Ancestor of Cultivation

Goodbye Orphanage.

Being at the first stage of Anatomy Modulating, Li Liang wasn all that special as he could be easily beat by athletes and Olympic trainers, and this was for two reasons.

One was that he was at the first level of Anatomy Modulating which gives a permanent effect of someone who has only lifted weights for a few days, the better applications and the defining of the muscles come at the later stages of Anatomy Modulating

Two, Anatomy Modulating is not entirely centered around becoming as strong as you can within that realm as that comes at a later realm.

So overall if he wanted the strength to tutor people about cultivation, he would need to cultivate a lot more than the mere few minutes that he already had.

One major advantage was that no one on the entire planet had ever cultivated before so the Spirit Qi was very bountiful, and it was also incredibly old. Spirit Qi was first formed 4.543 billion years ago when Earth first popped into existence.

So, if you combine Spirit Qi which is almost 5 billion years old, and the quantity you are given an immortal paradise.

So as Li Liang had come to the realisation that he was sitting on a gold mine he decided to take the opportunity and milk it as much as he could, so he immediately got to work.

Over the next few months Li cultivated as much as he could but as many may know cultivation was a long and arduous journey.

The realisation that he would need to dedicate several years to cultivation didn hinder him in the slightest and he was determined to persevere.

But these few months were fruitful as he managed to make it to peak stage four of Anatomy Modulating so he was an extraordinarily strong child. His strength matched that of a retired kickboxer which was impressive for a now 7-year-old orphan.

Any way after a full day of dedicated cultivation Li felt like he could devour some food, so he headed to the mess hall.

” Hey Li ” A small feminine voice called to him from behind, Li immediately noticed who this vexing child was, and he frowned deeply. It was a charming 7-year-old who appeared to have good intentions, but her sharp violet eyes said otherwise.

” Piss off Sun Meilin ” An irritated left Lis mouth.

Miss Sun nearly teared up and threatened to tell the nearby supervising adult. Li knew it he could never trust someone with blonde hair and violet eyes like what kind of combination was that.

As Li left the situation, he muttered to himself quietly ” So much for a beautiful jade, why didn they make it mean dumbass child ” And that marked the end of Lis conflict with Sun Meilin. ” Suddenly I am not very hungry anymore ” Muttered an irate looking Li.

6 months prior…

A beautiful but recently orphaned girl showed up to some poor orphanage in the middle of nowhere. This girl was Sun Meilin.

Sun Meilin despite her age had always been a cunning little girl, she would devise unique ways to get what she wanted when she wanted. So, as you may be able to tell she was a bratty child

But anyway, when Meilin first arrived at the orphanage, she wanted someone to do everything for her, so she went up to some other random child and asked him out. This random child was none other than our beautiful MC Liang Li.

At first, he rejected her hard in front of everyone (L Bozo), so she committed her entire being to making Lis life a living hell.

However, since all Li does is cultivate and stuff his face full of food, he couldn give two shits about what this little degenerate was planning because not even three grown men could take Li if he really tried.

And this marked the start of an extremely toxic relationship. And that is what Sun Meilin did to Li on her first day existing in his presence. (Since this is a book about Liang Li)

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