A vast underground cavern. Two figures were dimly illuminated by the green

glowstone that suffused the room with a faint light.

Massive pillars engraved with bas-relief carvings were present at regular intervals,

forming a passage around the two figures.

The moment the two figures stepped out from behind the shadows of the pillars, one

of them hurled a burning spear of flame at the other. The burning spear illuminated

the room, and bent its course like a homing missile to head straight for the second


An instant later— Bang! A red flash briefly added to the illumination as an explosive

noise echoed throughout the room. A single streak of light passed through the spear,

impacting against the core of the spell, and vanished into the ceiling. The spear

scattered into a thousand tiny embers and vanished.

Unconcerned, the first figure quickly crafted a second spear, this one of ice, and flung

it off to the side. The spear curved in a beautiful arc, heading for the second figure

from around the other side of the pillars.

This one, too, was destroyed by a single bullet.

”…Hm. So I can get you with single attacks anymore. In that case… ”

The first figure leaned back against a pillar, her charming voice, golden-blonde hair,

and crimson eyes reminiscent of a beautiful bisque doll. Yue, for the figure was, of

course, Yue, created numerous balls of fire. One, two, four, eight; finally, she stopped

at sixty-four fireballs.

It took her a mere two seconds to form that many. Had any modern-day magician seen

how effortlessly she wielded such magic, their jaw would have dropped down to the

floor. Being able to bring out so much mana instantly without even an incantation or

magic circle was beyond common sense.

Yue didn even bat an eyelid as she performed such a godlike feat. Then, like an

orchestra conductor, she began waving her slender finger around. Following her

fingers movements, the barrage of fireballs headed straight toward the second figure.

A meteor shower of fire trailed a sea of sparks as it headed toward its target, Hajime.

”Tch. Don you think thats a little overkill? ”

He complained loudly enough that Yue could hear him. There was a sudden barrage

of gunshots, and Yues fireballs began to be shot down one after another. She had

staggered her fireballs a little so they wouldn hit all at once, but even then it was a

difference of milliseconds.

The fact that Hajime was accurately shooting each one down meant he had to be

decently skilled as well. Or rather, exceptionally skilled.

About one month had passed since the day Hajime and Yue had conquered the Great

Orcus Labyrinth and sworn never to lose to anyone again. They had spent that time

preparing better equipment and training their skills. In that time, Hajime had

practiced seeing through a spells core with his Demon Eye, mastering two-handed

gun combat, the art of the aerial reload, and the precision shooting required to destroy

the spells core.

He had been training with Yue, getting her to fire spell after spell at him so that he

could practice shooting them down. At first he could barely hit a stationary spell, but

now he had reached the level where he could shoot down moving spells in mock

battles. If he focused on just a single attack, he could shoot it down with almost 100%

accuracy, and he was able to hit successfully half the time when attempting to shoot

down a barrage.

His enhanced stats and Riftwalks ability to increase his speed and reaction time a

dozenfold were what made it possible at all, but the main reason he could acquire such

an inhuman skill was because of his dedicated concentration in training that single

skill nonstop for an entire month.

His unflagging zeal toward training stemmed of course from his burning desire to

make it back home. Along with his wish to stay together with Yue forever. Yue had seen

how hard Hajime was working up close, and the fact that part of the reason he was

doing it was because of her made her unbearably happy.

”…Hajime, heres the next one. ” Yue lovingly muttered Hajimes name as she prepared

the next attack. However, letting such emotions get the better of her during a mock

battle was a grave mistake. Not because she let her guard down, but because she forgot

to control the strength of her magic when her emotions were heightened.

”W-Wait! Thats way too many! ”

”…Huh? ”

Hajimes words brought Yue back to reality. It was then that she suddenly realized that

shed sent over a hundred fireballs hurtling in his direction. They were dancing around

Hajime as they surrounded him, occasionally rushing at him from all directions


It seemed she had gotten a little too into their practice while thinking of Hajime. She

had unconsciously created even more fireballs, and her happiness had set them

dancing around him. Before she knew it, the attacks that were supposed to be part of

training had become an actual barrage meant to hit him.

