etty girls was holding a bottle of water in both hands.
She was a little shy and nervous.
She handed him the water and said, “Student Fu, do you want to drink water?”

This was… talking to him, with the intention to court?

Fu Yuanzhou was stunned for a moment.
He was not unfamiliar with it.
He was very popular since he was a child.
He had experienced this kind of scene a few times.

What really caught his attention was the collar on the girl’s neck, which clearly showed her identity, Omega, she was a female Omega, quite beautiful, and it was familiar to him, he had a little impression of her… It seemed that he didn’t see her recently, could it be a previous life thing? What did she do to impress him so deeply?

Because he was in a daze, Fu Yuanzhou’s eyes kept falling on the girl.
The girl’s face became redder, and she was very shy.
Seeing this, Yuan Ye certainly didn’t intend to remain silent.

“What are you looking at?” He smiled half-heartedly.
“Just staring at people because they are pretty? Are you a hooligan?”

“No, I…”

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Only then did Fu Yuanzhou realize what he had done, and just as he was about to explain, suddenly someone walked towards called him by his name.

“Zhou, I can see you.”

The person who came was Yu Fei.
His appearance was so outstanding that he attracted attention wherever he went.
Immediately, many eyes followed him and looked towards this side.

He walked in front of Fu Yuanzhou, the pale red tear mole made him look affectionate, but when his eyes swept over the girl, that feeling disappeared, instead it seemed to be cold.

“I brought you a sports drink.” Yu Fei handed out the drink with crooked eyebrows, “It can help you replenish your strength, would you like to drink it?”

This was something!

When others saw Yu Fei and the girl handing water to Fu Yuanzhou at the same time, they instantly forgot their training and focused their attention on this scene.

Almost all of them knew Yu Fei.
They knew that he was Alpha, and Fu Yuanzhou also knew most people.
That girl was also famous in school as a beautiful Omega, so training was nothing in front of the O’s big drama!

Damn, he remembered why this girl looked familiar to him!

Fu Yuanzhou was a little confused.
In his last life, Yu Fei and the girl handed him water at the same time on the eve of the second year sports meeting.
Although they didn’t say anything, they clearly wanted him to pick a bottle to drink.

Now history was repeating itself, and a similar scene had happened.
The only difference was that the two beautiful girls in the past, now one was a delicate female O, and the other had become a taller and more handsome male A… The original Fu Yuanzhou had taken Yu Fei’s water.
At that time, he had no other ideas, but simply thought that Yu Fei was Xie Lin’s cousin and his childhood sweetheart, so he should give her face.

But now it was different.
This was a beautiful female Omega who was courting him.
His ideal object in this life was to find a female O.
Now, with such an opportunity, he should take advantage of it and go back and explain it to Yu Fei later.

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However, for some reason, Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t reach out to pick up the girl’s water.
Facing Yu Fei’s gaze, even if they didn’t have any romantic relationship in this life, even “Yu Fei” was just a past tense, but he just couldn’t do it.

Forget it, Xiaofei was watching, he didn’t have any thoughts about this girl, and it was not that he won’t have the opportunity to meet female Omegas in the future, why should he have to do it this time?

Fu Yuanzhou made up his mind to take Yu Fei’s water.
Without that subtle sense of guilt, doubts flashed in his heart.
In his last life, Xiao Fei had a good impression of him, so she wanted to give him water.
Now what was Xiofei up to?

“Aren’t you going to drink?”

Suddenly Yuan Ye said, interrupting Fu Yuanzhou’s thoughts.
He looked at Yuan Ye, who smiled at him, and even stretched out his hand and handed him a piece of chocolate.

“You’re not thirsty, you’re hungry, right? I’ll give you some chocolate.” Speaking of which, he laughed a little bit badly, “You must like mint chocolate, eat it.”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…” Damn!

The three people were handing Fu Yuanzhou water and chocolate at the same time.
The scene was so spectacular that the other students were stunned.
They couldn’t guess Yuan Ye’s mind.
Did he think it was fun to make trouble, or did he also have a crush on Fu Yuanzhou? They really couldn’t see it.

After being silent for a while, Fu Yuanzhou suddenly stretched out his hand, holding Yuan Ye’s chocolate in one hand and Yu Fei’s sports drink in the other, hugging them together in his arms, and said to the girl with a smile.

“Thank you for your kindness, it’s enough for me to take my friend’s stuff.” He put extra emphasis on the word “friend” for emphasis.

The girl’s hand trembled slightly, and her eyes dimmed.
Fu Yuanzhou quickly ran away and came back, took out two pieces of fruit candy from his schoolbag and put it in the girl’s palm.

“This delicious candy is for you,” he said.
“Thank you very much.”

The girl’s eyes were a little red, but she smiled at him.
After saying goodbye, she left with her few friends.
Yuan Ye looked at the girl’s back, making sure that she was really gone, he smiled casually and patted Fu Yuanzhou’s head.

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