e sound of water in the bathroom made it easy to guess what Fu Yuanzhou was doing.
Yu Fei felt sorry for him and wanted to go in.
So, he coaxed him with a few words, just doing this, he almost exhausted all his patience, and he planned to go straight in.


But at this moment, the sound of locking came from the bathroom, and it was Fu Yuanzhou who struggling to approach, had locked the door.

“Zhou!” Yu Fei couldn’t help calling him, “Don’t do this.
I won’t do anything to you without your consent.
Come out quickly, okay?”

How could he go out? Seeing people…

Fu Yuanzhou was leaning against the wall and panting.
He looked at himself embarrassed in the mirror.
His whole body was soaked.
His black hair clung to his cheeks.
He was trembling slightly from the cold water, but his face was blushing abnormally.
There was a pitiful expression on his face, if they saw this look…

He was extremely resistant, as he refused to imagine, not to mention daring to open the door, he finally saw how terrible an Omega’s estrus period was, and he was going to lose his head.
He just wanted to hug an Alpha and kiss him, so as to absorb a lot of pheromones.

If he rushed out with his beastly inlinations and hugged someone to gnaw…he might as well let himself die!


Yu Fei leaned on the door and whispered his name.
At this time some people came in in the bedroom, they were Xie Lin and Fu Yuanzhou’s mother.

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Feeling that Fu Yuanzhou was in heat just now, Xie Lin immediately went to find Fu Yuanzhou’s mother, who walked over anxiously and knocked on the door, calling her child’s name.

“Xiaozhou, how are you, mom is here, will you open the door for mom?”

“Mom, don’t come in…” Fu Yuanzhou’s refusal was still in response to her, as he couldn’t accept this picture of himself being seen by his mother.

“This child!”

His mother was distressed and anxious but didn’t immediately get angry or force Fu Yuanzhou to open the door, because even if the door was opened, it was useless.
She didn’t expect that Fu Yuanzhou would suddenly enter the estrus period in these short two days.
She didn’t bring the injection she had bought at all, not even ordinary inhibitors.

“Grandma said that there are no single Omegas in this neighborhood, so there must be no restraint needles.”

Her ten fingers were folded together and held tightly: “I just called and consulted the hospital here, but no, I had to get someone to quickly take us home, but it would take us at least two hours, and you would have to suffer for two hours, what would happen to your body with all this holding back?……”

If the estrus did not get resolved for a long time, the body would definitely be affected, and he could even have sequelae.
She was really worried about Xiao Zhou’s health.

“What if he gets a temporary mark?” Yu Fei asked, “Let me help give Zhou a temporary mark, and he won’t be so uncomfortable.
Auntie, what do you think?”

Mother Fu was startled, “I don’t mind.
But can Xiao Zhou agree to it?”

“Zhou.” Yu Fei knocked on the bathroom door again, “Don’t bear it, you open the door, I promise I won’t do anything else to you, just give you a temporary mark— —”

“No need!”

Unexpectedly, Fu Yuanzhou’s reaction was even more intense, as if he had heard something terrible.

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“Are you planning to endure this for two hours?”

Yu Fei couldn’t help asking, Fu Yuanzhou was uncomfortable, and it was a torment for him.

His heart was sinking, because he didn’t know whether Fu Yuanzhou’s reaction was fierce because he was unwilling to get a temporary mark, or was he just unwilling to let him do it, or was he looking forward to others? For example, his cousin Xie Lin…

“If you don’t want Xiao Fei to mark you, then let Xiao Lin come?”

His mother asked the question Yu Fei was most reluctant to hear.

“It’s even worse with him!” Unexpectedly, Fu Yuanzhou’s reaction became more intense, “Xie Lin, did you hear that, you are not allowed to come in, you go out!”

Yu Fei was startled, and then relaxed, at least he was not repelled by him.
He even didn’t want to be marked by his cousin…

He glanced at Xie Lin unconsciously, Xie Lin didn’t change his expression, and seemed to be indifferent to Fu Yuanzhou’s fierce reaction.

“Then Xiao Ran…”

Mother Fu put her hopes on Ran Shutang again, but when she searched around the room, she found that Ran Shutang was not there, and she didn’t know where he had gone.

Perhaps he was concerned that since he and Fu Yuanzhou were classmates.
As Alpha, he had to avoid suspicion when the Omega classmate’s estrus came.

Would Xiao Zhou really have to endure it for two hours?

If she could, she really didn’t want her child to suffer.
It was okay to let an Alpha give him a temporary mark.
If Xiao Zhou was worried about saving face, he could completely cover the Alpha’s smell with spray, and he could also cover the bite marks, so no one would notice.

If he endured it all the time, she still didn’t know what would happen, but this child was very temperamental and unwilling to be marked…

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