Li was cultivating in his room when suddenly he felt something ominous welling up in his stomach, but he could tell it was going to be something amazing.

He was finally advancing to the fourth stage of Anatomy Modulating which brought about lots of joy within Li as he had been diligently cultivating over the past month and he finally achieved his goal after getting over the last bottleneck.

Filled with joy, Li headed to the cafeteria where he had some good food. (Many would class it as distasteful and disgusting but Li was practically a caveman and had no concept of modern cuisine.)

On his way back Li purposefully tried to avoid other children, which he did all the time so therefore, he had fallen into the category of social outcast within the orphanage.

But this held no meaning to Li because all he cared about was cultivation because he was trying to save the world.

So, what if a few brats thought he was a loser he was hell-bent on cultivating and eating food.

But with that much aside Li headed to his room where… You won believe it.

He started to cultivate.

But after a few hours Li heard a very viscous knock on his door, but since he didn have any concept of fear (Because he was the strongest person in the world) he headed to the door.

And once he opened it, he was thoroughly disappointed by what he saw. It was the little s**t Sun Meilin.

”What do you want? ” asked Li in a slightly irate tone of voice

”Why are you so mean to me! You don even respect me as a woman! ” Sun Meilin replied in a less than friendly tone.

”I can be bothered to explain the nuances of why I personally think you
e an asshole. ”

”I command you to respect me this instant! ” yelled Meilin in a very agitated voice.

”Why do you think you are so superior to me? Do you have some sort of a superiority complex or something? ” Li replied in a confident tone as he wasn scared of Meilin

Sun Meilin didn reply to Li, so he just said, ”Stop prattling on about such useless subjects and leave me the hell alone ” and slammed the door in her face.

After the situation ended Li tried to obtain at least some peace of mind because that short conversation bothered him because it interrupted his cultivation.

But at least he was alone now.

Four months later…

Li had left his room like every other morning but was surprised when a maid had stopped in front of him.

”One of you is getting a home today ” Said the maid in an old raspy voice, but soon continued ”So you better hurry along to the childrens room before they choose someone else. ”

Li was bewildered but not for long as he quickly remembered that this was an orphanage, but since Li had reincarnated or transmigrated or time traveled… point is since Li arrived here, he hadn seen or heard about any other children getting adopted so it came as a surprise that children were going to be adopted.

After his little epiphany Li had switched back on and found that he had been walking towards the childrens room while he was procrastinating so he was practically stepping through the threshold of the door.

And there he saw a beautiful young couple observing the children with nothing but passion in their eyes. (That may have come out wrong, but you get what Im saying) They had wanted children for a few years.

But after the doctor told them that they would never be able to have children of their own they decided to adopt as they wanted someone to carry on their legacy and honor their memory.

However, the thing they wanted most was just to be able to share their over abundant amount of love with a child.

When Li had stepped in line to see if he would be adopted or not, he was and for the first time, incredibly nervous.

The young couple had a tough time deciding which of the innocent children they wanted to pick and nurture to become successful adults.

But as soon as their eyes locked with Lis they knew that he was the child that they wanted to adopt.

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