”Little Zhou, understand these manuals and preach to the people of Earth about the way of cultivating the Heavenly Dao. ”

An infinitesimally smaller but still confident voice replied with a look of reverence ”Yes sir ” but he was slightly confused as he and his wife were the only people on the planet.

” Then I will meet you at Dragons Peak tomorrow at noon, and don be late otherwise I will strike your body with a billion volts of electricity. ”

” Y-Yes sir ” The confident voice began cowering and almost pissing in his robe, because who in their right mind would dare to offend such an omnipotent being such as Shangdi the supreme deity.

However, Zhou Yongnian did not want to delay his departure any further lest he further offend Shangdi.

After he returned to his hut, he decided to read the manual and put it into practice.

Initially he had no luck because he didn have the comprehensive skills to comprehend the manuals just yet but after a small amount of time he was able to understand it and begin cultivating.

Since this was a manual bestowed upon him by Shangdi it was bound to be flawless and a million times more effective than whatever anyone else has to offer.

As time flew by Yongnian felt himself become increasingly stronger and his body became more robust, however before he knew it it was already the next day and he was preparing himself to go meet Shangdi at Dragons Peak.

” Alright my love, I have to love lest I incur the might of Shangdi upon our household. ”

” Okay but be careful I don want you to die just before the baby arrives. ”A brittle but tender voice replied.

With an exchange of goodbyes out of the way Yongnian left his humble abode and arrived at Dragons Peak shortly before noon.

” You were close to being late kiddo. ” A hearty voice cried out behind Yongnian so he swiftly turned around and saw…

” A dog? ”

” Its me Shangdi! Its just my physical manifestation ”

Shortly after Yongnian burst out into a fit of laughter wondering how such a mighty being could be such a small cute animal.

” CEASE YOUR LAUGHTER MORTAL! ” Shangdi cried out in an enraged voice in an attempt to save some of his already diminishing face.

Shortly after Yongnian heard Shangdis authoritative tone he stopped laughing out of fear that Shangdi may do something horrible to him and so he listened close to what the little critter had to say.

” I see you have made good progress in your cultivation, so Im guessing you will only need another 15 days, hmmm yes it is decided then, in 15 days exactly you will meet me once again here at Dragons Peak at noon. Meeting dismissed ”

And before Yongnian could utter another word he was kicked off the mountain. So he sighed and vegan his long journey home.

10 days later…

Yongnian woke up to the sound of screaming and it was coming from next to him, it was his wife whom had just entered labor now he was used to this as at times his wife would experience Braxton Hicks in the weeks prior.

But this time it wasn Braxton Hicks this time his wife was legitimately giving birth so he started to panic but was guided through the process by none other than Shangdi.

After 14 hours of hard work and a whole lot of panicking Yongnian successfully birthed a beautiful baby boy.

” Look at him, look at our son ”

For the first time in very a long time Zhou Yongnian smiled.

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