t have happened.
Most of the people in the wedding banquet were their spies, and soon he knew about the episode between Taizifei and Yang Heng.

He walked outside the palace hall and waited for Huo Du’s instructions.

Huo Du did not say anything, and he knew what His Highness wanted him to do with just a glance.

“Have you checked it all?”

The study door was pushed open.
Huo Du walked in slowly, sat down on the armchair, and asked with an indifferent face.

An Xuan nodded in response and then reported it clearly.

It was actually very simple to find out what Yang Heng did on the day of Great Li’s destruction.
His Highness had already long ago planted his people in the Shenyi Army.
Moreover, what Yang Heng did was in broad daylight.

As An Xuan elaborated, Huo Du’s black eyes became more gloomy.
It was unknown whether it was because his spy explained the details too clearly, or An Xuan’s words were too precise, Huo Du felt that the scene of that day seemed to unfold clearly in front of his eyes.

On the day when the capital of the country Li was destroyed, both the Emperor and Empress committed suicide and the Taizi was killed.
Huo Xu brought the Shenyi Army and took away Le Zhi, who was kneeling beside the corpse of the Emperor and Empress and her clothes were stained with the blood of her loved ones.

Regardless of her struggle, he carried her to get on the horse and held her firmly in front of him.

Then, everyone saw that the Great Li most beloved little princess struggled like crazy, and the already amazing fox eyes were stained with the most dazzling red.

The two people had a significant difference in strength but under Le Zhi’s desperate beating, there existed a small gap.

As soon as her waist was loosened, Le Zhi jumped off the horse determinedly and fell to the ground.
The battlefield was in a mess with corpses everywhere.
A half-broken dagger just happened to be in her hand.

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She put the sharp blade against her neck and shouted at Huo Xu with hatred overflowing in her eyes, “Shameless villain! Ungrateful! One day you will not be able to die a natural death!”

She shouted at the top of her voice word by word.
After saying that, she resolutely prepared to die.

“Zhizhi!” Huo Xu stopped her by calling out to her.
His eyes were filled with horror and gritted his teeth, “If you dare to kill yourself, your imperial sister will be worse off than dead!”

Hearing this, the knife clenched tightly in her hand froze, and only a faint blood mark was cut on the white neck and a few blood beads appeared faintly.

Immediately afterward, Le Jin, the second princess of Great Li, was dragged forward by several soldiers.
In an instant, everyone understood Huo Xu’s intentions.
He took Le Jin as a hostage and threatened Le Zhi, so that she could not look for death.

However, as a princess, Le Jin had the same blood in her bones as Le Zhi.
The country was defeated, and the home was lost, so how could she be afraid of death?

“Zhizhi! You don’t have to worry about me.
We’ll meet in the underworld!”

Her vision was blurred, and Le Zhi could not see the expression of her imperial sister, but she could hear the meaning of her imperial sister clearly.
She could not make a sound, so she could only silently tell her imperial sister with her mouth shape.


The tacit understanding between the sisters made Huo Xu skip a beat.
After more than ten years of getting along, until today, he suddenly found that he did not seem to know them.

In the panic, his eyes flashed fiercely, “Le Zhi! You are not afraid of death, but are you afraid or not that your imperial sister will be tortured?”


Le Zhi smiled bleakly.
Were not they suffering now?

Obviously, she underestimated Huo Xu’s shamelessness.

After receiving Huo Xu’s meaningful glances, Yang Heng, who was standing beside the dark horse, walked towards Le Jin with a few fierce generals.

The sound of the clothes being torn apart and the screams of her imperial sister stung Le Zhi’s eardrums in an instant.
The remnants of the captured soldiers of country Li watched their princess being humiliated helplessly and roared to rush forward, but their hands and feet were bounded by iron chains and unable to move forward.
Even some country Qi soldiers could not bear to look at it and turned their eyes away.

On the other hand, Yang Heng and his subordinates had lewd smiles on their faces and continued to pull Le Jin’s skirt.

The clothes were torn apart, and her imperial elder sister’s arms and shoulders were exposed.
Le Zhi bit her lip, letting the blood flow into her mouth, and tasted a tinge of sweetness in her mouth.

Soon, she let go of her hand and the half-broken dagger fell to the ground.
Then she dragged her injured leg and moved to Huo Xu’s horse.
It was easy to seek death, but she could not watch her sister being humiliated helplessly.

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Then, everyone saw with their own eyes that the little princess, who had been holding her head high, lowered her head.

Lowered her head and admitted defeat.

“Stop! ”

Huo Xu turned over to dismount from his horse, supported Le Zhi, and untied his cotton cloak to wrap around her body.
Le Zhi quickly ran to Le Jin’s side, and Yang Heng and the others stepped aside.

Le Zhi wept silently and covered the exposed skin of her imperial sister with a cotton cloak.
Although she had not been substantively insulted, such a thing happened in front of everyone’s eyes, which had drained all of Le Jin’s anger.

“Imperial Sister, sister?” Le Zhi called out twice cautiously, but Le Jin remained motionless, and her eyes were hollow.

Then several soldiers dragged Le Jin up and took her away.


Le Zhi wanted to chase but was stopped by Huo Xu from behind and had to turn around to face him.

“As long as you are obedient, your sister will be fine.”

Even after An Xuan left for a long time, Huo Du still sat by the window and blew by the piercing cold wind.
There was no emotion on his face or in his eyes.
He just sat like this, not knowing what he was thinking.

It was not until he choushi (1 am – 3 am) that he got up and walked to the bedroom.

After stepping into the bedroom, he saw Little Lame Huo looking at him with round eyes, “Meow, meow…” There was innocence and cowardice in the cry.

Huo Du frowned and walked to the bed.
A faint smell of blood floated to his nose.

The sleeping person was shaking slightly from head to toe, and even her shoulders were trembling.
Tears flowed silently from the corners of her eyes.
Huo Du did not know how long she had been crying, and even her long black eyelashes were wet.

The wound on the shoulder that had started to form a scab, was bleeding out again.

The author has something to say:
Classmate Xiao Du does not want to talk today.
I can’t think of words to scold that scum, Huo Xu.

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