d go fight them.
No, he was just worried that Yuan Ye would be punished or would even have to drop out of school.
Even if he beat someone, he should be in the dark!

“Of course not.” Yuan Ye laughed.
“They didn’t even come to the sports meeting, so how could they go to school? I went to confirm one thing.”


“They were punished by the school.
I went to No.
7 Middle School to inquire and found out that it was more serious than I thought, and they all dropped out.” Yuan Ye said, “Isn’t it strange that they dropped so quickly? The decision to punish them like this? And it’s fine if it was just Liu Fei, the rest of the people were not spared, they obviously didn’t do anything yesterday.”

Fu Yuanzhou said, “It’s a bit strange.”

Could it be Shen Xigou who did it? This was his first reaction.

“But it’s a good thing.” Yuan Ye smiled, “I don’t sympathize with them.”

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t say anything.
He didn’t know those people, so it was hard to make judgments, but he certainly wouldn’t speak for them.

The two went back and sneaked back to the stands.
The stadium was holding the closing ceremony.
Class 7 performed very well this time.
Yuan Ye and Fu Yuanzhou both contributed greatly.
Thus, prizes were shoved onto them.

After the closing ceremony, the students cheered, because they were about to usher in the National Day holiday, Yuan Ye smiled and said to Fu Yuanzhou, “Are you free for the holiday?”

“I’m free, what’s wrong?”

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Fu Yuanzhou said.
Originally, he planned to travel abroad with his parents, but yesterday the company suddenly came up with an urgent project.
His father was going on a business trip abroad, and his mother was so busy that she was even sleeping in the company these days.
Naturally, their plans fell through.
He wasn’t sad, it was normal for their family.

“You promised me before that you would go out with me, just the two of us.” Yuan Ye asked with a smile, “How about it, do you want to go out with me during the holidays?”

Of course, no problem…

Fu Yuanzhou was about to say this, but suddenly remembered his decision to repent after his previous confession, so he turned a corner, shook his head and said, “I want to study hard.” It was not good to go out together!

“Really not?” Yuan Ye pretended to be pitiful, “Can’t you stay with me?”

“Otherwise, come to my house to play.” Fu Yuanzhou thought about it and said, “It happens that my parents are not here…”

Yuan Ye was startled, his throat rolled, and there was some unconscious anticipation that could be seen in his eyes.

“We will have a party and invite all the classmates over.”

It also happened that he could develop feelings for others.
Fu Yuanzhou silently applauded his cleverness and wit in his heart.

Yuan Ye: “…”

Yuan Ye: “Oh.”

Fu Yuanzhou: “? Why do you seem disappointed?”

Yuan Ye: “…No.”

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“Ah, my car is here.”

Fu Yuanzhou saw his car and waved goodbye to Yuan Ye: “Are you free? I’ll contact you after I ask others.”

Yuan Ye nodded, a little aggrieved.

Fu Yuanzhou took the car back to school, and when Xie Lin was out of school, the two went back together.
Fu Yuanzhou still remembered Yu Fei who had a fever, so he went to his house with Xie Lin.

When he opened the door of Yu Fei’s bedroom, a scent of roses came to his face.
Yu Fei had a fever.
The high body temperature made his pheromones more unstable.
Xie Lin went in and used a pheromone dispersant to eliminate the smell, so that Fu Yuanzhou was able to go in.

Fu Yuanzhou walked to the side of the bed, looked at Yu Fei curled up on the bed, and felt distressed unconsciously.
Yu Fei’s complexion was very pale, but his cheeks were morbidly red.
He closed his eyes and seemed to be sleeping, but he slept very unsteadily.
His brows were furrowed tightly, and he seemed to be suffering badly.

“Xiao Fei? Are you alright?”

Fu Yuanzhou sat down and called Yu Fei’s name softly.
After a while, Yu Fei opened his eyes, covered with a layer of water mist, his cheeks were sweaty and flushed, and he looked like a fragile beauty.


Yu Fei didn’t seem to be fully awake yet.
He called Fu Yuanzhou’s name in a low voice and sat up slowly, his eyes dazed.

“Do you want something to eat?”

Fu Yuanzhou asked him gently, Yu Fei was stunned for a while, then nodded lightly and said, “Well, I think…”

He suddenly stretched out his hand and hugged Fu Yuanzhou tightly, he lowered his head and buried his neck by the side of his neck, kissed him lightly, and said in a low voice.

“I want to eat you.”

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