In was an early morning the next day when Juan was up meditating. Like clockwork he always woke up an hour before the sun rose. Usually he would seek a spot with full exposure to the east and meditate calmly. Today was no different

”Lets see, if what the old freak said was true then Johann should be up any second now. ” Juan said to himself. Their dorm had a balcony which was facing eastward and that was where Juan was at the moment. And just as he had surmised, it happened.

It was exactly an hour after he had finished meditation and the first rays of sunlight were about to pierce the clear morning sky. Juan was standing by the balcony with his hands folded staring at Johanns body, when the latter suddenly opened his eyes and got out of bed. It was also in an unusual manner too. There was no grogginess, no yawning and no scratching of the eyes. In other words no typical signs ones would show when they woke up, especially considering how early in the morning it was. It was almost as if Johann wasn asleep at all.

A table with neatly folded uniform set lay right beside Johanns bed. The moment he woke up he started putting on his uniform, he suddenly heard a voice beside him speak, ”Do you always wake up like a zombie? ”

”Gyah! ”

Johann screamed because Juan had caught him completely by surprise. When he woke up he had not seen any signs of Juan anywhere. He had assumed that Juan was in another room when he woke up, perhaps the bathroom or the kitchen. Or maybe Juan had even left the building entirely, yet somehow it turns out that Juan had somehow managed to stand right beside him without him noticing.

Who is this boy? No one can sneak up on me at this age group.

Johann continued to dress in a foul mood as he pondered over what just happened. The amount of people who could sneak up on Johann as he grew up could be counted on one hand. Thats one of his innate skills. Even in the famed Jaeger clan famous for its stalking skills, barely anyone could sneak up on Johann. His body would warn him instantly once a person entered the space nearby. Little did Johann know that when he woke up Juan was standing on the balcony a few feet away. If he knew that then he would be really shocked.

The balcony directly faced Johanns bed. He liked being struck directly by sunlight in the early morning. Which means when he woke up and started dressing Juan was right in front of him, yet he failed to notice his presence. Of course this was done intentionally by Juan. Johann had his skills, and Juan had his.

Suck it old man. I beat your so called prodigy.

Juan gloated in his mind in regards to his victory. It was at this time that he realized something.

”Oy, aren you going to bath before you put on your uniform? ” Questioned Juan. Even he was still in his sleeping robes.

”I never need to bath. ” Said Johann with a bitter sigh

What is that supposed to mean?

As Juan pondered this he failed to notice the distraught look on Johanns face. Before they slept yesterday Juan had told him some very troubling news. The sentence was still echoing in Johanns mind as he finished his dressing

”Yo dude, so it turns out that Im your Mission Partner ”

That phrase had ruined Johanns entire night, and possibly the rest of his time at the academy.

One of the many ways in which Vectors Edge differs from Vector is the Mission Partner concept. VE members have a partner that they take all their missions with. Your partner is there to not only have your back but also help you through guidance and other means. In the academy one usually has at least three or so partners to get used to the concept, but once you graduate you are given a permanent partner who will be with you until either one of you dies.

Johanns partner from last year had already graduated thus this year he knew he would receive a new one. He just didn expect it to be so early, and for his partner to be younger than him.

Johann used to seek shelter from bullies and the like from his previous partner, and was hoping to find the same treatment this year, but it seems fate had other plans.

The school was divided into four major divisions and four minor ones. The four major divisions were the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Sigma divisions. These divisions were essentially the courses one would take in the school.

Enigma energy was divided into four types. And it is after these energies that the major divisions were named.

Alpha energy is energy that operates within the human body. It can also be used to reinforce weapons and increase physical abilities.

Beta energy is energy that operates within the brain. Beta energy users are used mainly for support such as long distance communication and scouting.

Gamma energy is energy that operates outside the human body. Its generally known as the most powerful form of enigma energy and is extremely versatile.

Sigma energy is unique among the energies. Due to the fact that it is a combination of two or more types of energies. A prerequisite for entering Vectors Edge is being able to use Sigma energy.

Every human born in this day and age has a unique enigma ability they are born with. This ability is tested the moment one enters the academy and one is placed in the corresponding major division to receive the appropriate lessons.

Of course it is possible for a person born with a Beta ability to use Alpha energy, but due to compatibility issues this would be very difficult. Thus people take the easier path and train in what best suits their body. It is mandatory for a student to become a member of one of the four major divisions.

The four minor divisions were the Discipline Division, the Council Division, the Administration Division and the War Division.

These divisions were run entirely by the students of the academy and dealt with the day to day runnings of the academy. The Discipline Division was there to maintain the law. The Administration Division handles the majority of school duties such as cleaning, construction, resources management and fund management. The War Division is specifically for students who wish to be exposed to the outside world sooner and complete dangerous missions to improve their skills.

The Council Division was there to act as the leader of the minor divisions and consisted of the heads of the other three minor divisions and some non-affiliated students. It was run by the Council President. This was a position of great power, and only inferior to a handful of teachers in terms of prestige.

It was not mandatory to join a division however it was advised to join one as there were many benefits. The minor divisions had strict requirements for members who wished to join thus they only had the elite of the school. If one was not a VE student then they could only hope to join the Administration Division.

Thus the Administration Division, or the AD as it was more commonly known, was the largest of the four and the busiest. The Discipline Division aka the DD was the hand of the Student Council Division aka the CD. It only had had nobles as members and every member was suited towards combat.

The WD, in other words the War Division, was the smallest of all divisions. In terms of physical ability for each member it was the strongest of all the divisions and it also had the strictest requirements. WD members were barely at school and almost always away on missions. They were also the most feared group of students in the school because they rarely followed rules. Leading to them butting heads with the other minor divisions.

So there was an unspoken rule. The CD ruled the inside and the WD ruled the outside. The two divisions acted independently despite the fact that the CD was the leader of the minor divisions.

Things like who your Mission Partner is were decided upon by the AD. Thus Johanns goals this morning was to head over to the nearest AD building and verify what Juan had said.

The Valdios Vector Academy was a self-contained environment. Despite the fact that it was a school it was more like a city in how it operated. The AD has many buildings for things like registration etc. And it is just outside one of these buildings that Johan was, sitting on a bench with his palms covering his face. Only a fool would not realize that this was a stressed young man.

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