Chapter 5

”Ah, right! Aren you serving a sentence? I didn see you in the courtroom, meaning Archangel Jin didn lock you up. So, what punishment did you get? ” asked Michael as he put his toys on the table.

Archangel Michael is fond of making human life replicas using wood and leaves. Yeah, I know it must be very boring to keep a room so empty like that, so he did that to eliminate his boredom.

”Why does everyone know Im being punished? Was it the Angel Edmud? ”

Michael laughed at my question.

”Yeah, you know exactly what the principle is! Sharing is beautiful! ”Michael said with ease. He then chuckled softly.

Although very annoying, the Angel Edmud is the darling of all angels. No one can be angry at this Angel.


”So, what punishment was given to you? ”

”I have to replace Cupid for a while. And this is really not as easy as I imagined! My clients are very chatty, very annoying. ”

”Wait, you said she was very fussy? You interacted with her? ”Michael couldn believe it.

”At first I couldn believe it either, but really, she could really see me, she could hear what I was saying. Ah, shes even good at cursing me! ”

Michaels eyes widened in disbelief at my story.

Michael was silent; he then turned his gaze away from me towards the door of the Destiny room behind us.

”Sue, be careful, ” Michael said with a severe look.

”Wae? Why should I be careful? ”

Michael turned to me and looked at me with a sharp look.

”I shouldn have told you about this, but even if the Archangel punished me, I would accept it, ” he said quietly.

Oh, wow! What did he say exactly?

”A long time ago, about seven hundred years ago, there was an angel in love with a human who could see him. And as you know, it defies the rules of the heavens! He was summoned to the judicial chamber, and no one else knew the news of the Angel until now. ”


”Did the Archangel Jin exterminate the angel or something? ”

Michael immediately silenced my mouth after hearing me mention the Archangel.

”Its useless to shut my mouth if he can read my mind! ”I cried after removing Michaels hand from me.

”This is a very sensitive issue! ”Michael warned me.

Okay, all right. Then what?

”There is absolutely no trace of the Angels whereabouts. No one has ever seen him out of court. I think only the one above and the Archangel Jin know what happened to that Angel. ”

Hum, is that so? I thought our lives were eternal; could we also die if the one above wanted it?

”You didn think Id make the same mistake as that Angel, did you? I even had to refrain from taking my clients life every time we spoke. How could I possibly fall in love with that girl? ”

Michael shook his head slowly.

”Don brag about it! Make sure you remember what I said and avoid the situation as much as possible! ” growled Michael.

Why is it just because of such a trivial matter that he is so angry?

”I will remember! Ah, by the way theres something I want to ask you! ”

”What? ”Michael asked, puzzled.

”Can fate be changed? ”

Michael was silent. He came closer to me, so close that I flew away.

”Can you take care of your eyes?! Why are you staring at me like that?! ”I screamed.

”You asked for the girl? Do you want to know if she can change her Destiny? Didn I warn you before? ” growled Michael.

”No, I didn ask because I wanted to change the girls Destiny! Im just curious! ”

”Don be curious about human life! ”

All right! Michael seems very sensitive right now.

”Listen, Ill remember everything you said! I will be very careful, and will not be interested in human life, let alone to the point of falling in love with one of them! ”I told Michael to stop looking at me like that.

I am The Angel of death; nothing scares me, but I can deny it; Michaels current gaze is enough to make me shudder in horror.

Michael returned to his desk and looked at me, a little more relaxed.



I widened my eyes and followed the direction in which Angel Edmud bounced. As soon as it stopped, it flew quickly towards me with sharp, bulging eyes.

”Damn, my wings almost broke! ”Edmud snapped.

”Calm down, he will fix it later! ”I said with ease.

”Hey, learn from experience, you were punished for bumping into Cupid, if you hurt me the same way, you might have to take my place as well! ”

”Shut your mouth and go! I have something to do! ”

Edmud immediately smiled broadly. Instead of leaving immediately, he moved closer.

”Haven you been given a hundred days? You don have to rush to finish your job. Lets just say you
e on vacation! After completing your sentence, you will return to your routine as an angel of death. Aren you tired of dealing with spirits? ”

”Hum, Ill think about that later. Hey, looks like we
e gonna have a little chat! ”I called and took Edmud by the hand and carried him to my house.

No, I don have a big house and a door like Angel Julian. My residence is just a green lawn with some big trees and colorful flowers growing from the grass.

”I always wondered why the flowers in your place never wither? Is it an imitation flower or just decoration? Something like that? ” asked Edmud while flying over the blooming flowers.

”I even doubt theres anything like imitation flowers here! How could you think of getting there? ” my cry is weak.

”Hum, you
e right too! But in Ellenors place, there were times when the flower withered! ”

”Forget about the flowers and tell me something! ”I asked.

Edmud stopped flying and sat down beside me.

”What do you want to hear? ”

”Something about angels loving humans! ”

”If thats what you want to hear, then you want to know the story of Angel Aiden and her lover Tiffany! Listen, this is a fascinating story, here I think Im the only one who dares to tell you this because most Angels don dare to say his name or delve into his story! ” exclaimed Edmud confidently.

”Then why do you dare to tell me? You
e not scared? ”

Edmud smiled miserably, turning to me, and slowly shook his head.

”Youve probably heard his name before! Angel Aiden, he is the Angel in charge of giving grace to the bellies of the women of her choice who are above to give birth to cute babies! Once Upon A Time, Angel Aiden met a girl while he was on duty. An innocent girl who can see and also hear him. At first there is nothing strange about the interaction of the two, until he begins to take an interest in the girls life, and falls in love with her. ”

”And then? What happened after he fell in love with the girl? ”

”What happens is… ”

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