g it would make you hate me even more, so I found evidence myself, and now I can finally prove your identity.
Look, this is the picture you sent me with the account ‘Seven’ before, it was your home.”

After seeing the photo, Fu Yuanzhou’s expression froze.
The living room in the photo was exactly the same as his home, and even the small furnishings were exactly the same.
This was unquestionable evidence.

If he would have remembered that he had sent such a photo to Shen Xigou, he would never have let Shen Xigou enter the door today, but he had long forgotten what he had sent, so he had no excuse.

He remained silent, but the change in his expression had already explained everything.
Shen Xigou looked at him, and finally some emotions that he had forbore for a long time appeared in his eyes.

“Why didn’t you admit that you were Seven?” he asked, “Why did you cut off contact with me? I came to you, but you avoided me, was I so annoying to you?”

“I have nothing to explain.” Fu Yuanzhou took a step back, his whole body stiff.

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“I don’t understand.” Shen Xigou said slowly, “The day before you blocked me, we had a good chat.
You obviously like me as a friend very much, why did you change your attitude just a day later? What did I do? What made you hate me?”

“You don’t need to know the reason.” Fu Yuanzhou said, “Thank you for saving my classmate, the doctor will come to treat your wound in a while, and I hope you leave immediately.”

“I’m afraid of being hated by you.
“Shen Xigou looked at him, “But if you can’t give me a good reason, even if you hate me, I won’t give up.”

“Whatever you want.”

Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t go on anymore, just staying here, it was enough to suffocate him.
Seeing that he was about to leave, Shen Xigou reached out and grabbed his wrist: “Seven—”

“Don’t touch me!”

Fu Yuanzhou threw Shen Xigou’s hand away, his face pale, and his reaction was intense.

Shen Xigou’s hand stopped in midair.

“…Are you afraid of me?” After a few seconds of silence, he asked in a low voice, “You not only hate me, you are afraid of me? Do you think I will hurt you, or…I have already hurt you?”

The conflict between the two of them was clearly seen by the people in the living room.
Yuan Ye was guarding nearby.
He opened the floor-to-ceiling windows first and came to take Fu Yuanzhou away.
Then he warned Shen Xigou in a cold voice: “If you touch him again, I will break your hand.”

Yu Fei and Shen Xigou were friends before, and Shen Xigou held some of his secrets, but at this moment he didn’t have any smile on his face as well: “What have you done to Yuanyuan?”

“What can I do?” Shen Xigou lowered his eyes, “What can I do to him?”

“Only you know.” Yu Fei said.

Seeing this scene, Xinyi and other classmates were at a loss.
They had a good impression of Shen Xigou and thought that he and Yuanzhou were friends, but now it seemed that this was not the case at all.

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Fu Yuanzhou went back to his room and hid.
After a while, Xie Lin entered the room and said to him, “He’s gone.”

“Gone?” Hearing that Shen Xigou had left, Fu Yuanzhou breathed a sigh of relief and collapsed on the bed.

He didn’t expect that Shen Xigou still learnt his identity just now, also he called him by the name Seven, and the blood stains made him have the illusion that he was back in captivity, so he was terrified for a moment.

After staying by himself for a while, he felt much better, and now he felt very relieved when he saw Xie Lin.
He wanted to hug Xie Lin a little but was embarrassed.

But Xie Lin seemed to have seen through his mind, so he pulled him up from the bed, hugged him, patted his back and asked, “Go down? Or should we continue to rest?”

“I’m fine, let’s go down.
It’s not good to keep everyone waiting.”

Fu Yuanzhou rubbed his face, he had called his classmates to play today for fun, so he didn’t want to ruin everyone’s happiness.

He cheered himself up so that he didn’t look so gloomy, and went downstairs with Xie Lin.
When the classmates saw him coming out, they were all concerned about him, and tacitly did not mention Shen Xigou again.

As for the game of truth and dare, Fu Yuanzhou said that he had chosen someone for Xie Lin, and it was himself.
He said it in a joking tone, and the classmates laughed, but they didn’t make too much noise.
Everyone was noisy for a day, and they didn’t go away until night.

Fu Yuanzhou went to bed early that day, and no one bothered him too much, but he had another night full of dreams, and he didn’t sleep well.

The sound of trucks driving by was constantly heard outside, especially in the quiet villa area.
Fu Yuanzhou really couldn’t sleep.
He opened the curtains, looked out and found that that a new occupant had moved into the idle villa opposite, and the trucks must be moving in the person’s belongings.

He was a little curious, so he walked out of the house in his pajamas, stood in the yard and looked at the door, but when he saw the new resident, he was instantly stunned and stood there dumbfounded.

Shen Xigou turned his back to him and stood in the courtyard of the villa opposite, then as if he had felt something, he turned his head, saw Fu Yuanzhou, nodded at him, and said with a smile.

“Hello, Seven, starting today, I’m your new neighbor.”

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