Lucifer opened his eyes and clenched his hands, the feeling of the power inside of them made him unconsciously clench his hands.

”Wow ”

He said as he observed his surroundings, thanks to the help of the system or the higher being he is able to have proper control over his mana and strength and there is no need for him to train to have control over them.

Inside of his chest he felt an energy core which was brimming with energy and smiled, he channeled his mana to his eyes to be able to see the world of mana hidden from the eyes of normal humans.

As the mana reached his eyes it caused a cold sensation which didn cause any discomfort and he saw the amazing world of mana.

It was completely black and everything in there was made up of small light groups, the bed he sits on the gate and even the bodyguards standing outside of his room all were looking as if made up of small light groups, they all seemed to look the same but the arrangement in them made them look different from one another.

Looking at the bodyguards standing outside of the gate a shining core could be embedded in their chests, yes they were also cultivators.

As the world changed the birth of hidden and ancient families also changed, here in this world many of the rich families practice cultivation while keeping it a secret from the public.

The security company that i own now, which is where all of my bodyguards came from has been made a group consisting of cultivators.

Their memories have all been altered slightly for my benefits and are absolutely loyal to me, but even if they are loyal i don see them as anything more than tools.

There is a grand world ahead of me and even if it is impossible to step on being the strongest one without the help of a lot of people but i have an old habit of being a selfish loner, no matter how good they are, I don have any plans on sharing those good things with any of them.

Though i may sound like a miser, but yes thats who i am.

[Mana Sense 1%…2%]

”Hmm ”

Suddenly at the lower side of my sight i saw a new bracket-like thing that appeared with some percentage inside of them.

So this is my new system, quite fast

The previous instant mastery system which I had also worked like this but was way slower than it is now.

”It said something about status, Status ”

In front of me a purple gold screen appeared.

It surprised me unlike the usual classic blue one this time this purple gold screen really looks good for the system.


NAME: Lucifer Mors


TALENT: Middle

REALM: Martial Emperor Rank-1


SKILLS: Perfect Regeneration, All Weapon Arts(Perfection), Music Arts(Perfection), Etiquette (Perfection), Business(Perfection), Universal language, Martial Arts Mastery(Perfection), Medicine(7%)….


Looking at the status Lucifer frowned a little, first of all attributes as it refers to the innate attribute a person is born with, for a cultivator they can use their mana to manipulate the elements they hold.

”Water element? ”

Though elements one has aren in someones control but being born with the water element, i hoped that i may have cool elements like lightning or ice which i read in the novels in my previous life.

Even if it is a water element i don think anything is wrong and its not that i can acquire more elements though limited.

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