Unconsciously releasing magic like that wasn exactly the same as being unable to

control it properly, but it was close enough. And Yue, who had spent her life being

called a genius of magic, couldn stand that she had slipped up. But even that was

because she wanted to be more useful to Hajime.

”…Its hard loving you this much, Hajime. ”

”Where on earth did that come from? Also, its way harder dodging this many

fireballs! ”

Hajime was desperately shooting down the flames that were closing in on him. He was

unable to shoot all of them down, and had to resort to dodging and swiping them away

with Donner and Schlag. This was meant to be training that incorporated shooting

down magic cores with the rest of his standard combat patterns, so in a sense, it made

for very good practice, but…

”Shit— ” He had been at it for over ten hours now, and the irregular dancing motions

of the flames were bound to cause him to misstep eventually.

The sound of six gunshots echoed throughout the room, and six fireballs scattered into

nothing. Hajime twirled Donner in his hands, planning on reloading his now empty

chamber. But he messed up his reloading motion.

Another barrage of fireballs closed in on Hajime, and he had no way to intercept them.

Because he had been planning on shooting them down and not dodging, he was one

step too late in twisting his body away, and he had to resort to using Diamond Skin.

But before they even reached him—

”Okay. Time for a break, ” Yue muttered softly. She then snapped her fingers, dismissing

her army of fireballs.

”Haaah… Haaah… Damn, I still can get it down perfect. ” Hajime holstered Donner and

Schlag, then rested his hands on his knees as he panted heavily. He ground his teeth in

frustration. His real eye was bloodshot, and veins bulged prominently on his forehead

from beneath his white bangs.

Yue wanted to congratulate Hajime on working so hard, but she knew words of praise

weren what he was looking to hear. Instead, she walked up to Hajime, sat down

beside him, and gently patted her thighs.

She was currently dressed in a frilly dress shirt, a mini skirt, and knee-high socks. In

other words, her outfit was currently showing off the famous zettai ryouiki. Her knee

socks tightly hugged the soft flesh of her thighs.

Ever since he had his chastity taken from him in the bath, Hajime had grown used to

a womans, or at least Yues, body, and no longer got flustered over something as

innocent as a lap pillow. However, that being said…

e not going to assault me, are you? ” There was still always that worry. Hajime

was currently exhausted from long hours of training. If she pounced on him, he would

be helpless. It was only natural for him to be so cautious when he was living with a

wolf like Yue. Though normally, the position of the wolf would be reversed.

”…How mean. You make it sound like Im forcing you. ”

”You kind of did when you took my first… but well, Ill just stop there. Any more and

Im just asking for it. ” Hajime shook his head after saying that, then gratefully sunk his

head into Yues lap. Bliss spread throughout his body as Yue gently stroked his hair.

This is what happiness must feel like.

Yue smiled as she watched Hajime relax, but she still felt a little uneasy about what he

had just said.

”…Did you not like it? ”

”Are you kidding? If I didn like it, I wouldve just stopped you. Im just worried about

stupid things like a mans pride and stuff. You don have to worry about it. ”

The unease vanished from Yues eyes, and she replied with a simple ”Yeah. ” She then

gently brought her lips down on Hajimes forehead. Her lips slowly trailed down his

head as she kissed his nose, then his cheeks, and finally his mouth. Any man without

a girlfriend would have wanted to blow Hajime away with an anti-materiel rifle if

theyd caught sight of that scene.

Hajime blushed and averted his gaze. Yue smiled playfully as she saw him shy away.

”…Then did you like it? ”

”Hey, Yue, can we just drop this subject already? ”

”So you didn like it? ” Hajime tried to change the topic, but Yue sadly lamented her

own lack of experience and let out a depressed sigh.

”Umm, well… I liked it. ” Hajime looked as if he couldn believe the words that had just

come out of his mouth, but the fact that he couldn bear to see her sad was enough

proof that he was already hopelessly in love.

