This world was supposed to be an urban novel with almost no superpowers involved, the story revolves around the protagonist Ye Chen.

After his family was killed by an unknown enemy he was left alone, he was taken under by an ancient master who is well known for his medical and martial arts mastery.

He trained Ye Chen and made him one of the strongest in the world and later helped him create a mercenary organisation.

After being the strongest he came back to his homeland to find out who the killer of his family was while creating a harem for himself.

The Long family of Beijing was the one who was responsible for the death of his family and today he finally took his own revenge.

Lucifers family was an immigrant who lived in China where he grew up.

In the novel Lucifer loved his childhood friend and fiance Xu Ruyan, but she has fear of marriage and relationships making her always resist his pursuit.

In the novel Lucifer tried very hard but later Xu Ruyan fell in love with Ye Chen which made both of them being each others enemies and Lucifer dying by Ye Chens hands.

But everything changed at this time, Lucifer had already broken the marriage contract and cut off all the connections he had with her.

All of this novel plot which happened is called the game of fate made to entertain the higher being but now as the novel ended the things like fate and luck of the protagonist all ended making this world revert back to the normal one where nothing like fate and luck exists.

This was what the information Lucifer received but the memories of the parallel world he received says something else.



”A world of immortals and gods who couldve thought of something like this ”

According to the memories he received the gate to the upper worlds will be opening soon and normal people could start cultivating in the near future

Ye Chens teacher is a person who was banished by the immortal world after being a scapegoat of a big scandal by a strong man in the above world. After the gates will open his teacher would teach Ye Chen how to cultivate and make him a cultivator like himself

A new story of his life would start where he would slowly step into the path of becoming the strongest god of the world with hundreds of beauties by his side

”Thankfully this is no longer the world of fate and luck and just a world where everyone is normal ”

The game of fate has been removed so unlike before i don need to be afraid of facing the protagonist if i ever needed to and Im sure i will be facing him a lot of times from now.

Lucifer closed his eyes and thought about the future, no about an exciting future.

In the world who don want to become the strongest and immortal, as far as dealing with Ye Chen he hasn do anything to him yet so he doesn care much about him anyway.

He not only received information about Ye Chen but also about some of the interesting things of the world for which he has already started salivating.

[System Upgraded Successfully]

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