After Xie Lin finished speaking, the dining room was quiet for a few seconds.
Mother Fu was startled and asked with a surprised expression, “You two started dating, when did this happen?”

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Her tone was surprised, but she didn’t get angry, she laughed instead.
When this came out, she seemed to be still a little happy, and said gently to Fu Yuanzhou, who was covering his face, “Why are you still hiding from your mother, is she the kind of old-fashioned parent who would scold you for having a puppy love? Are you both even wearing rings?”

“Mom!” Fu Yuanzhou coughed hard, “Don’t listen to Xie Lin, it’s not what you think, we’re not dating, we’re just playing games.”

“Games?” Mother couldn’t understand, “You are saying you two are just together for fun and are not serious.”

Yu Fei intervened in their conversation, as he smiled and explained to Fu Yuanzhou’s mother then his mother finally understood what the game meant, and Fu Yuanzhou was horrified to find that she looked a little lost, and repeated in a low voice: “Game… “

Shen Xigou listened quietly and didn’t speak.
When he originally heard Xie Lin said that they were dating, his eyes had darkened a lot, but when he learned that the two were not really dating, a little smile appeared on his lips.

“I don’t understand the fashion of you young people,” said his mother, “but you should be more careful about dating.”

“Indeed, it was our fault this time.” Yuan Ye smiled, “Since Auntie doesn’t like it, we will stop this game, so as to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.”

He especially emphasized the words “fault” and “misunderstanding”.

“Today, my brother and Yuanyuan went out to play, but because they were playing the game of dating, my brother asked me to stay at home, and they went out alone.” Yu Fei lowered his eyes, and his beautiful face showed a hint of loss, “I was also very disappointed.
I want to go out with Yuanyuan…”

Yuan Ye and Yu Fei sang together, and even Fu Yuanzhou was stunned for a moment.

When Mother Fu saw Yu Fei’s sadness, she felt even more distressed.
She heard Yu Fei’s mother say that this child was always alone abroad and had no friends.
This was one of the reasons why she decided to return to China.
She asked her to help her take good care of the child, how could Yu Fei be wronged in vain.

“Since it’s not a real relationship, then stop.” She said, “Xiaozhou, Xiaolin, you have gotten so old, you should take care of Xiaofei, and when he is completely healed, you can take him around during the holidays.
Do you understand?”

The elder had said this, so it was difficult for Xie Lin and Fu Yuanzhou to refute as juniors, Fu Yuanzhou’s mood at this time was a bit complicated, if he could end the game early, he was naturally willing, but he was also concerned about Xie Lin’s mood, no he knew what Xie Lin would think if it was forced to end.

“Promise first.”

Suddenly Fu Yuanzhou’s cell phone vibrated twice, and when he opened it, he saw a WeChat message sent to him by Xie Lin.
He quietly glanced at Xie Lin, Xie Lin’s expression was calm, as if he didn’t know what he was doing.

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Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t figure out what he was thinking, so he listened to his words and promised his mother, and his mother didn’t say anything, but after eating, she called Xie Lin outside alone.

“Xiao Lin.” She said, “It’s not that aunt is being too nosy, but I just want to ask you, what do you think of Xiaozhou?”

In her opinion, Xiaozhou and the others were livelier, so they could play this kind of game.
But Xie Lin did not have such a temper.

“You… do you have a good impression of Xiaozhou?” she asked.

“Yes.” Xie Lin didn’t hide it, as he nodded and replied, “For me, this is not a game, I like Yuanzhou and am pursuing him.”

The two of them were talking outside the living room, while Fu Yuanzhou and the four were still inside, however because of Shen Xigou’s presence, the atmosphere was not very harmonious.

“What are they talking about?” Fu Yuanzhou glanced outside, not knowing what his mother was going to talk about with Xie Lin, were they still talking about games?

“We’ll know when brother comes back.” Yu Fei smiled.

“We’ve already finished eating, why haven’t you left yet?” Yuan Ye squinted at Shen Xigou, “Waiting for breakfast tomorrow?”

“My house is very close, I can go back in a few minutes.” Shen Xigou smiled, “Don’t you have to go home? It’s getting late, maybe there will be no cab in a while.”

“It’s okay, I’ll stay for the night.” Yuan Ye smiled, “Yuanzhou, compared to some people, I am more welcome to stay with you, right?”

“Go back.” Fu Yuanzhou sat far away from Shen Xigou, and his attitude was cold, “I don’t welcome you in my family.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his mother suddenly leaned out from outside and said: “Don’t just sit there, do whatever you want, just play cards and games, Xiaozhou, treat them well, you know?”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…”

“Xiaozhou, did you hear?” Seeing that he was silent, his mother helplessly repeated.

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“…I see.” Fu Yuanzhou replied through gritted teeth.

His mother finally returned to her conversation with satisfaction.

“What do you want to do?” Shen Xigou was good-natured and asked Fu Yuanzhou with a smile, “Do you want to play chess? I remember you told me that you can play chess, and it so happens that I know a little bit.”

“Forget it.” Fu Yuanzhou said.

“So, watch a movie?” It was advisor Shen Xigou again.

“Just finished one.” Fu Yuanzhou said.

Yuan Ye hooked his lips and smiled: “Don’t you understand? As long as you are here, we are not happy with anything.
You should go back as soon as possible.”

“I remember there was a game room in your house, and you took pictures of it for me.”

