“I…” Yu Fei lowered his eyes, “Zhou, I’m sorry.”

Fu Yuanzhou was stunned for a moment, and finally realized why Yu Fei apologized to him, and asked tentatively, “You mean you invited Shen Xigou to watch the games today?”

Yu Fei was silent for a moment, without explaining, he just repeated: “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.” Fu Yuanzhou thought he was blaming himself for this, so he comforted him, “You don’t have to worry about my thoughts, if you really want to be friends with Shen Xigou… then well, don’t have too close of a relationship with him.”

As long as it was not as good as in his previous life, Shen Xigou was still a very good friend, anyway, he had been exposed in front of Shen Xigou, and there was no need for him to limit Yu Fei.

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“I don’t want to interact with him.” Yu Fei raised his head to look at Fu Yuanzhou, his eyes were a little anxious, but he quickly lowered his head and begged Fu Yuanzhou softly, “Yuanyuan, I will obey you in the future, don’t hate me, okay?”

“I told you, it’s impossible for me to hate you.”

What Fu Yuanzhou hated most was Yu Fei’s sad look, which reminded him of the time when the two broke up in his previous life.
He quickly touched Yu Fei’s hair and comforted him gently: “Why are you always worried that I will hate you? It’s impossible.”

“Because I like you very much… Zhou.” Yu Fei said, “Since I was a child, I just like you, so I’m afraid of being hated by you.”

Even if his ex-girlfriend changed gender, but when he heard that the other party liked him, Fu Yuanzhou’s heart beat a little faster, he told himself not to think too much, and responded gently: “I also like you very much.”

But this was a different “like”, far from what kind of feelings he had for him in his past life.

Yu Fei was almost about to confess his feelings, but soon he warned himself that now was not the time, and rashly speaking out would only end up resulting in a loss, especially when he had just been forced to promise to help Shen Xigou.

As soon as this month got over, he would definitely not do such a thing again.
Yu Fei thought that he would not do any actions that might make Yuanyuan hate him.
He liked him so much, even being hated a little bit would make him sad to the point of heartbreak.

From a distance, it was possible to ignore his thoughts, but how was this possible?

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A long time ago, he settled abroad with his mother.
The initial period was long and lonely.
He had no friends and could not fit in with his peers.
They said he was beautiful like a doll, without realism and lack of vividness.

Sometimes he would follow his mother to the design company, and he would stay there for a day.
The studio was high-end and fashionable, and everyone was so glamorous.
In the rush of coming and going, he sat on a high chair and ate sweet cakes.
But he could only feel helpless and lonely there as well.

The only thing that could make him feel warm was the Fu Yuanzhou in his memory.

He missed Fu Yuanzhou’s smile, the chocolates he gave him, and running around with him, whether he was crying or laughing, Fu Yuanzhou’s every move made him yearn and touched his heart.

He hid him in his heart, and later he became his fire.

Missing this person had become his habit.
He always thought that sooner or later he would go back to China and find Fu Yuanzhou.
Before that, he must become what Fu Yuanzhou liked the most.
Whoever Fu Yuanzhou liked, he would become.

Even when his gender was differentiated, he was thinking of Fu Yuanzhou.

He locked himself in the house for days on end and the only thing on his mind was this man, and he was thinking wildly about him.

He was thinking, what kind of gender would Yuanzhou want him to differentiate into? Omega, Beta, or Alpha?

At that time, he heard that Fu Yuanzhou was an Omega, and probably liked Alpha more, so in the painful differentiation boom, he desperately prayed that he would become an Alpha, and in the end, he got what he wanted, this made him happy because it increased the possibility of being liked by Yuanzhou a bit more.

Yu Fei lowered his eyelashes and let Fu Yuanzhou stroke his hair.
Everything he thought was related to him.
Fu Yuanzhou touched it for a while and didn’t know why but he was in a better mood.
Suddenly, he saw from the car window that Xie Lin had left the school gate and was walking towards the car, so he subconsciously retracted his hand.

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