”So with the confession of Long Hanwen the court has decided to punish Long Hanwen with life imprisonment ”

”The government also released the statement thanking Mr. Ye Chen for his assistance in bringing the truth about the Long Group of Companies to the light of the world ”

Drinking a cup of coffee, a young man who was leaning against the table looked at the holographic screen in which the reporter read out the news.

His otherworldly handsome face which never showed any emotions of his to anyone unconsciously drew a small smile as he looked at the news.

He is the worlds richest man and also the holder of the title of the worlds most handsome man Lucifer Mors.

[Ding! It is detected that the novel is completed]

[Ding! The higher being is very satisfied with the way you survived the novel and defied your fate as the villain]

[The Game of Fate has been over and the laws of luck and fate have been removed from the world]

Looking at the notification which popped up in the blue translucent screen which no one else other than him could see, Lucifers smile grew wider.

”Hahaha ”

He finally couldn help himself and burst out laughing.


Oh god finally this shit is over

It all started 5 years ago, one day I got up and found myself to be transmigrated into this world of novels.

I was just a normal high school student who like any teenager loved to read novels, when he got up one day he found himself inside the body of a teenager who was at the same age as him.

His parents had just died in a car accident leaving him all alone to take care of a hundred million dollar company.

I was greeted by the system in this world which gave me the option of either dying like a villain or instead granting me the villain system which counter attacks the protagonists luck and killing the protagonist Ye Chen.

This was all cliche but between the options i have made another decision to live my life as i please which was granted by the system but also the title of villain was blessed up on me.

I was granted another system which was an instant mastery system for my convenience.

I sold out the old company and left the whole country to live here in the USA and started another company which deals with software, technology, investments, real estates, firearms and many others, slowly growing up as the richest man in the world and avoiding the novel plots.

”Haha I survived this shit of the novel ”

I laughed out of the joy as I saw the notification of the system which I once received.

[Ding! it is detected the host survived the whole novel by not getting involved with the novel and defied the fate of being the villain]

[Do you wish to get back to the world you came from?]

[Yes] [No]

Looking at the new notifications i received i got mood swings, he was laughing out of joy a few minutes earlier but now he has a very serious look on his face seeing this.

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