Benson Waltons POV:

”When I learned that Selma was my partner, my first thought was that it was ridiculous and laughable.

I, as the future Alpha, have an ordinary human as my future mate.

Are you kidding me?

However, I couldn have any opinions because my father would not allow me to give special treatment to a certain member. As long as the pack accepted her, she would be a part of it, and I must treat her equally.

Accepting Selma as part of our pack was already my biggest concession. I would never accept her as my mate.

I knew what an Alphas Luna was like. My mother was such a strong warrior and mother she could fight side by side with my father at any time, unlike Selma, who was a damsel in distress. I couldn even imagine what role she could play in a battle, a cheering squad?

Our pack needed a strong Luna, at least someone not as weak as she was. I would not spare any time to protect her.

Even if she had been a happy fool under the protection of her parents, brothers, and good friends for so many years, I would not indulge her, nor would I become her protective umbrella. In fact, I felt that it was best for her to disappear quietly so she would not continue implicating her parents and friends.

Although I said that, I still felt a heart-wrenching pain when she rejected me. I pretended nothing had happened and followed the people who invited me to the bonfire party. I used my smile and alcohol to cover up the pain constantly stirring my nerves.

Selma sat in the room in a daze. She might be crying right now, but she would only cry out loud because of a minor setback. She could not feel this pain at all. When I thought of this, I felt tired. Why did I have to be her mate?

”Hehehe, look, who this is now? Isn this the future of our Alpha? ” My good brother, Jesse, walked over with a beer in his hand and laughed.

I took the beer and downed it in one gulp. Even though the whole pack knew that Id become an Alpha, it still made my heart beat faster when the day was closing in.

”Brother, you should be happier. Next Monday is your big day! Well have two great things if you can find your mate by next Monday. ”

I didn dare to look into Rhodes eyes. If he knew that my mate was his dear sister, the weakest human in the pack and that I had rejected Selma, his celebratory toast would probably become a fist, waving at me.

Damn it! I couldn help but groan in my heart. There were so many people in the whole pack. Anyone could have been my mate, but why her?

”Brother, you should change your bad habit of keeping everything to yourself. Its such a happy occasion, but you still look so serious. Youll become a wrinkly old man in a few years. ”

Rhode and Jessi laughed at his joke and clinked their glasses.

Guilt filled my heart. Rhode was my good friend, but I used such vicious words to reject Selma today. I was a b*stard.

”Have you seen Selma? ” Rhodes mother leaned over and asked worriedly.

Hearing Selmas name all of a sudden made my heart beat like it was hit by lightning. Even I did not know why I would have such a strange reaction. I was like a child who had done something wrong and was afraid that the adults would find out.

”Didn she say she had something to do at the packhouse? ”

”Yes, I thought she was at the house too, but its been more than two hours. Todays gathering is her favorite. How could she not be back for so long? ” Rhodes mothers voice was trembling.

I tried my best to capture the scent of orchid in the air. Indeed, the scent was getting fainter and fainter. She was definitely not nearby.

”Ill go find her! She might be in trouble and need help. ” Rhode put down his glass and stood up to leave.

”Well go with you. Itll be faster if we have more people. ” To not be suspected, I offered to help.

Rhode, his parents, and I followed her scent to the woods, but her scent was getting fainter and fainter. We could only circle in the woods like a bunch of fools Selma had played.

The ethereal sense of guilt disappeared. I was confident in my heart that it was the right decision to reject her today. If I were to be with such a weak-minded person every day, I would go crazy. Selma would use her willfulness to ruin such a happy evening party!

If it weren for her stubbornness, I would be drinking beer now, waiting to see the hot girls dance. Maybe after tonight, I should find a mate for myself to make her utterly despair.

”Look! Whats that? ” Rhode exclaimed and ran forward. This was the fastest he had run since I met him.

There was a beautiful burgundy bow on the ground. Just a moment ago, its owner was crying in front of me.

I kept the disdainful hushing in my heart. This was something the coward used to scare people. She wouldn dare to jump from such a high place!

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