y become scared, so stunned, he took a step back, and unconsciously lowered his voice: “You wanted to say…”

“Is it not up to you?” Xie Lin asked back.

“What is up to me?” Fu Yuanzhou was confused, “You have something, so say it straight.”

Xie Lin then asked, “Are you agreeing to date me?”

Fu Yuanzhou: “?”

Fu Yuanzhou: “You say it again, I didn’t hear clearly, what do you say I have to agree to with you?”

“Date me.” Xie Lin stood in front of him.
He was a few centimeters taller than Fu Yuanzhou.
At this moment, he had to look down slightly to look directly into Fu Yuanzhou’s eyes, “You did not put on the collar and came to me, isn’t it just suggesting that I mark you?”


Fu Yuanzhou was stunned.

He stared at Xie Lin in a daze, and Xie Lin also looked at him, both of them were silent.

A few seconds later, Fu Yuanzhou jumped far away, showing an expression of extreme horror, and cried out in disbelief: “Are you crazy? Why are you talking nonsense!”

“No?” Xie Lin asked.

“Nonsense.” Fu Yuanzhou’s face flushed, “How could I date you?”

“Why not?” Xie Lin asked again.

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He asked very seriously.
Fu Yuanzhou found it incredible.
The answer to this question couldn’t be clearer.
Was it interesting to ask it again and again?

But Xie Lin seemed to find it very interesting.
He even grabbed Fu Yuanzhou’s wrist and prevented him from escaping.
He asked in a deep voice, “Tell me.”

In desperation, Fu Yuanzhou had to answer: “You are a male, and I am a male too.”


“I’m not gay …… “Fu Yuan Zhou muttered.

He didn’t discriminate against homosexuals, but he didn’t want to be one himself, and if the object of affection was his good buddy, he would be even more horrified.
Even if he wanted to compensate Xie Lin in this life, it did not mean that he had to dedicate himself to Xie Lin.

Xie Lin’s tone was calm: “Neither am I.”

“Then you still ask me if I want to have a relationship?” Fu Yuanzhou glared at him.

“You are Omega, I am Alpha, it doesn’t count.” Xie Lin said.

Fu Yuanzhou cursed in his heart when he heard the words, he forgot, now the world had changed, now there were six genders, it seems that male A and male O were not considered same-sex love, um, not…

He couldn’t refute Xie LIn! What’s this, take off your pants after becoming an Omega to give your brother a refreshing feeling? He would die if something like this happened and if Xie Lin dared to force him, he would have broken all relations with him!

Fu Yuanzhou replied decisively: “I will not fall in love with an Alpha, I will…I will talk with only female Omegas in the future.”

He had seen posts before, six genders, Omega was at the bottom of the food chain, and if wanted to control them, there was only female O, even female Beta was hard to say.


Xie Lin’s gaze changed slightly, and he spoke only after a few seconds of silence.

“You just said that you are not a homosexual.”

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Fu Yuanzhou: “…”

Fart, when did the relationship between men and women also began to be called homosexuality!

Fu Yuanzhou only thought it was ridiculous.
He couldn’t tell Xie Lin clearly, so he could only wave his hand again and again.

“It’s my fault that I didn’t wear a collar, and you misunderstood it, but it’s really impossible for the two of us.
I’ve been brothers with you for so many years, and it’s impossible for me to be interested in you.”

Xie Lin did not speak, watching him silently.
Fu Yuanzhou was inexplicably frustrated by him, and he quickly found an excuse to leave in a hurry.
Xie Lin kept standing at the door looking at him without stopping him.

In the next few days, Fu Yuanzhou did not meet with Xie Lin again.
He was embarrassed when he thought about what happened that day.
Xie Lin had also visited his house before, but Fu Yuanzhou hid from him.
He really couldn’t communicate with Xie Lin face to face.

On the other hand, the two were still communicating on social media.
Xie Lin apologized for his actions that day, and Fu Yuanzhou, who had been crazily learning about ABO knowledge these days, realized that Xie Lin wanted to bite the gland behind his neck that day and inject him with his pheromones.
Then he would have temporarily marked him with his brand, and Fu Yuanzhou was so angry that he held the phone and cursed Xie Lin in his heart for half an hour.

But since Xie Lin apologized to him, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t say anything, because he had a problem that day.

Fu Yuanzhou learned after he supplemented his common sense, that his running to find Xie Lin who was in heat without wearing a collar that day, was death-seeking behavior.
It could have easily ended up as either a rape or homicide case.

Even if the incident was over, the two of them didn’t mention it again.
As the days when they returned to school in the second year of high school were getting closer, Fu Yuanzhou dyed his hair back to black, stayed with his parents at home, and began to pick up textbooks to review the knowledge of high school.

It had been several years since graduating from high school.
Fu Yuanzhou had indeed forgotten about this knowledge, and he didn’t study very well in high school, so it would be more difficult for him to pick it up.

However, he was very confident in himself.
He was actually very smart.
He was a top student until the third grade of middle school.
After the high school entrance examination, he entered the city’s best high school Tiancheng No.
1 High School and entered the experimental class.
If not for him not studying well after entering high school, his grades would never have been bad.

Because of this foundation, even if he had forgotten a lot of knowledge, Fu Yuanzhou was able to make a review plan for himself with ease, starting with the most basic.

That night, he was sitting at the table sorting out knowledge points, and the mobile phone placed next to him suddenly vibrated a few times.
He picked it up and saw that Xie Lin sent him a voice note.

He clicked on the voice note, and Xie Lin’s voice sounded, and said: “Yu Fei is going to return to China.”

Hearing the voice, Fu Yuanzhou’s eyes suddenly brightened.

Yes, he almost forgot, his former girlfriend Xiaofei was about to return to China.

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