Hearing this news, Fu Yuanzhou almost forgot his situation and raised his head, but fortunately he managed to control himself in time.

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His inner joy instantly rose up like fireworks, and he was undoubtedly very happy that he would be able to see his former girlfriend soon, and he even wished that tomorrow was the weekend, and he could fly to the airport to pick the people up.

Xie Lin showed an indifferent smile, then his parents told him to pay attention to his body, and hung up the video call, he immediately looked down at the Fu Yuanzhou: “You do not want to hear me say it, right?”

Fu Yuanzhou’s heart shivered, Xie Lin did not sound happy, he raised his head, his face was flushed, and sweat was dripping from his forehead.

“You are very important to me, especially important.
I regard you as the best brother.” He said slowly, “But it’s just like a brother.
I do not, um, not…” He hesitated, but he still said those words, “You’re not my type.”

Xie Lin’s expression remained unchanged, and he asked faintly: “What do you like?”

First of all, it must be a woman! The best was if she was an Omega, but even if she was a Beta, it was not bad.

Fu Yuanzhou thought.
Unexpectedly, after piercing this layer of window paper[1], he was not so nervous.
Perhaps he was afraid that he and Xie Lin would be embarrassed, and he was also afraid that Xie Lin would be sad, but now it seemed that Xie Lin’s reaction was not very big.

Did he like him at all…?

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He was a little bit uncertain, but anyway, he won’t fall in love with a man, even if one day he could think of engaging with a man, then he would be the first one he would rule out.
The rabbit still doesn’t eat the grass at the edge of its nest, let alone the fact that he had been in love with Xiaofei in his last life, if he engaged with her brother now, what face would he have to see Xiaofei in the future?

Xie Lin continued to ask: “Do you like Yuan Ye, Ran Shutang, or someone else?”

“You are getting further and further away.
It can’t be them.
I like women.” Fu Yuanzhou was a little angry.
Did Xie Lin never consider that he might like women? How come the people listed were all men, and there was actually Ran Shutang.
What was he thinking?

“Just now you touched me and used the pheromone to hook me.
I haven’t asked you to settle the account.” He also became cold and stared at Xie Lin, “Quickly apologize to me.”

Xie Lin remained indifferent, Fu Yuanzhou was even angrier.
No, although he swore, if Xie Lin dares to bully him again, he would break up with Xie Lin, but in fact he couldn’t bear to do it, and it didn’t seem cool, but like… Damn, that’s even more troublesome!

He was restless, picked up his schoolbag and walked towards the door.
This time Xie Lin no longer stopped him, but just looked at his back and said, “I’m regretting it.”

He paused, before Fu Yuanzhou could respond, and spoke again, “I regret not kissing you in front of my parents.”

Listen, was he still human? He cannot be saved; this beast is already hopeless!

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Fu Yuanzhou almost fell, angrily showed Xie Lin his middle finger, and fled back to his home, embarrassed.

That night, Fu Yuanzhou had a dream.
He dreamed of Yu Fei.
She was still so beautiful and bright, that few people could reach her.
She stood in front of him and laughed, calling him “Zhou”.

Even though he protested many times, she still called it that way, and she said it was cute.

In his dream, he wanted to continue his relationship with Yu Fei.
Yu Fei smiled at him and said, “Okay, Zhou, but I am Alpha.
Since you are Omega, you will give me children in the future.”

Then Xie Lin appeared, stopping the two of them were dating, both of them confessed to him, and forced him to decide who he wanted to date and who he wanted to give birth with.
He was so scared that he ran away but was caught by the two of them.
He was locked up and couldn’t go anywhere until he gave the answer.


Fu Yuanzhou suddenly woke up from his dream, when the alarm sounded, he rubbed his face and got out of bed to wash, refusing to recollect the dream.

Impossible, Xiao Fei must be an Omega, she can’t be Alpha…

When he went out, Fu Yuanzhou was a little embarrassed and didn’t know how to go to school with Xie Lin.
However, when he got in the car, he realized that Xie Lin was not in the car.
The driver said that Xie Lin had something in the morning and needed to go to school first, so he called a car and left by himself.

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Something? Fu Yuanzhou checked his cell phone messages in a daze.
In WeChat, Xie Lin had just said good morning to him as always.
He didn’t mention that he had to go first or that something had happened.
Could this be just an excuse, but he actually wanted to avoid him?

Fu Yuanzhou felt aggrieved.
He hadn’t even avoided Xie Lin.
Why was Xie Lin hiding from him? It wasn’t because he had done something wrong.
A good brother who had been with him for over ten years ago suddenly wanted to confess.
Who could accept this?

Feeling suppressed, Fu Yuanzhou arrived at the school.
After two classes, Yuan Ye was late.
Fu Yuanzhou had something to say to him, but when he saw Yuan Ye, he was immediately stunned and forgot what he was going to say.

“Why did you change your hair color again?”

Fu Yuanzhou looked at the black hair on Yuan Ye incredulously.
The red color should have been maintained for a few more days, why did he suddenly change it to black?

“You said I’m the most handsome with black hair.” Yuan Ye fiddled with his long hair and smiled briskly at him, “So I changed it.
What’s wrong?”

“You really listen to me, and I have good taste.
What’s the problem?” Fu Yuanzhou said.

“It doesn’t matter, you are the first person I showed.” Yuan Ye smiled, “Do you still like it?”

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“It looks good.” Fu Yuanzhou nodded.
How could he say he didn’t like it to Yuan Ye, not to mention that Yuan Ye indeed looked the most handsome with black hair.

“You like it.”

Yuan Ye took Fu Yuanzhou’s hand, smoothed his fingers, and put his hand in his palm: “Then leave it to you.”

“?” Fu Yuanzhou didn’t understand.

“I’ve said I’ll give you a gift…”

Yuan Ye’s tone stretched, “Send me to you, do you want me?” Fu Yuanzhou put his hand down indifferently.

Yuan Ye raised his eyebrows and was about to speak.
Fu Yuanzhou’s mobile phone shook.
When news came in, he picked up the mobile phone and glanced at it, and suddenly stopped.

The person who sent him the message turned out to be Yu Fei.

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