Yue looked relieved and gazed off into the distance as she softly muttered her thoughts


”Hmm… I should thank Master, then. ”

”Im not sure if I should thank her or not, personally. ”

The ”Master ” that Yue was referring to was the one who had taught her about the

world back when she was still a princess. Yue didn know what had happened to her

after she was sealed away, but her master had taken care of her until the day she was


The reason Yue was thanking her now was because she had also apparently taught her

about how to seduce a man. Because she was royalty though, she had of course

protected her chastity for marriage. That being said, as royalty she had still had a duty

to produce an heir. Which was why her master had taught her how to properly please

a man. The reason Yue always had her way with Hajime at night was surely thanks to

those lessons.

By the way, this discussion had started because Hajime had initially thought Yue might

not have been a virgin. Thanks to her auto-regeneration, he had considered the

possibility that even her hymen had recovered, but… Hajime would never forget Yues

expression when he brought the subject up with her. Even the monster of the abyss,

the Hydra, hadn been able to strike fear in Hajimes heart, but Yues expression at

that moment had terrified him beyond belief.

The result being that he of course apologized. What happened after he got down on

his knees and begged forgiveness for ever doubting Yue, who had offered up her

chastity to him, was of course more of what had occurred prior.

”Alright, lets just do one more mock battle. We can go eat dinner after that. ”

”…Okay. Are you alright? ”

”Not really, but if I don push myself past my limits, theres no point to training, is

there? Sorry for dragging you along with me, Yue. ”

”Its okay. ”

Yue had burned through a great deal of mana too, but she could still keep going thanks

to her magic accessories. Hajime was the one who was more exhausted, as continual

use of Limit Break and Riftwalk had taxed his body immensely, but Yue didn have the

heart to try and stop him after seeing how determined he was.

He pushed himself off Yues lap and walked a good distance away. He then pulled out

Donner and Schlag, and got into his stance.

”Don hold back! Give it everything you got, you damned monster magician! ”

”Okay. Take this: Lots of Fireballs! ”

That can seriously be the actual spell name! Hajime thought, extremely confused. But

though crude, the name was rather apt as countless fireballs started chasing Hajime

down. The reason she wasn using her relatively more harmless water balls was

because Hajime had told her he couldn get into it if the danger wasn real.

The barrage of fireballs closed in on him like a wall of flame, and he quickly activated

Riftwalk. The world began to lose all color as things started moving in slow motion.

His Demon Eye clearly grasped the location of each balls core.

Each of his bullets accurately pierced through the center of each spells core. He

teleported bullet after bullet into the air, rotating his chamber to make sure each fell

perfectly in place. He fired and reloaded so fast that the movements blurred together

into one smooth motion. By the time he finished ejecting one rounds spent shells, the

next set of bullets were already on their way.

Donner and Schlags chambers were spinning almost constantly, giving off the illusion

that Hajime was holding a round shield in between them.

Both the number and speed of the fireballs gradually began to increase. Hajime

inwardly marveled at how much mana Yue possessed, but didn lose focus for even a

second. He ignored his pounding head and eyes, and increased the intensity of his

Riftwalk even further.

”Yue, can I ask you something? ”

”Sure? ”

The two of them didn let up at all as they began talking. Hajime was slowly getting a

headache that had nothing to do with his overtaxed body, but it seemed like Yue

genuinely didn realize she was doing something wrong.

”Why exactly are all your fireballs heart-shaped? ”

”…… ” Yes, for some reason, all of the fireballs hurtling toward Hajime were shaped

like hearts. While she was speeding them up, she also changed how they looked. Each

one was crafted with the utmost precision, and it was a marvelous display of useless

skill. When asked about her strange proclivity, Yues response was rather unexpected.

”Aww… You shot them down. ” She manipulated the hundred odd fireballs with just one

hand while strangely rubbing her cheek with the other. Hajime naturally shot down

the fireballs. Each heart-shaped fireball let out a depressed sputter of sparks before

being snuffed out.

