Ancestor of Cultivation

Cultivation. Are you okay son?

Li had been cultivating one night as he usually would when he felt a breakthrough ensuing. Lis adrenaline kicked into overdrive as he strode past the breakthrough flawlessly.

However his power increased by such a drastic amount that he decided to mark this as a new realm. The name he decided on was Meridian Tempering because Li had noticed an issue with his meridians.

They most definitely intaking as much Spirit Qi as they possibly could. So for this entire realm however long it may be, he decided to work on his Meridians Proficiency.

Once he felt that he did the best he could he would move on to do something else with his cultivation path. He was the master of his domain because he forged cultivation with no idea what he was meant to do.

Li sat there still astounded by what felt like an astronomical increase in power and over all beauty. Even though he was ignoring it before, no one in his school would be able to.

And those guys that tried to beat up Li when he first started school who got sent to the principals office, wouldn overlook this matter either.

Li would now be considered a diamond in the rough, but comparing the other children to Li was unfair. Because they were children and calling Li a diamond is a compliment to diamonds.

Li had multiple reasons to be anxious because the people he was around the most definitely wouldn ignore such an outstanding transformation.

Li was diligently thinking of ways out of this situation, but then it clicked. He just had to tell his parents about cultivation.

While it certainly isn the smartest or most intelligent idea. It will give his parents a head start when compared to the rest of the world.

”Okay it is decided then, I will inform my parents about cultivation when the time is right. ” Li thought to himself decisively.

The next morning Li headed to school, and as expected the women took note of Lis new look, Hell a few of them even asked if he was wearing makeup and if so what brand of makeup.

Li being the cold hearted nut he acts like, totally ignored them and continued on with his life. Even the teachers somewhat raised an eyebrow to Lis appearance but couldn care less about a 7 year old child.

Once lunch time came around Li and Meili had their small chat but then a question came up. ”Why do you look so good today? ” Meili asked with a slightly flustered face.

”Just because ” Li replied in his casual tone. Li decided not to tell Meili about cultivation, because why would he? Just because he has unique conversations with her sometimes doesn mean he is obligated to spill life changing secrets.

Once replying Li quickly said ”I have to leave ” before exiting the lunch room, leaving Meili on her own to once again ponder about this thought provoking human known as Li.

While Meili was having the child version of an epiphany Li was already well on his way to second period without a care in the world.

Before Li knew it the day was over and he was already heading home. ”What an uneventful day ” Li mumbled in solemn voice.

After Lis 2 second existential crisis he arrived at home and began to cultivate. This activity alone had become almost like a second nature to Li.

Once Li had finished cultivating he headed downstairs because he knew dinner was about to be ready because he could smell it from his room.

As Li went down the stairs he had this overwhelming sense of motivation to tell his parents about cultivation. Something he didn innately like the risks of, but it had to be done.

Once Li arrived at the threshold of the dining room door, Nate opened the door almost as if he knew Li would be there.

”Dinners ready, you can sit at the table. Tonight it will be Filipino Tacos ” Nate said in a passionate voice as he was very driven to cook.

Li sat at the table nervously. But after eating his food he was much more prepared to tell his parents about the art of cultivation.

”Mother, father, please meet me in the loundroom in 5 minutes. ” Li said in a slightly shaky voice. However Nate and Katy were worried something was wrong so they happily obliged.

5 minutes later Li confronted his parents as they sat on the loundroom couch. Li spoke in a less than confident tone. ”Father, Mother, have you ever heard about the practice of cultivation? ”

Nate and Katy stared at their son dumbfounded. What was he saying?

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