The Lycan Kings POV:

I suddenly woke up.

All these years, Id been having the same recurring dream.

Because of that accident, my daughter disappeared. I couldn do anything about it and could only cry helplessly.

Perhaps Id been under too much pressure recently, but I dreamed of other things I hadn dreamed of for a long time: the forest, the lake, and the sound of sad crying.

I stood up and planned to go there for a walk, to the forest where my daughter had gone missing. At first, it was a weak hope, but after a long exploration, it became a habit. Whenever I was unhappy, I would go to the forest as if my baby was still with me.

But today was very different.

I could feel my chest throbbing violently as I walked. I was extremely agitated and restless. This was very unusual for someone like the Lycan King. It was like an ominous sign. My uneasiness reached its peak when I met some silly little animals that bumped into my legs.

There shouldn be any small animals in this place. At least, when I appeared, they would run away. Today, they were running around strangely. I walked in the direction they came from.

No matter what it was, I would not allow it to mess around in my territory.

I passed through the bushes and woods, and the strong smell of orchids filled the space.

Other than the members of Lycan, no wolf had the scent of orchids on them. This was a gift from the Moon Goddess and a way to distinguish between the Lycans and other wolves. Such a pure scent could only be from my direct bloodline.

My only daughter left me more than ten years ago. My wife and I searched for her for a long time, but we only got disappointment.

An unrealistic fantasy filled my head. I was dizzy now, even more excited and dizzy than drinking at a party all night.

The scent of the orchid led me to the lakeside. An ugly beast showed its fangs and was about to rush at the figure in the lake. I didn have time to think and kicked it away.

The beast ran away with its tail between its legs.

My gaze was completely focused on the girl in the lake. Her face was ashen, and her breathing was so weak that I could barely feel it. Even with her eyes closed, her lips were tightly pursed.

My heart was beating wildly. If my daughter were still alive, if I could see her again, she would probably be around this age.

The smell on her body was getting fainter, and I carried her to the pack without thinking.

Dear Moon Goddess, please don let a father hug his daughter only at a funeral.

I ran forward with all my might. After the war, it was rare for me to be so exhausted. I only felt my hands trembling uncontrollably when the royal doctor put her down.

The attendants looked at me in surprise as if I had gone crazy. Yes, I think I was already on the edge of madness.

”Your Majesty, you might need to rest for a while. ” Then, they helped me change out of my wet clothes.

”Go and tell the Queen now… No! Ill tell the Queen when she wakes up. I don want her to be tortured by false happiness. ”

”Your Majesty, I don mean to interrupt you, but this girl has appeared so suddenly. Could it be … ”

I calmed down and paid attention to the girls face and scent, which were almost identical to the Queens. I knew the answer. I could say without any doubt that this was my daughter.

”Tracy, look at her. Even if her appearance can be faked, her scent is the unique mark the Moon Goddess gave us. Theres no doubt that shes my daughter. ”

Many years ago, no one thought that the accident would involve my daughter and cause her to leave the arms of her father and mother. My wife washed her face with tears every day, and I was trapped in the same nightmare, blaming myself for not being able to protect her.

”But she came back. It was like a miracle. She suddenly appeared before me. This must be a gift from the heavens.

”Your Majesty, you might need to be mentally prepared. ” The doctors words suddenly broke the beautiful illusion.

I was so happy that I forgot that she hadn really woken up and was still fighting against the god of death.

”No matter the price, you must save her, ” I pleaded tremblingly.

At this moment, I was no longer a high and mighty king but a father who had lost his daughter.

After a long wait, the doctor finally brought me some good news.

”The princess is fine. ” The doctor had a tired smile on his face and sternly drove me away. ” You need to rest and make space for Her Highness to rest. She fell from a very high place and won recover so quickly. ”

I was reluctant to leave. There were still many things waiting for me to deal with.

At the same time, I was also very glad I didn tell my wife earlier. If she were here, she might have already fainted. It had been so many years since that incident, but she had never come out of that terrible nightmare, nor had she forgiven or gone easy on herself for even a day.

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