”Im taking this training seriously, you know? ”

”…So am I. Im serious about pushing you— Ahem… Beating you down. ”

”You were totally about to say pushing me down, weren you!? ”

”…Your bodys at its limit from all this never-ending training, Hajime. You need to rest.

But I know you won stop until you collapse. ”

”…I see. You
e just going to ignore my last comment, huh? So? ”

”…Yeah. Thats why, Im going to defeat you and make you rest… In bed. ”

”Quit licking your lips like that! I don think Im going to get any rest in bed tonight! ”

It appeared Yue was serious about defeating Hajime this time, in order to force him to

rest. She still hadn answered why she was shaping her fireballs like hearts, and the

way she was licking her lips suggested to Hajime that while she did mean to put him

in bed, she had no intention of letting him rest.

Yue grinned wickedly and started getting serious with her magic. She started mixing

in extremely fast wind blades, along with lightning balls that curved along strange

trajectories. All of which were heart-shaped.

”Ugh, are you holding a grudge because Ive been training this entire past week and

haven slept with you even once!? ”

”…Im not holding a grudge. Im just a little lonely. ”

Hajime felt a pang of guilt as he saw Yue pout slightly, and he quickly realized he was

going to be beaten around until he couldn move, and then toyed around with in bed

until Yue was satisfied.

Hajime was a healthy young boy, so there was no reason for him not to look forward

to sex, but… he still had his pride as a man, and didn want to be one-sidedly played

around with. Therefore, he honed his concentration to the limit, focusing on

intercepting each of Yues attacks. If he could just hold out until Yue ran out of mana,

then victory would be his, and he could protect his flimsy pride. However…

”Are you kidding me, Yue!? ”

”Nope! ”

Since this was still precision training, Yue wasn using any of her intermediate class

spells, but she was clearly giving it her all, judging by the force and speed of her multielemental barrage. The barrage of spells already looked like something out of a

Touhou game. Yues breathing was beginning to grow a little labored, but she still

smiled seductively as she pushed down on Hajime, and cold sweat began pouring

down his back.

”Even I won stand for getting beaten down every time! Ive got my pride as a man

too, you know!? ” Even he wasn sure if he meant it in the context of their mock battles,

or their nighttime battles.

Hajimes scarlet mana spiraled around him. He activated the skill hed stolen from the

Hydra, Limit Break. His stats all tripled.

”Mngh, you
e good, Hajime. This is the first time anyones stopped my full power

barrage. ”

”Im honored. ”

”Yeah… You always take my firsts, Hajime. ”

”Do you have to turn everything into a dirty joke!? ”

Hajimes words were punctuated by short pauses as he fended off wave after wave of

spells. Yue was taking this just as seriously, though. Her words had even been

calculated to try and shake him mentally. She knew he would fall unconscious before

long if he continued to use Limit Break in this exhausted state, so she wanted to defeat

him as quickly as possible before he collapsed and needed Ambrosia again.

That being said, constant use of mana was wearing Yue down too. Thanks to the fact

that they were all elementary spells, she managed to keep the barrage going for a

decent amount of time, but shed still been burning mana constantly while keeping up

with Hajimes training. And even if her mana could hold out, her stamina couldn .

While Yues automatic regeneration healed wounds, it didn recover lost stamina or

mana. However, precisely because she didn want Hajime to burn himself out, Yue

pushed her strength to the limit.

”That wasn your strongest!? ”

”Nope. Anyone can use Limit Break as long as they have the power of love. ”

”I think thats just you! ”

Not only was Yues magic overpowered, her love was overpowered too. A curtain of

bullets bore down on Hajime with increased speed.

Hajime still wasn used to manipulating his prosthetic arm or using two guns, so he

was finding himself unable to keep up even with Limit Break. Even if he could still see

everything, his body couldn keep up. There wasn a single monster in the abyss that

could pull off such a feat, so Hajime couldn even count on past experience to help

him. It was, in a sense, the perfect training for him.

