ttle bit ashamed and angry.

“Well, you didn’t, I was wrong.”

Yuan Ye laughed and coaxed him: “In the afternoon, there is a swimming class, do you know how to swim?”

“Of course.” Fu Yuanzhou replied confidently.
It wasn’t just him who said that he was quite good at swimming, he had even won some prizes for swimming when he was younger, even though there were no major awards.

“Before we said we would compete.”

Yuan Ye said, “Why don’t we compete with swimming in the afternoon?”

“Compete in swimming?” Fu Yuanzhou was taken aback, didn’t he say that they would compete in fighting, why did he change it to swimming again?

Yuan Ye saw through his thoughts and said: “I can’t really fight you, right? I will surely lose.”

Fu Yuanzhou was happy when he heard that: “Do you think I am better than you?”

“Yeah.” Yuan Ye smiled.
“I am reluctant to fight with you.
You can only beat me.
Of course, you will win.”

Fu Yuanzhou was angry: “Who told you to let me win? I don’t need it.”

“There is another reason.” Yuan Ye said “You asked me not to release pheromones when fighting.
This is too difficult.
You also know that Alphas will instinctively release pheromones as soon as they get out of control.” He smirked and said, “You also don’t want to fight in such a situation either.
Or you will fall in my arms in estrus while fighting, right?”

“…” Fu Yuanzhou’s sore spot was hit all of a sudden.

“Swimming is fair and safe.” Yuan Ye laughed, “How about it, do you agree?”

“Let’s compete in swimming then.”

Fu Yuanzhou thought for a while and agreed, but he hadn’t really compared in swimming with Yuan Ye before, so neither of them knew which one of them was better.

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In the afternoon, everyone was very excited about the swimming class.
It was an old school tradition that No.
1 Middle School would offer swimming classes in the first semester.
The first week of school was the statistics session and physical fitness recovery training.
This was the first time they had entered the swimming pool this semester.

Because of gender differentiation, the dressing room was mainly divided into men and women, and there were separate compartments for changing clothes.
The bathroom was further subdivided into the three A, B and O, which was much more troublesome than when there were only two genders.

Fu Yuanzhou put on swimming trunks and goggles on top of his head.
He came out of the locker room and walked into the swimming pool.    

Yuan Ye was already sitting lazily on the side, when he noticed that he had come out, he immediately gave him a few more glances, and said with a smile: “You are in good shape.”

Fu Yuanzhou raised his eyebrows and did not speak.
He was tall and had long legs.
The waist was relatively thin, showing a slender and well-proportioned figure, with thin muscles covering the surface with beautiful and smooth lines.

Yuan Ye stood up, his figure was no worse than Fu Yuanzhou, his chest muscles and eight-pack abs were more obvious.
At first glance, it seemed the result of long-term exercise, but it was not too exaggerated.
On the contrary, it was full of powerful beauty and looked very sexy.

In the class, there were only a few people who could swim and dared to go into the deep water area, so it was much less crowded than the shallow water area.
The coach took them to prepare for the activity.
Fu Yuanzhou warmed up earnestly, stretching his waist and pressing his legs.

When he bent down, Yuan Ye was standing behind him, looking at him.
Because of the back pressure, those two legs looked extraordinarily slender and beautiful.
The upturned buttocks were wrapped in close-fitting swimming trunks.
They were round, plump and fleshy.


Yuan Ye’s movements obviously stagnated by a lot.

At this moment, Fu Yuanzhou stood up.
He seemed to feel that the edges of his swimming trunks were a little tight, and he stretched out his fingers to hook it down.
When the cloth rebounded again, it made a “pop”, and the flesh of his leg roots trembled slightly.


The entire warm-up activity was done absent-mindedly.

The teacher asked everyone to swim 200 meters first to start physical activity, and then practice freely on their own.

Fu Yuanzhou wanted to hurry up and compare with Yuan Ye, so he immediately jumped into the water, like a fish swimming in a swimming pool.
He was a freestyle swimmer.
His movements were beautiful and fast.
They were especially pleasing to the eyes.
Everyone else was standing by the pool, watching him swim intently.

“Huh…” After swimming 200 meters in one breath, Fu Yuanzhou emerged from the water and lay down on the edge of the pool to take a rest.
From the perspective of other people, they could only see his back.

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He took off his swimming goggles, and his black hair dripped wetly over the black suppression collar, then his neck and shoulders, and then flowed down his white back.
The protruding butterfly bones were undulating slightly, and they could hear as he gasped slightly… All the others blushed, and they had similar thoughts in their hearts, but they didn’t dare to say it.

It was really… sexy…


Suddenly, there was a splash of water.
It was Yuan Ye that had jumped into the water and had come up behind Fu Yuanzhou’s back, blocking the sight of others.

Hearing the movement behind him, Fu Yuanzhou turned his head and almost ran into Yuan Ye.
He did not expect that Yuan Ye would be standing so close to him.

“You swim around first, and then we will compare?”

Fu Yuanzhou said casually, looking up to Yuan Ye, only to find that there was no smile on the handsome face, he was looking straight at him, his eyes were heartening and showing a dangerous look.

He suddenly stretched out his hand to grasp Fu Yuanzhou’s wrist, using a bit of strength, his voice was dumb when he spoke, and even the air exhaled from the lungs was hot.

“You can really provoke an Alpha’s instinct.”

What was Alpha’s instinct?

It was a strong desire for conquest and possession of Omega.

The refreshing mint flavor was gradually becoming richer.
Fu Yuanzhou could smell it a little bit, but he didn’t notice anything wrong.
Instead, his eyes were brighter.
He thought this was a performance that Yuan Ye was inspired by him, and he had made Yuan Ye feel threatened.

“Do you think you are going to lose?” He smirked at Yuan Ye, “It’s too late to regret now.”

“I regret it, but I don’t regret comparing with you.”

Yuan Ye also laughed, and his fingers slipped a little bit.
He clasped Fu Yuanzhou’s fingers and put on the swimming goggles.

He leaned next to Fu Yuanzhou’s ear and whispered to him.

“I regret not making more bets with you.”

-For example, just hug me and kiss me.

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