Yuan Ye, who was planning to leave, stopped and said with a smile, “Thank you auntie, then I’ll be cheeky and stay over, but I won’t give you any extra trouble?”

“What’s the trouble? Of course, the more people, the better, and the livelier.” His mother said with a smile, “And Xigou you should also come, we will then call Xiao Lin and Xiao Fei, and we will have dinner together.

“Ah?” Fu Yuanzhou almost suspected that he had heard it wrong, “Mom, who do you want to call?”

Shen Xigou? Why let him into his house?

“By the way, I haven’t introduced him yet.
This is our new neighbor, Mr.
Shen Xigou.
Have you met?” Mother asked with a smile.

“I’ve seen them.” Shen Xigou smiled, “Actually, Yuanzhou and I have known each other before, and we are netizen friends.”

“Oh, that’s such a coincidence, you and Xiaozhou really have fate.” His mother thought it was just a coincidence that I moved here, I couldn’t help but sigh in surprise, “Don’t stand here and talk, let’s go in.”

“Mom…” Fu Yuanzhou was a little anxious, he didn’t want Shen Xigou and his family to have anything to do with each other, “Don’t call Shen Xigou for dinner.
I… I have broken up with him, we are not friends.”

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“Xiao Zhou.”

His mother called him, saying this in front of Shen Xigou, it was really not good or polite, but fortunately Shen Xigou didn’t get angry and still looked gentle.

She couldn’t help but sigh at Shen Xigou’s maturity and stability and didn’t believe that there would be a big conflict between the two.
She understood Xiaozhou’s character, he was very kind, and it was difficult for him to have any deep hatred with another.

However, Xiaozhou also had a bad temper and it was easy for him to get irritated, but he still wanted to save face.
Even if he knew he was wrong, it was difficult to bow his head.
He had even said to Xie Lin several times that he wanted to break up their friendship, and this time too, maybe he will soon regret it, while he was just pissed off now.

His mother wanted to take this opportunity to reconcile the two, so she invited Shen Xigou to come to dinner at home again.
Her attitude was rarely this tough.
Fu Yuanzhou’s objection was ineffective, and he still had to watch Shen Xigou enter his house.
He was silenced by her mother with seemingly impeccable reasons.    

“Xigou just moved here.
He lives alone, and his hands are injured.
He can’t cook by himself, and he hasn’t had time to hire someone.
Is there any problem with letting him come to our house to eat?”

Fu Yuanzhou was afraid of making her angry with his attitude, so he had to compromise, but when he returned home, he went straight upstairs to his bedroom to stay, and refused to have any communication with Shen Xigou.

Yuan Ye had a conversation with his mother downstairs, and then went upstairs.
Of course, he didn’t like seeing Shen Xigou very much, but as an outsider, it was not easy for him to intervene casually.

He comforted Fu Yuanzhou: “It’s okay, Shen Xigou can’t do anything, I’m here, don’t worry.”


Fu Yuanzhou responded with a low emotion.
This time, he could imagine that Shen Xigou would have close contact with his family in the future, and it would only be more difficult to deal with it.

He always had a bad feeling in his heart.
In the evening, his aunt cooked dinner and his mother called Xie Lin and Yu Fei to come over for dinner.

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Fu Yuanzhou finally went downstairs, they all sat around the dining table, Yuan Ye was sitting on his left, Yu Fei was on the opposite side, Xie Lin was beside Yu Fei, and his mother and Shen Xigou were sitting on both ends.

“Come on, let’s eat.”

His mother smiled and looked at the few people sitting at the table gently.
Suddenly, she turned her eyes and they fell on Xie Lin’s hand inadvertently, and she saw the ring on his hand, so she asked in surprise, “Xiao Lin, why are you wearing the ring?”

“This is—”

Fu Yuanzhou was so busy being wary of Shen Xigou, that he didn’t notice that Xie Lin didn’t take off his ring at all.
He finally knew where the hairy feeling in his heart had been coming from, and was about to stop it, but Xie Lin had already spoken.

“This is a couples ring, Yuanzhou also has one.”

Xie Lin put down the red wine glass and said to Fu Yuanzhou’s mother, “I’m dating him.”


Fu Yuanzhou covered his face.

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