[System Upgraded Successfully]

[Hello Host!]

”Uhm system? ”

[Yes Host]

”Wait are you an intellectual system, aren you supposed to be.. you know gone ”

[Yes Host, according to the laws of the world Im not supposed to be here this long but the gifts by the higher beings weren completely given to you yet so Im allowed to stay here until i deliver all of those]

”There are more? ”

I asked in surprise, giving me the future knowledge and the new system is already a lot and now there are more.

[Yes Host do i resume the opening of the package]

”No, I mean i have some questions that i want to ask first ”

[Oh okay, go ahead host but may i remind you i don have much time I have new hosts to take care of]

Seeing the response of the system made my happy mood which i got after seeing the system back changes into that of the anger.


Taking a deep breath I calm myself down.

”Ok now tell me didn you say that the world is no longer the part of the game of fate so why this new novel setting ”

[Oh that, actually the higher being felt that you may go bo re after we left you so he decided to merge this world to another one making some minor changes]

”minor? ”

Hahaha you changed the whole **ing genre of the world and now you call it a minor change.

[Yes Host, but don worry the fate and luck are no longer a concept that exists in this world, things like protagonists and villains aren part of this world so you don have to be worried about those plot armour type things]

”Oh okay ”

[Anything else host]

”Hmm yes can you please introduce this new system of mine ”

[Oh yes, the new system doesn have any particular name as of yet and if you want you can name it if you want to, this new system will retain your power of instant mastery but at the same time will also have the effect of multiplying your experience gained of doing a certain activity]

”Wait i didn get that clearly ”

[Sigh, idio.. i mean host it means that you will get a certain multiplier effect of any item you consume or gain experience for example like if you perform a single pushup you could trigger a Multiplier effect by which you can get higher the amount of strength or the experience you gain]

Ignoring the rudeness of the system Lucifer thought of this in a serious matter

”These multiplier effects you speak of are random or have any special conditions ”

[No host they are not random, they all are preset, they can vary from an activity to activity or because of the experience of the host and the factors like the place may affect them]

”Ok i get it ”

[Finally, sigh so lets resume unpacking]

[You received Martial Emperor Rank 1 Realm]

[You received A supreme god rank exercise created by the higher being himself]

[You received a perfect grade talent upgrading pill]

[You received the Perfect Regeneration]

[Everything is now distributed to the host now i shall take my leave Ah yes i forgot to tell you before the new system you got also has a status for yourself to look at your status Thank You]

”System W-wait ”

Before Lucifer could even stop the system had already left him, a warm current raised in the lucifers body where he felt his whole body strengthening.

Lucifer closed his eyes enjoying the satisfying feeling he felt and let out a comfortable groan completely forgetting about the system.

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