Standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom, Fu Yuanzhou stared blankly for several minutes before finally confirming that he was really back to when he was seventeen.

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The boy in the mirror was still beautiful, but younger, with the same facial features, but he was so different-the boy was full of vigor and vitality, and his beautiful eyes were full of brilliance, even though he was melancholy because of his current state of mind, it could still not conceal his self-confident temperament.

Seeing his young self in the mirror, Fu Yuanzhou felt sour and couldn’t help but feel the urge to cry.
In just a few years of hardships, he even forgot that he was once the envy of the heavens.

Nowadays, he hated looking in the mirror, because when he looked in the mirror, he would see his inhuman and ghostly appearance.
He had become so thin, his eyes were hollow, and he felt lifeless all day long.

However, he fell to that point, and most of it was on his own account.
He was obsessed a with that man.
He not only ruined himself, but also made his mother suffer a heart attack.
His father was in a trance and had a car accident while driving.
His best friend also broke off relations with him.

Unknowingly, Fu Yuanzhou fell into the terrible memories again.
What appeared in his mind was the figure of his mother suddenly falling down.
His father was lying in the intensive care unit with a ventilator, and he had a cold and disappointed look in his eyes.

Fu Yuanzhou’s heart throbbed, and he suddenly woke up, and saw the young him in the mirror also pale, while showing a look of fear and regret.

He turned on the faucet in a panic, patted the cold water on his face, and calmed himself down.

Yes, these were all real things that had happened in the past, until the mother who loved him the most was no longer alive, and his father’s life was also at stake, he finally repented and wanted to change but unfortunately it was too late.
Because he had nothing to redeem at that time.

He tried to commit suicide several times in despair, but was always stopped by others, but he did not expect that this time he just fell asleep tiredly, and when he woke up, he found himself strangely returning to his former bedroom.

After repeated confirmations, Fu Yuanzhou finally believed that it was not a dream and that he had not gone mad, but that he was really reborn to his seventeenth year.

It was the summer vacation at the end of the first year of high school.
In a few days, he would start the second year of high school.
His parents were still there and in good health.
Just now, he rushed downstairs and saw his parents in the living room.
He immediately hugged his mother and howled.
He cried so much that they were all startled, thinking that something had happened to him.

However, what made Fu Yuanzhou a little bit dumbfounded was that while he was crying emotionally just now, he vaguely heard his parents ask him “Are you pregnant?” It was probably because they thought he had tasted the forbidden fruit with a girl, which made him immediately stop crying in order to deny it, it was then that he reluctantly convinced his parents that he was innocent.

For that matter, the look in his parents’ eyes was still a bit strange.
He was a little embarrassed, but he saw his parents sitting in front of him well, and most of him still wanted to cry.
In order to prevent them from seeing his weird behavior, he hurried to find a reason to hide back in his bedroom, it was only now that he finally calmed his mind from the ecstasy of rebirth.


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Fu Yuanzhou wiped his face clean, and slowly exhaled while looking into the mirror.
His white face gradually regained color, and his black eyes reappeared.

He stared at himself for a moment, suddenly raised the corners of his lips, showing a faint smile, and he looked like a vigorous young man.

Since he had returned to the age of seventeen, it meant that God has given him a chance to come back again.
He would cherish everything he had now, make up to his family and friends, and strive to be a proud person.
He would never repeat the same mistakes and reproduce the tragedies of his previous life.

And this time, he must stay as far away as possible from that person, and he could no longer be so obsessed with believing the other person.

Fu Yuanzhou thought with lingering fear, put the towel aside, and decided to block the contact information of that person in a while.

He squeezed his wet hair, because it was summer vacation, he dyed his hair silver, he remembered that he didn’t dye it back after school started and was criticized by the teacher several times.

At that time, he didn’t care about school affairs at all.
After the second year of high school, he rarely even attended classes, let alone dealing with the problem of hair color.
But this time he decided to dye his hair back to black and be a good student who abided by discipline.
In fact, discipline and undiscipline were secondary, it was mainly because he found that silver hair was not suitable for him, he looked more handsome with black hair…

Fu Yuanzhou looked at himself in the mirror, he still paid attention to his appearance.
If not for the fact that he had fallen into endless despair in the previous life, how could he not have taken care of himself at all.

It was just that he liked wearing collars in high school? Why didn’t he remember?

Looking at the black soft collar on his neck, Fu Yuanzhou frowned slightly, tugging with his fingers, finding it uncomfortable to wear, so he fumbled for the lock on the side of the neck and removed the collar.

As soon as he took off his collar, he wondered if it was an illusion, but Fu Yuanzhou suddenly smelled a faint sweet smell.
He twitched his nose slightly and smelled it.
It felt like the smell of peach, very sweet, even causing a little temptation.

Was it the flavor that came with this collar?

Fu Yuanzhou turned the collar over and looked at it.
He couldn’t find a place where the incense might have been put.
However, he found that the material of the collar was a bit special.
It felt like rubber, but it didn’t seem to be.
There was a string of codes on the inside.
He took a closer look and found that it was his ID number.

What the hell was this?

He showed a surprised expression and had some bad thoughts, such as electronic shackles, so he quickly went out of the bathroom, picked up his mobile phone and searched for “collar with ID number” on the Internet.

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There were many relevant search results.
Fu Yuanzhou clicked on one and read:

[Omega special suppression collar: It can be used to suppress pheromone spillover.
After gender differentiation, relevant departments will give Omega a free restraining collar.
If it is lost, it can be reissued with an ID card. 

[Each restraining collar is printed with ID n

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