As Xie Lin said just now, they were already close enough, they basically did everything a couple did, so he couldn’t think of anything more to do for a while, unless it’s –

“Don’t mark me!” Fu Yuanzhou panicked and raised his hand to cover his nape, which was covered by the collar again, “Don’t think about anything else.
If you dare…that or something, I’ll kill you!”

“No.” Seeing his flustered appearance, Xie Lin was very surprised.
He smiled lightly and stroked his hair, “Don’t worry.”

“You dare laugh.” Fu Yuanzhou became angry.

“I’m just happy.” Xie Lin wrapped his arms around his lower back and slowly lowered his head close to his face, “You came to me when I confessed my love, and you told me that you couldn’t date me, but now we going to be together.”

Fu Yuanzhou also remembered his resolute attitude at the beginning, but only two months later, he slapped his face swollen, which made him feel both embarrassed and frightened, his face burned with panic, and he insisted stubbornly.
“We are only playing a game for three days.”

“I will turn three days into a lifetime.”

Xie Lin wanted to bow his head to kiss him, but Fu Yuanzhou closed his eyes nervously.
There was a sudden sound of footsteps coming upstairs.
Hearing someone coming, Fu Yuanzhou panicked and pushed Xie Lin away, then he saw that it was Yu Fei who had come upstairs.

When Xie Lin saw the person who came, he stopped kissing Fu Yuanzhou, and the two separated, but he was still holding Fu Yuanzhou’s hand and did not let it go.

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The two of them had separated very hastily.
They were hugging each other just now.
When Yu Fei saw it, his eyes sank for a moment, and then he smiled: “Brother, Yuan Yuan, what are you talking about? Is brother satisfied with that girl?”

“What do you mean?” Xie Lin asked.

“There is a girl in Zhou’s grade, and her conditions are quite good.
She seems to be interested in brother.
I thought we could introduce her to brother.
Have you shown the photo to brother?” Yu Fei smiled.

Xie Lin turned his head to look at Fu Yuanzhou, Fu Yuanzhou’s heart skipped a beat, and suddenly he was inexplicably afraid that Xie Lin would have some misunderstanding, so he said, “I didn’t mean that…”

“No need.”

Fortunately, he thought too much, and Xie Lin was unmoved by Yu Fei’s words, he just wrapped his arms around his waist, full of possessiveness, and said to Yu Fei, “I have Zhou with me, and he agreed to date me for three days.”

Yu Fei’s movements stopped for a moment and his eyes lighted.
He trembled slightly, as he asked: “…Really?”

He didn’t say anything else, but his expression looked hurt and lonely, Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t bear to see it, so he lightly pinched Xie Lin’s arm, he clearly told him not to be so straightforward, why was it all dealt with in the first sentence.

“Go down.”

Xie Lin took his hand and led him downstairs.
Fu Yuanzhou turned back to greet Yu Fei, Yu Fei responded softly, and followed behind them with obscure eyes.

When they got downstairs, the classmates were chatting while eating dessert, while Du Man and another girl were gathered together, holding the phone and muttering: “Why isn’t Xinyi here yet?”

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“Is she not here yet? “Fu Yuanzhou heard what they said, glanced around the living room, and found that she had not arrived yet.

Du Man nodded: “Yes, we sent her WeChat, but she didn’t reply.
I wonder if she didn’t hear since she is on the way.
We were worried that something might have happened to her, and we wanted to give her a call.”

“Then call.” Fu Yuanzhou said.

“By the way, Brother Yuan, have you chosen a candidate for the chairman? We are all waiting!” Several boys said with a smile.

Others were also very interested.
Ran Shutang was a little nervous when he heard the words.
Yuan Ye was holding a chocolate bar in his mouth.
He didn’t have a smile on his face, as if he had expected the result in advance.


Fu Yuanzhou was thinking about what to say, when the doorbell suddenly rang.
Du Man immediately stood up and opened the door: “You wait first, Xinyi must be here, let me bring her in first.”

She turned on the intercom, originally smiling to greet Xinyi, but she was startled when she saw the image displayed on the intercom and her face changed, then she asked anxiously, “Xinyi, are you all right?”

“What’s wrong?”

Hearing this and seeing Du Man open the door and run out, all the classmates also followed.
As soon as they entered the yard, they saw a beautiful girl standing outside the door, looking haggard, as if she had cried and her carefully groomed hair was messed up, and her clothes were also torn.


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