e.” Huo Du said leisurely.

Hearing this, Huo Qingyu was instantly happy, and even forgot the pain in her calf.

Yes, ah! How could she forget that if Imperial Brother would not change seat with her, she could go to sit on the other side of Imperial Sister-in-law!

Huo Qingyu lifted her skirt with a smile and walked to the side of Le Zhi.
She could not be more familiar with the person sitting on the other side of Le Zhi.

Huo Xiang.

She coughed softly, took out a bit of the majestic Imperial Older Sister, and said, “Xiang’er, you go take Imperial Sister’s seat.”

Unexpectedly, Huo Xiang did not even lift his eyelids, “No.”

“Hey!” Huo Qingyu was snubbed and said angrily, “I’m Imperial Older Sister, you have to listen to me!”

Huo Xiang looked at her coldly, too lazy to quarrel with her, got up and walked to her seat.
Le Zhi could not help smiling when she looked at the way they fought with each other.
She looked at Huo Xiang for a while just now.
Although the 15-year-old boy still had childishness, she could still see the handsomeness in his appearance.

Perhaps both their birth mother came from the same clan, Le Zhi found that Huo Xiang’s appearance looked a lot like Huo Du.

“Imperial Sister-in-law, I’m Qingyu.”

Le Zhi nodded and talked to this adorable Fourth Princess with a smile.
It was rare to meet a lively and cheerful princess in the imperial family of Great Qi who was the same age as her.
The two quickly became acquainted as if they had known each other all along.

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The noise of the wedding banquet overshadowed the conversation between the two.
Huo Qingyu was very excited today and drank a lot of wine, even Le Zhi could not stop her at all.
Unknowingly, the topic of the two people went from the funny stories of the women’s boudoir to the people at this banquet.

Thinking that the two were the same age, Le Zhi asked casually, “Have you discussed marriage?”

Huo Qingyu’s cheeks were red, and her manner of speaking was also drunk.
She leaned closer to Le Zhi’s ear and whispered, “I don’t want to get married! Don’t want to get married!”

Seeing Le Zhi’s puzzled expression, Huo Qingyu said again, “Sister-in-law, look opposite us.
That’s Imperial Eldest Brother.”

Le Zhi looked over following her words and saw an older slightly plump prince holding a wine cup, constantly asking the palace maids to refill wine for him.
The imperial concubine, who was sitting beside him, persuaded him several times but was glared back by him.
Le Zhi saw that there was a blue color under his eyes, which was the trace left by lust.

The Eldest Prince, Huo Jue, was born by Imperial Concubine Li.
Imperial Concubine Li came from a palace maid background.
When Emperor Qi was young, he was drunk and made a mistake.
He had Huo Jue after having one spring night with her.

Emperor Qi regarded it as his own stain, and naturally, he would not have kindness towards his son, Huo Jue.
Although Huo Jue was the eldest son of the Emperor, who would take him seriously? Over time, he began to give up on himself and indulge in lust, because he would never have a chance to ascend to the throne.

Huo Jue knew that everyone had a chance, except him.

“Let me tell you.” Huo Qingyu leaned on Le Zhi’s shoulder and said softly, “There are dozens of concubines and bedwarmers in Imperial Eldest Brother’s mansion.
Sometimes he goes outside to listen to music, and he will take the singer back to the house after listening to her.”

“Simply ridiculous! Imperial Sister-in-law used to be so beautiful but now, you see, she’s much older.”

Le Zhi looked at Eldest Prince Concubine again.
Indeed, as Qingyu said, her face was full of fatigue and even the makeup could not hide them.

“Most of the princes and nobles are like this.
That’s why I don’t want to get married!”

Hearing this, Le Zhi sighed and could not think of any words to comfort her for a while.
She reached out to rub her head.

Huo Du’s eyes always fell beside him.
Although he could not hear what they were saying, he could feel that they were talking happily.
After calculating the time, An Xuan should have done almost everything.
He got up with his cane and left the table.

After Huo Du left, Huo Xu found the right time to walk towards Le Zhi.
He pretended to offer a round of wine and only then did he walk up to Le Zhi.
He called “Imperial Sister-in-law” softly, and raised his glass to toast her.

There was a deep yearning in his eyes.

Huo Qingyu could see it clearly from the side.
She also knew that Imperial Third Brother and Imperial Sister-in-law had been childhood sweethearts.
But after all, Imperial Third Brother did destroy the mother country of Imperial Sister-in-law with his own hands, and still used such a despicable method.

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She frowned slightly and pursed her lips without saying a word.

After all, Huo Xu did not dare to show too many emotions under the watchful eyes of people and left reluctantly after toasting.

The wedding banquet was coming to an end, and Huo Xu hurriedly walked to the wedding room at the auspicious time.
The guests also gradually dispersed.

“Pay respects to Taizifei.”

A greeting sounded from behind, this voice…

Le Zhi was terrified.
After she turned around and saw the face with beard stubble, her little face suddenly lost its color.

Huo Qingyu saw the hint, got up, and said, “Yang Heng, you’re really unruly.
You only know how to greet Imperial Sister-in-law.
Don’t you see this princess?”

Hearing this, Yang Heng’s originally proud smile froze on his face.
He bowed and saluted, “This humble servant dare not.
Pay respects to Princess.”

“Alright, alright, withdraw.”

After Yang Heng left, Huo Du also came back.

“What’s the matter?” These words were asked to Huo Qingyu, but his black eyes were staring at Le Zhi, who had lost her soul.

“I don’t know.” Huo Qingyu approached him and said softly, “Yang Heng came over to greet her just now and Imperial Sister-in-law became like this.”

There were fewer and fewer people in the palace hall.
Huo Xiang got up and saluted Huo Du and Le Zhi, and then said to Huo Qingyu, “Let’s go back.”

Huo Qingyu shook Le Zhi’s hand and said goodbye to Huo Du, “Imperial Brother, we’ll leave first.”

After finished speaking, she left reluctantly with worries.

Huo Du was not in a hurry to leave and sat down beside Le Zhi.
He had only left for a while, and Le Zhi had become like this.
In addition to what Qingyu had just said, he could probably guess the reason.

Yang Heng, the Deputy Commander of Shenyi Army of the Great Qi.
He was also one of the meritorious officials who assisted Huo Xu in destroying the country Li.

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