Yues spells slowly drew closer and closer before being intercepted. She began walking

toward him, both hands outstretched as she pummeled Hajime with magic. She licked

her lips seductively and tottered toward him like some kind of vengeful ghost. Hajime

was determined not to lose, but even with her mana-deprived body, the Limit Break

granted to her by the power of love made Yue unstoppable. Finally—

”Dammit! Stop alreadyyyyyyy. ”

”But I refuse. ”

Hajime was defeated. His slip up was something he could have covered for in less than

a second, but the sexy vampire princess wasn going to give him even that much time.

She stepped into his guard and quickly grabbed hold of him. Then…

”I win. So now I get to take my prize. ”

”Hey, wa— Aaah! ”

Hajimes scarlet mana dispersed, and not because he ran out. The barrage of spells

scattered into nothingness, leaving only faint traces of mana hanging in the air.

The monster of the abyss added another defeat to his record today. Had he just

switched to dodging, he would have easily been able to escape Yues grasp, but the fact

that he didn showed just how much Hajime cared for her too. In other words, the real

reason he could never beat Yue wasn because he was physically weaker, but because

he couldn bring himself to mentally.

The fragrance of meat and the sizzling noise of food being grilled wafted through the

air. The pair were currently standing inside Oscar Orcus kitchen. As one would expect

of a master craftsmen, Oscars kitchen was so well outfitted that it seemed more like

a modern-day kitchen than a fantasy one. Numerous artifacts that aided in the process

of cooking were installed in various locations.

Hajime was currently grilling a massive steak in a frying pan. Next to him, Yue was

making a grilled fish salad. She had her hair up in a ponytail and was wearing a white


The vegetables added into the salad had been grown in Oscars fields. There was some

kind of artifact in the soil that grew crops at an accelerated pace, so the seeds Hajime

had taken out of the Treasure Trove had borne fruit in only a week. That being said,

activating that artifact had required a huge amount of mana, so only someone like Yue

or Hajime would have enough to use it often.

Hajime hummed cheerfully as he sprinkled salt and pepper over the nicely browned

steak. The spices were another thing hed found in Oscars Treasure Trove.

He gave Yue a sidelong glance, and caught a glimpse of her pale neck. He couldn

explain why, but he found the nape of her neck, barely hidden by her golden hair,

extremely erotic. Perhaps the aftereffects of their previous ”break ” were still

influencing him.

The word newlyweds suddenly popped into his mind, and Hajime shook his head,

trying to banish the idea.

Yue saw him shake his head and tilted her own quizzically. Hajime bashfully turned

away, and Yue smiled playfully as she grabbed the hem of her apron and daintily lifted

it up.

”How do I look? ”

”…Really cute. ”

Yue twirled around like a ballerina, and Hajime found himself unable to lie to her. Even

though she was the one whod asked, Yue blushed brightly at Hajimes unexpectedly

honest response. Happy at being praised so, she decided to give him a little reward.

”…Then how about I only wear this apron? ” An electric shock ran through Hajimes


Is this the legendary naked apron Ive heard so much about? Hajime thought, looking at

Yue. She was staring up at him, timidly fidgeting with the hem of her apron. The look

in her eyes agitated him even further. At this rate, Hajime would end up taking another

”break, ” so he reluctantly shook his head. Yue didn seem disappointed at all, and

instead muttered, ”Ill save this for another night, then. ” Hajime pretended not to hear


Finally, their meal was cooked, and the pair began setting the table. They placed the

dishes on a clear table made of crystal and sat down on some nearby sofas. The two

sofas had originally sat facing each other, but Hajime and Yue had dragged theirs

together so they sat eating next to each other. This wasn just limited to the dinner

table: Yue refused to sit anywhere that wasn next to Hajime. It seemed she enjoyed

being next to him.

”Alright, time to eat… ”

”Yeah. Good luck, Hajime. ”

Hajime had a look of deep resolve on his face as he stared down at the meat. Yue was

looking at it worriedly too. Hajime bit into the meat while Yue watched.

”Guh… Gaaah. ” He groaned painfully as his entire body stiffened. He was biting down

hard enough to break through his own teeth, and was trembling incessantly. He

continued eating despite the pain, and every new bite brought forth new waves of

agony. Yue worriedly patted him on the back and poured him a cup of Ambrosia.

