Ancestor of Cultivation

Dearport, what kind of name is that?

Li swallowed audibly as the young couple which he later came to find were named Nate and Katy. From a glance anyone could tell that he was incredibly nervous.

For some reason Li felt an acting force present that was currently enacting. Was this fate, luck, or was this going to be his demise.

From a first impression anyone could tell that Nate and Katy were good people. However, it is never wise to judge a book by its cover. First impressions are everything and usually what people remember you for but to judge someone based purely on the first thing you saw them do is foolish.

That aside though, as soon as Nate and his significant other were right in front of Li he felt a strange sense of comfortness and warmth.

Although he was still skeptical he wasn as worried anymore. It was then that he remembered. He was the strongest human and he hadn even outgrown his adolescence.

While Li was fazed out Nate and Katy started to converse with the maid because they had decided to adopt Li. Little did they know, this one decision would make them the richest and and most famous parents across the 12 Heavenly Dynasties- I mean on Earth. But it would invoke the envy of many others.

So in a way it acted as a double edged sword. But they didn know all of this information so they ended up adopting Li.

Once Li went outside into the front area of the orphanage (Which he very rarely did) he was stunned to see such a nice looking car in the parking lot. It was a Tesla model 3.

Li knew nothing about cars. All he knew was that they were meant as a mean of transportation from one area to another.

So he was just impressed with the very futuristic look to the car.

Anyway, enough about the car. After Li hopped in he spoke the first words to his parents.

”uhm, hi my name is Li Liang and I am 7 years old ” Li mumbled in a very nervous manner.

”Hi my name is Nate, I hope you like us, because this is our first time being parents. ” Nate, Lis new father replied.

Never in Lis few months of consciousness did he think he would be overwhelmed by such a short matter.

The rest of the car ride home was silent. Both parties were too anxious to ask anything about each other.

Meanwhile in Nates mind

”Oh god does he hate me, ahhhh! ” He was having an absolute panic attack.

In the real world

Katy, the mother seemed very calm. But oh no she was most definitely not calm. She was also having a form of manic episode inside of her head.

But Ill spare you the details.

Once the newly formed family arrived home Li was briefly introduced to everything new. And quite frankly, he was stunned.

On that very fate filled spring morning, A legend had learned about the existence of modern technology and he wasn going to ignore it.

Typically when you read a novel, the world of cultivation in that world is somehow so technologically disadvantaged compared to the real world that it isn very realistic.

If Li manages to introduce cultivation into this world successfully, then maybe just maybe. The greatest minds on Earth will gather and just brainstorm.

But future dreaming aside Li was going to cultivate to his hearts content and nothing was going to get in his way.

Or so he thought.

Turns out there is this really stupid and time devouring thing in the 21st century called schooling. And this one hurdle would be the biggest disadvantage Li would have.

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