Ive been sitting up here long enough, but until now, I haven found a handsome enough man.

I never realized it before, but it turns out that finding a handsome man is not easy. Or is it that no one is born beautiful? Why is that? It isn apparent.

My eyes immediately fell on one of the Cupids that flew very quickly, not far from me. Im sure he flew that fast to avoid me. Most of them fly very slowly to enjoy the atmosphere on Earth, especially in sunny weather like this. But its always like that when you cross paths with me.

Don they think Im hundreds or even thousands of times faster than them?

In the blink of an eye, I was in the presence of Cupid and grasped his wings so that he could not escape.

”A-forgive me! ” he screamed in panic.

This sucks.

”Hey, tell me where you used to meet handsome men! ”

Instead of answering my question, the damn Cupid gawked at me with a puzzled look.

”Hey! ” I exclaimed, annoyed.

The Cupid immediately stammered and pointed to a skyscraper that looked very conspicuous, not far from our place.

”D-there! ”Cupid exclaimed nervously.

”What place is that? ”

”The biggest entertainment agency building on Earth. There is where handsome men, and beautiful women gather! ”

Ah, I know that place, didn one of my clients used to be one of them?

An actress who is willing to eat only cotton and water just for the sake of having a thin body.

Humans are weird.

Without saying anything more, I took off the Cupids wings and flew towards the building.

Cupid was correct; there were so many people here.

I sat on the stairs and watched every human being in there.

The man is too sharp, terrible! And the other one is to pug. Other men are too thin, too tall, too short, and worst of all, too muscular.

Very strange, why do humans like to force themselves to shape their muscles when they never do anything with those muscles?

Wait, What did Erika say before? Is someone warm and handsome?

I snapped my fingers and made time stop for them.

I went up to every guy there and touched their forehead.

Ive seen humans do something like this to find out if humans are hot, and so on.

Why do all of them feel so cold? It isn apparent.

I flew to the hospital to see Erika.

”Hey! Did you do something? ” ask Erika as soon as she sees me.

”Something like what? ”

”Everyone in this hospital didn move a bit, they were silent like statues! Look, that wall clock over there! The needle didn shift a bit either! ”Erika exclaimed, pointing to the wall clock in the one near the cupboard.

Forget about the wall clock! Didn I come here to take her away?

I grabbed Erikas body and carried her flying towards the previous building. However, when I put her down, the girl immediately vomited on the floor.

Thats so disgusting!

e crazy! What are you doing? You want to take my life?! ” the girl cried as soon as she was done with all that vomit.

I took a few steps back from the girl.

Shes smelly and dirty!

”Oh my god! Where are we? ” She screamed again.

The girl fell as soon as she looked around. Luckily she didn fall where she vomited, or I would have thrown her as far away from me as possible.

”I can find any handsome men here, but Cupid said, all handsome men are gathered here! So you just pick one of them! If its okay to give advice, Don choose that muscular guy! Believe me, he will not use that useless muscle for anything useful! ”I cried softly.

With sharply bulging eyes, Erika shook her head in disbelief.

e amazing! How can you tell me to choose a partner like a dress in a store?! How can I choose one of them?! ” the girl screamed.

”You want a handsome man, and I took you to a handsome mans place so you can choose! ”I said, upset.

”Listen, dear angel of death, I entrust the matter of my soul mate to you! Can I just sit tight and please just take care of your work! ”

If she weren my client, I would be so grateful.

”Besides the handsome face, you should also make sure that I get a good partner! Look, Im just a girl! I don know whats good and whats not! ”

Shit! And she thinks I know all that? How do I know they are good or bad?

”And, please take me back to the hospital, its time for me to take medicine! ”


”Oh my god! Can you knock before you come in? ” the Angel Julian screamed as he saw my presence.

Come on! I don even understand why Angels need houses and doors! We can penetrate anything, so what is it all for?

”Hey, aren you in charge of recording the good and bad of humanity? ”I asked as I approached Julian, who was busy with all the monitors in front of him.

”Yes! Thats my job! Is there something you want? Ill give you anything as long as you get the hell out of here! ”

”You kicked me out? ”

”No, I just feel sorry for my friend. Look, hes so scared to see you! ”

I followed Julians gaze and snorted irritably. Did he take the Dove as a friend?

”Sue, I heard you
e serving a sentence, then why are you here? ”Julian asked, fixing his glasses.

No, theres nothing wrong with that one angel eye. He only uses it because he likes it.

”Give me the data of a handsome good man! ”I exclaimed quickly. I don want to waste my time here. Seriously, that Dove look bothered me.

”There are so many good-natured handsome men! Im surprised you couldn find one! ”

”If it wasn for all those monitors in front of you, you think you could judge someone you just met? Don be so proud of yourself, Damn it! ”

Julian chuckled softly, then turned around and faced me.

I never got used to his habit of folding wings. He almost looked like a man if his body didn shine like that.

”I can! Try to look someone in the eye, and feel it, you will know if he is a good or bad person, ” he said quietly.

”You want me to do that? I came to take it easy, but you
e telling me to bother looking people in the eye and feel something I don understand at all?! ”

”Ohoy, don be angry! Ill give you some good guy data! ”

”Thats better! ”

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