The two came to a fast food restaurant outside the school, and after sitting face to face while waiting for a meal, Yu Fei asked him: “I saw that photo.
It seems to be a group photo of the two of you when you were young.
You have known each other from a long time ago.?”

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“It doesn’t count, it’s just that I have seen him before and we clicked a picture together, but I didn’t contact him afterwards.” Fu Yuanzhou said.
“If I hadn’t seen that photo, I wouldn’t have even remembered that I had met him in the tournament before.”

“So, he just unilaterally remembered you.”

Yu Fei curled up his lips and smiled, but then he thought of something, and his expression turned low.

“Am I the same as him, did I remember you unilaterally? Zhou, I have missed you for so many years, and have never forgotten you, what about you? Have you even thought of me once in a while?”


Fu Yuanzhou was speechless for a while.
If he were to say that he had forgotten about Yu Fei before his return to China, then that was definitely not true.
But if he though about it, he didn’t necessarily think about of him a lot as well.
This was human nature, no one would remember their childhood playmates who they had not seen in years.

Suddenly he noticed Yu Fei’s words that he would always think of him, and he could not help but wonder: “You thought about me often?”


Yu Fei balanced his jaw on his hand and looked at him with a little head tilt.
His eyes were gentle, and the reddish mole under his eyes gave him a somewhat luxurious temperament.

“I was lonely in abroad.
My mother was very busy at work.
She didn’t have time to care about me.
I didn’t have any friends.
Therefore, I missed you more.
I would often dream that you took me out to play.
That was my happiest time.”

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“Usually I often thought of you, no matter what I was doing.
When I found something I liked, I would subconsciously hope that you liked it as well.
If you don’t like it, I would give it up.
I don’t want you to hate me.”

Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t see his face showing such a melancholy look, and without thinking about it, he said: “I can’t possibly hate you.”

“I hope so.” Yu Fei smiled bitterly, “It’s just that… we haven’t seen each other for too many years, and I find that I don’t understand you anymore.
What have you done and who you know? I don’t know anything about this.
I’m worried that I won’t be able to integrate into your life…”

“Absolutely not.” Fu Yuanzhou had no reason to feel hesitant, so he immediately promised, “I will tell you everything you want to know.”

Filled with emotions, he even held Yu Fei’s hand: “Not only you, I will also try to integrate into your life, I will not just let you work hard alone.”


Yu Fei looked at him stunned, and the low expression on his face was suddenly swept away, as he revealed a bright smile, his beauty was too amazing at this moment, let alone Fu Yuanzhou who was facing the impact, when just a passing guest also casually glanced at him, he almost fell down with his plate.

“You are so kind.” Yu Fei sat down next to Fu Yuanzhou’s side, took out his mobile phone and held it in front of the two of them, “Can I take a few selfies with you? Your classmate took a group photo with you, but the two of us… “

Fu Yuanzhou: “Okay, just take any number of shots!”

His brain wasn’t working anymore.
No matter what Yu Fei said now, he could only say “Good, good, good.”

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Yu Fei: “I want to hug you too.
In that photo you are holding him… I don’t want to lose to him…”

Fu Yuanzhou: “Come on, hug whatever you want!”

Yu Fei: “Then…Can I kiss you?”

Fu Yuanzhou: “Okay, kiss whatever you want-wait a minute, no -!”

… OK.

However, by the time he reacted, it was already too late.
Yu Fei’s soft and moist lips had already fallen on his cheeks, and at the same time he pressed the camera button to capture the scene of him kissing Fu Yuanzhou.

“Thank you, Zhou, I am very happy.”

Yu Fei’s brows and eyes were stained with a smile, seemingly satisfied with the photo, as he put the phone away.

At this time, the automatic announcement in the store sounded, calling their table number and asking them to pick up their order.
Yu Fei took the initiative to get up and leave the seat and smiled at Fu Yuanzhou: “I’ll get it.”


Fu Yuanzhou raised his hand and touched his face, his fingertips trembling.

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…There was a lingering smell of rose.

Fu Yuanzhou ate so much for this meal as he was full of thoughts like “I was kissed by Xiao Fei”, “I seem to be a little happy”, “Happy, my ass, Xiao Fei is a male”.

This was just Xiao Fei’s way of being close to him.

Fu Yuanzhou was doing his own psychological preparation.

Kissing on the face in a foreign country was a kind of etiquette, which was very common.
Xiao Fei had been abroad for a long time, and it was inevitable that he still retained some of the ways of life from there.
This was normal… Damn, was this really normal?

He was kissed by Yuan Ye before, and now he was kissed by Yu Fei again.
Fu Yuanzhou inevitably thought about it, and his heart trembled, carefully observing Yu Fei’s expression.

Yu Fei smiled at him unclearly, “What’s wrong, Zhou? Your meal is not good?”

“It’s okay…”

Seeing Yu Fei behaving normally, Fu Yuanzhou finally relaxed slowly and continued to eat.

It should be that he thought too much, Xiao Fei was just showing his closeness, next time he would remember to remind him not to do this again, and he would also have to make Xiao Fei delete the photo…

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He was thinking while eating, so he did not see Yu Fei’s slightly raised lips.

After dinner, Fu Yuanzhou for a quick meal packed for Xie Lin and waited for Xie Lin’s class to finish.
After a while, his cell phone rang.
Xie Lin had called to ask him where he was.
Fu Yuanzhou said he was at the school gate with Yu Fei.
The three met in front of the school gate.

“Are you hungry? Here you are, it’s all you like to eat.” When he saw Xie Lin, Fu Yuanzhou immediately smiled.
He didn’t know if there was any indication in his smile that he was kissed by Yu Fei.
When he met Xie Lin again, he felt really guilty, although he didn’t know why he was feeling like that.

Xie Lin took the box he had handed over and touched his hair.
Fu Yuanzhou would probably hide in normal times, but today he let Xie Lin touch it for a long time without saying a word until the car came.

After the car had picked them up, Fu Yuanzhou sat in the co-pilot seat, and Xie Lin got into the back seat first.
Yu Fei stood outside and looked at them for a while, then suddenly smiled and got into the back seat.

After the vehicle started, Yu Fei began to play his mobile phone, after a while, he suddenly turned his phone towards Xie Lin, and asked him: “Brother, can you guess what this is?”

Xie Lin looked down for a second, but then he instantly froze after seeing what was displayed on the screen.

What was displayed on the screen was nothing other than the selfie of Yu Fei kissing Fu Yuanzhou.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I seem to have shown you something wrong…”

Yu Fei apologized but smiled slightly.

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