Selma Paynes POV:

My head was in excruciating pain. I tried to open my eyes, but it was in vain. I could only see black.

I even suspected I had hit my head on the cliffs edge or some rock—a weak human with invisible eyes. I could imagine Bensons mocking expression.

I had just moved my fingers when I heard countless voices in my ears, such as shes awake! and hurry up and inform… These were completely beyond my knowledge.

It was noisy. I tried my best to open my mouth. ”Quiet! ”

The space returned to silence. I nodded in satisfaction and fell asleep again.

When I woke up again, I was in the midst of a chattering discussion. To be honest, this voice wasn annoying. I could even describe them in longer sentences, praising their beautiful voices if I wasn sleeping.

Unfortunately, my entire body was in pain. It was as if someone had torn me apart from the inside and then put me back together. My head felt as if it had been smashed by a hammer and then clamped by a door. I hoped that this wouldn affect my already low intelligence.

”Why can I see? ”

A gentle yet firm female voice told me, ”Its alright, Your Highness. You hit your head when you fell, affecting your eyes. You should recover soon. ”

Your Highness? Who was that?

What was this place? Why was my entire body in pain? Could I not escape this torture even in death?

The chaotic night was still reverberating in my mind. The light of the bright bonfire, Bensons cold and heartless rejection, and the cold river water formed my memories. I wished I was dead, but the pain kept telling me that I was still alive and that strange people might have saved me.

I blinked, but there was still only darkness in front of me.

After hearing Bensons rejection, I ran to the cliffs edge in despair. The cold air rushed into my lungs, and when I fell into the river, I was carried by the torrent and hit a rock.

My eyes must have had problems then, but why was I still alive? I didn know where these good-hearted people came from to save a good-for-nothing like me. They must be very disappointed that I, a weak human, was still alive after falling from such a height.

I should have died. A worthless person didn deserve to be part of a team fighting alongside them in the pack. I didn deserve the love of so many people.

I didn know if it was an illusion, but I felt my head hurt more. The dizziness and pain continue to torture me. I felt like Id been thrown into a high-speed washing machine, and I couldn help but hold my head and moan.

A cold hand was placed on my head, and a gentle voice coaxed me, ”Sleep. Close your eyes and sleep for a while. Youll be fine soon. ”

When a person is weak, they will indeed become very dependent. I was easily coaxed to sleep by this voice.

When I woke again, I saw a dim, warm yellow light.

At first, my vision was very blurry, and I could only see a little light. I was worried that I had become blind. Fortunately, after blinking a few times, my vision became clear. I could even see the people around me.

They were wearing a very fitting white dress, and it could be seen that their leader was standing at the very front. It was a thin, tall girl with long brown hair piled up on her head. She had full lips and red cheeks. She looked very kind and had a smile on her face. The girls around her all casually placed her in the middle.

”Your Highness, you
e finally awake. ” She had a bright smile, but there were tears in her eyes.

After I jumped off the cliff and begged for death, I was saved by a group of strange people. I convinced myself that this was a prank. Maybe it was Annas idea. Anna was my friend and usually liked to use strange ideas to prank me. So maybe after they rescued me, they had deliberately devised this prank to see me confused.

”Im sorry. Did you guys get the wrong person? ” I mustered up my courage and cleared my throat to ask. I hoped Anna would jump out and tell me about her excellent idea.

I tried to convince myself, but I knew it was impossible. The decoration of this room was very particular, and even the clothes they were wearing were not something ordinary people could wear. No one would spend so much money to mess with a useless person.

”Of course not. You
e our princess. We almost lost you, but fortunately, we found you in time. ” Her answer completely confused me. What was going on? Did I jump off the cliff and go somewhere else?

”Yes, Your Highness. You could only escape death today because of the Moon Goddess blessing, ” another black-haired maid said with a hint of lingering fear.

My head was spinning, and I didn know what to do. My headache was stopping me from thinking further. Damn it! What should I do to figure out what was going on?

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