truly difficult for her to take on so many tasks, being nice all the time and, most of all, controlling her temper, which she had left almost completely unchecked for so long. Still, her plan appeared to be working. Her mother and little brother were buying her act, and were nicer to her than they have been for the last few months (which was mostly her own fault). Overall, after six days of relative peace and harmony, the house was a more cheerful place and the OSullivan family were becoming closer.

On day seven, an hour after lunch, Mrs OSullivan called Elisa to come with her and Harry to do some shopping. It was the second time this week, and Elisa found to her surprise that she actually enjoyed shopping with her mother. Its strange, she thought as she came down the stairs, I never thought that hanging out with mum could be this much fun! Yet, here I am, going shopping with her, something which Ive always dreaded before! And Harrys not so bad either, I guess. Still, I can forget what this is all for. Ive got to stay sharp.

She arrived downstairs, and went out the door straight to the car, meeting her mother and brother there.

Soon, they were driving out to Sheffield City Centre. Mrs OSullivan needed to buy a few things for the house, as well as a few things for her children, which was why she was taking them with her today. On the way, Elisa and Harry slowly began to bond while playing a game of hangman.

A great deal of shopping was done that day. Elisa went to the tailors to get measured for her new uniform, house essentials such as food and cleaning things were bought, along with new clothes for the children. Everything went smoothly, and the OSullivans were truly enjoying themselves. It was the happiest theyve ever been together since when Mr OSullivan disappeared. Alas, like all good things in the world, it was about to come to an end.

The rest of the day went smoothly until seven oclock pm. Everyone was happy, merrily chatting away. Elisa had never enjoyed herself more than today, nor had she felt this close to her mother and little brother for over a year. A part of her was still doing this to get out of boarding school, but another part of her was actually displaying genuine happiness from all the bonding they have had for the past week.

The OSullivans eventually returned home at about five oclock, and began sorting out the things they bought. Once that was done, Elisa went to her room to get changed and relax. After fifteen minutes, she was lying down on her bed, earphones connected to her phone, watching some videos she had downloaded prior to being punished. She had also texted her grandparents, telling them about her day. Although things were better between Mrs OSullivan and her, she still wasn allowed to use the WiFi, which had been torture for the first few days. Even now, she still found it difficult for her to get by without the Internet, but at least she was a little used to it. It gave her more time to think about her current situation, work on a few other things, and so on.

Right now she made calls and sent messages with her phone the old fashioned way; dialling and using **S and MMS.

A little while later, as she was watching a good video, her grandparents sent a message replying to hers. She opened it to see what her grandparents had to say and saw, to her dismay, that they were still giving her nothing but warnings about getting too close to her mother and brother.

She hadn told them about her plan, at first to see how they would react to her situation, but now to avoid any problems. If they knew, well, they would be giving her conflicting ideas. Although they both wanted the same thing for her, they also had differing opinions. Her grandpa hated lies and deception of anything, especially to his daughter, Elisas mother. Her grandma, on the other hand, was a lot more flexible when it came to that sort of thing.

Mrs OSullivan has had a sour relationship with her parents for as long as Elisa could remember, although it took a turn for the worst after Harrys fifth birthday. Looking back, that was also probably when Elisas own relationship with her mother started to go south.

It was better to avoid any unnecessary drama between her grandparents. Shed learned that the first time she saw them argue over some small thing a few years ago, when their voices filled (and almost shook) the entire house.

Elisa sighed to herself, almost feeling true happiness and joy in her heart. Her plan appeared to be working, everyone in the house was happy, including her, and her punishment was starting to feel lighter. Soon, she thought, soon Ill get everything I want. All of this will be worth it in the end.

Elisa was completely confident in her plan. She believed that she was close to winning, or perhaps had already won.

She had no idea how wrong she was, or what was about to happen next!

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