Regardless of their indifference and hostility, Shen Xigou still looked at Fu Yuanzhou tenderly: “At that time, you promised me that if one day I came to your house as a guest, you would play games with me.
We made an appointment.”

“Don’t always bring up the past.” Fu Yuanzhou stood up suddenly, “It’s over, I’m not your friend anymore, let’s not get involved anymore, okay?”

He turned around and left, Yuan Ye followed him, smiled and said, “I didn’t have time to visit your game room yesterday, take me there, I’ll play with you.”

The two of them left, and Shen Xigou did not speak.
Yu Fei sat for a while, he didn’t know that Shen Xigou had confirmed Fu Yuanzhou’s identity, but he could hear that the way they talked had changed, so he asked, “Are you sure Zhou is Seven?”

“Yes, he admitted it.” Shen Xigou said, “He…is afraid of me, but I don’t know why he is afraid of me, and he won’t say it.”

“You must get an answer?” Yu Fei asked.

“It’s like your feelings for him.” Shen Xigou smiled, “Can you be willing to lose to your cousin?”

Yu Fei didn’t answer, and glanced outside, Xie Lin and Fu Yuanzhou’s mother were still talking, even though as an elder, she would take care of him, but after ten years of absence, she regarded him as a guest, and she was much closer to Xie Lin.

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“I think it’s the same for you.” Shen Xigou said softly, “I won’t pester others, but Yuanzhou… I can’t let go.”

“Then wish you good luck.”

Yu Fei said, then he also got up and walked to the game room.
He was not kind enough to help Shen Xigou and Fu Yuanzhou reconcile, but Shen Xigou had already stood up and said to him, “Are you cured? Your pheromone insensitivity.

” …” A cold light flashed across Yu Fei’s eyes, “It’s much better, thank you for caring about me.”

“But it hasn’t completely healed, right? It’s still a month away.” Shen Xigou said meaningfully, “I wish you a speedy recovery as well.”

Fu Yuanzhou and Yuan Ye entered the game room, Yuan Ye took a careful look around, and looked at all the game discs in the cabinet, each of which could be recognized, and finally he said with certainty: “You have heaven here.”

Fu Yuanzhou had been to Yuan Ye’s house as a guest, and Yuan Ye’s family was also very rich, but his family had no equipment for games, his father was very old-fashioned, and he did not allow such things that were completely unprofessional in his view to appear in his home, so it was difficult for Yuan Ye to recognize these games so completely.

“What do you want to play?” Fu Yuanzhou asked.

“It’s okay.” Yuan Ye spread his hands, “I rarely play single-player games, any one is good.”

Fu Yuanzhou was thinking about what game would be suitable for the two of them to play, when Yu Fei and Shen Xigou suddenly came in, Yu Fei smiled at him and said: “Yuanyuan, I also want to play games with you.”

“Of course.”

Fu Yuanzhou was a little surprised, because Yu Fei didn’t play games in his previous life, in fact just now he was thinking about asking Yu Fei to come in.
Thinking of, why didn’t Shen Xigou leave yet?

“I want to play a multiplayer game, “Sleeping Island”, which requires four people to play together.” Yu Fei showed an embarrassed look, “Zhou, do you have this game here? If you don’t have it, I won’t play it.”


It was rare for Yu Fei to want to play games, so Fu Yuanzhou said frankly: “But today we may not have four people, so let’s change the game?”

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Although there was Yuan Ye, Xie Lin did not play games.
He didn’t plan to call Shen Xigou, and because Shen Xigou’s hand was injured, he was not worried that Shen Xigou would stay in the name of playing games.

Who knew that Shen Xigou would say, “I can participate.”

“Can you play games with your hand like that?” Yuan Ye glanced at his hands.

“It doesn’t matter.” Shen Xigou smiled.

“Okay, I’m idle anyway.”

Fu Yuanzhou was about to refuse, but Yuan Ye replied first, his voice was lazy, his eyes had become sharp, and the corners of his lips had curled up as he said, “If you can’t play any more, hurry up and leave, don’t wait any longer.”

“Okay.” Shen Xigou replied.

“I’ll help you vent your anger.”

Yuan Ye rolled his eyes and silently mouthed to Fu Yuanzhou.

Fu Yuanzhou had a lot of gamepads at home.
He took out four and connected them to the device, and the game screen was projected on the huge screen.
“Sleeping Island” was an adventure shooting game.
The protagonist group of four was a mercenary group.
They had to go on a mission to rescue the scientists trapped on the sleeping island, fight with various monsters, and discover terrifying secrets in depth during the rescue.

“Zhou, how do I operate this?” The game was logging in.
Yu Fei blinked at the handle and did not look like a gamer at all.
Fu Yuanzhou immediately came to him, explained to him patiently, and taught him by holding his hand on how to use the handle.

“I’m not very skilled, can you carry me?” Yu Fei asked modestly.

Of course, Fu Yuanzhou would not refuse: “No problem, I’ll carry you.”

The game finally logged in, and the four characters appeared on the screen.
After selecting the characters, they took the initial equipment, and Yuan Ye manipulated his character to play with guns.
Suddenly there was a sound of “bang” in the screen, Shen Xigou’s character was accurately shot, and blood flowers appeared in the screen, and his blood volume suddenly dropped a bit.

“Oh, I’m sorry, my hand slipped.” Yuan Ye raised his lips and smiled insincerely: “It seems that I forgot to turn on teammate immunity from damage.”

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