>Being watched closely by the hunter, he shuddered from his soul.

Even Xiaofei was good, he was so gentle, he would definitely bite his glands very gently…just a little bit, Xiaofei was still his former lover, at least the least embarrassing choice…

Even with the impact of the cold water, Fu Yuanzhou’s thinking ability was deeply affected by the estrus, his thinking was distorted, and all kinds of absurd ideas began to appear in his brain, which he would never think of when he was awake.

He was so uncomfortable that he couldn’t help but let out a very faint sob.
He couldn’t get rid of it.
He dragged the quilt and crawled forward a little bit, trying to get rid of the shackles of Xie Lin, and whispered to Yu Fei dizzily: “Xiao Fei, you come— “

Xie Lin pulled him back all at once, with a strong hand, directly pulling him into his arms.

“Who are you calling?” he asked.

Surrounded by the red wine-flavored pheromone, Fu Yuanzhou leaned back in Xie Lin’s arms, shaking all over, his eyes covered with a little water, and he could not speak.

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When his name was called, Yu Fei suddenly brightened, and his fingertips were trembling with excitement.
He immediately sat in front of Fu Yuanzhou, leaned forward to lift Fu Yuanzhou’s flushed face, and asked softly, “Zhou, do you want me to do this?”

“I want you…”

Suddenly Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t say it again.
He was too embarrassed.
In his previous life, he had obviously fulfilled Xiao Fei’s wish as much as possible, but now he was begging Xiao Fei to bite his own glands.
He couldn’t open his mouth.

What’s more, if he asked Xiao Fei to bite his glands, Xie Lin would definitely be very angry, but he never wanted to ask Xie Lin…

He almost cried, Xie Lin, this beast, why did he drag him out from the bathroom? He would rather have sequelae than to be so tossed!

Xie Lin stretched his hand to Fu Yuanzhou’s neck, put it on the buckle of the collar, and untied the collar little by little.

“Who do you want?” He asked, “Do you want him or me?”

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t dare to say anything, he could not even…

Mother Fu looked at them, showing a thoughtful look among her anxiety, when suddenly there was a rush of footsteps outside, and Ran Shutang ran up the stairs, holding a tube of injection tightly in his hand.

“I brought a relative Omega’s restraint needle.” Ran Shutang walked into the room panting slightly, and when he saw Fu Yuanzhou being hugged and his collar opened, he stopped instantly and said after a few seconds.
“Use it for him.”

He announced that starting from today, Ran Shutang would be his benefactor and savior, and he would do his best for Ran Shutang in the future.
Even if Ran Shutang didn’t like him anymore, he would treat him like a spring breeze.!

In the confusion, Fu Yuanzhou heard Ran Shutang’s voice, as if he was reborn, and was immediately excited.
He completely forgot the embarrassment of being seen by Ran Shutang.
He didn’t know where the strength came from.
He struggled to get out of bed and threw himself at Ran Shutang.
Then he took the tube of injection from his hand.

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He couldn’t walk steadily.
Ran Shutang wanted to step forward to support him, but the sweet and alluring breath hit his face, making him confused for a moment, his movements stagnated, his hands trembled slightly, and the injection dropped from his hands.

His restraint needle!

Fu Yuanzhou caught the needle instinctively, his center of gravity was unstable, and he suddenly fell into Ran Shutang’s arms.

Ran Shutang held him back for a few steps, hitting his back against the wall, and the two of them fell together.
The faint fragrance of mint caused Fu Yuanzhou’s back to tense involuntarily, and then slowly relax.

Ran Shutang was relatively young, and his height was a bit shorter than Fu Yuanzhou, but because now Fu Yuanzhou was lying in his arms with his legs bent, he had to raise his head if he wanted to stand up and talk to Ran Shutang.

So, he raised his face and wanted to thank Ran Shutang, but he just happened to bump into Ran Shutang and lower his head, so Ran Shutang’s lips were printed partially on his forehead.

Ran Shutang widened his eyes suddenly.
After which, the mint-like pheromone became a little thicker, and the hands surrounding Fu Yuanzhou’s waist also bounced away, bewildered as to where to put it.

Fu Yuanzhou was embarrassed, but he was soft and unable to get up.
Xie Lin got out of bed, pulled him away, took the Omega suppression needle, tore the package, and put his eyes down to give Fu Yuanzhou the injection.

Grandma borrowed a pheromone dispersant and sprayed it everywhere in the room until the sweet peach smell gradually disappeared.

Xie Lin and Yu Fei each took Alpha inhibitors, and it was only at this time that Fu Yuanzhou could see that their hair was also soaked in sweat.

They were naturally not indifferent to his pheromone.

That afternoon, Fu Yuanzhou took the car home by himself, and shut himself in the bedroom as soon as he got home.

After waking up from the estrus, when he saw Xie Lin, Yu Fei or Ran Shutang, he would think of his embarrassing behavior, he was so embarrassed that he did not even want to go to school the next day.

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