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”Gray, get your ass over here! ”

”Hehe, looks like the boss is after Gray, again, ” distant coworkers murmured.

”Coming, ” I reply while scurrying to the bosss office, trying to ignore the condescending glares directed at me.

”Y-yes, sir? ” I stutter while catching my breath.

”Get this done by tonight, or Im cutting your pay, ” he says while dropping a mountain of paperwork on the desk in front of me.

”B-but I— ” ”no buts, start working, now, ” he says sternly, cutting me off.

God! This asshole should just **ing die already. I continue to curse him in my head while grabbing the papers.

I walk to my desk while balancing the papers in my hands.

I quickly sit down in my seat to avoid attention. ”Ugh, time to start, ” I groan to myself while contemplating doing the work.


Two hours later, its now 8:30 pm—and the distant moon shines through the giant glass panes that make up the office building.

”Yes, Im finally done with all this damnable work, ” I exclaim while stretching dramatically.

I go down to the parking lot

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