Ancestor of Cultivation

Meridian Tempering

Li approached his class as he heard the bell, he saw people heading to their own class and they were certainly looking back.

After successfully finding his class Li entered with no emotion on his face. Not because he was a depressed emo, but because he simply found nothing interesting or special about the classroom.

Shortly after Li arrived there was a group of entirely men discussing in the corner.

”What should we do about him, hes gonna steal all the girls! ” Said one child with a venomous tone.

All the other boys agreed to go over to him at the end of the day and try to ”Teach him a lesson! ” but there was no point. Since when did a bunch of 7 year olds planning to beat someone up go well?

Soon after Li sat down and just chilled out. But his relaxation didn last long, because a demon- The teacher walked into the classroom and everyone could already tell their year was going to be awful.

She was an older woman with the aura of a tiger. From a side glance, anyone could tell that she was having a bad day.

Li didn care though as he just sat there with his hand to keep his head up and just zoned out. And it didn take long for the grumpy teacher to notice his lack of attention span.

”Not paying attention in my class! Mister Liang I should send you to the principals office for this but I will be lenient for this first day. ” Mrs. Barkley cried out in a tone of disgust but it was very subtle.

Li just put his head up and pretended like he was listening but in reality he was devising ways to introduce cultivation in the future..

”Thanks teacher I will pay attention in class from now on ” Li replied in a non-chalont way that seemed to anger the teacher even further.

But she managed to remain calm for the rest of class. So everyone went to lunch happy. As soon as Li sat at a random lunch table lots of people sat beside him.

However, 1 unsuspecting girl who was already at the table prior to Lis arrival and she was very confused until she looked at Li.

In an attempt to get the flock of people off his ass Li sat next to the girl and she was to flustered to rebuke his arrival, nor would she try to get such a handsome young man away from herself.

The people started to back away because they thought the girl was out of their league. It was because for some reason 7 year olds had already crowned this little girl as school queen and everyone just knew from last year.

Everyone but Li. His arrival wasn unexpected because lots of people join their school yearly, but what they didn expect was someone of his caliber to casually rock up.

But Li had no quarrels with his public appearance so he just said hi to the little girl who had been staring at him for a while.

”Hi my name is Li Liang, but people just call me Li. ” He announced without a hint of anxiety in his voice, which people tend to have when speaking to the Queen of Grade 2.

”H-Hi my name is Cheng Meili, but you can just call me Meili ” Meili replied in a less confident tone.

”Aight cool, so like this is a pretty big school ay Meili. ” Li replied to Meili by trying to start up some form of NPC conversation.

”Yes, this school receives lots of funding, so it is very big. ” Meili replied with a condescending like tone. It was like she was pretending she knew everything.

After a long mundane conversation over lunch, Li just left the lunchroom like he hadn just talked to the most popular girl in school or even slightly fazed by it.

This bewildered the little girl. But it was a very refreshing feeling.

Thus today marked the beginning of a new relationship that would last for millennias to come.

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