”God, its been a month and it still hurts this much to eat… Just how powerful was that

snake bastard!? ” Hajime was currently working his way through a piece of Hydra


Every other monster he had eaten thus far had ceased to give him pain after the initial

meal, but not only was his body still suffering every time he ate more of the Hydra, his

stats continued to grow as well. Considering recent monsters had ceased to increase

his stats at all, the Hydra must have been something special.

”…Hm. That monster really was different. I think all the Liberators must have worked

together to make something like that. ”

”Yeah. Its a miracle we even managed to beat the damn thing. Seems to me like this

labyrinth was designed to be beaten after conquering some of the others. Youd need

magic from the Age of the Gods at your disposal to beat something like that normally. ”

Hajime was right. Even with his monster strengthened body, beating something like

that Hydra would normally have been impossible.

The primary reason they had won at all was because of his weapons. His railgun and

explosives boasted a strength that far surpassed his actual stats. Had he fought with

traditional fantasy weapons like swords or magic, he would have been defeated for


The other huge factor that had contributed to their victory was the Ambrosia. Without

it, he wouldn have even been able to make it to the lower floors. He would have died

from the wounds the Claw Bear had given him. If not that, the Basilisks petrification

would have done him in. And even ignoring those, there were countless other

situations where he would have died if not for the Ambrosia.

Last, but not least, was the fact that Yue had been with him. She could bring to bear

the full force of her considerable mana instantly without having to chant an

incantation or use a magic circle. She was the one who had covered for Hajimes

weaknesses in wide-area attacks, and had saved him numerous times even before

theyd reached the Hydra.

In other words, the three main things that had contributed to his victory were not his

stats, but his overpowered weaponry, his overpowered healing rock, and his

overpowered allys magic.

Hajime finally finished his Hydra steak and looked longingly at the normal food laid

out before him as the pain gradually faded. The fish had been harvested from the

underground lake, while the vegetables were ones theyd grown themselves.

”Ive only been eating monster meat until now, so even this tastes like heaven, but… ”

”…Yeah. It would be better if we could get some actual food, ” Hajime said, a hint of

longing in his voice as he stuffed his face full of vegetables. Yue agreed wholeheartedly

as she stuffed her face full of fish.

Hajime had come from a culture that respected the art of cooking, while Yue was

formal royalty that had tasted the bounty of this worlds culinary arts before. Both of

them were getting tired of simple grilled, boiled, or fried vegetables and fish with just

salt for seasoning, and had discovered just how hard cooking truly was.

”…Im sorry Hajime. If only I knew more about cooking… ”

”Its not your fault, Yue. You don have to apologize. Besides, you used to be royalty.

No one expects a princess to cook for herself. If anything, I wish Id spent more time

learning how to cook. ”

Both of them, one because she was royalty and the other because he was a student,

had little skill with the culinary arts. Yue, however, was doubly depressed because she

couldn cook for the man she loved. She frowned, wishing her master had taught her

how to cook too, and not just how to please someone in bed. Hajime scratched his

cheek as he watched Yue pout and sink further into depression.

”Well, you know, my moms a really good cook, so Im sure you can just ask her to teach

you. ”

”Ah…! Yeah. Yeah! Cooking with your mom sounds like fun, Hajime. ”

Yues eyes began sparkling at Hajimes suggestion. She envisioned an idyllic scene

where she was cooking with Hajimes mom while Hajime and his dad both watched

from the living room. Then theyd all eat together, and his parents would praise their

daughter-in-laws delicious cooking. Her fantasy played out for quite some time, and

her usual expressionless mouth slowly loosened into a smile.

”Yeah, then I can count on you to make breakfast and lunch. My moms the kind of

person that only cooks dinner, so I always just had leftovers and stuff for every other

meal. ”

”Yeah… Just leave it to me. ”

Since Hajimes mom was a popular manga artist, she was always sleeping through

breakfast time and busy with work during lunch. Hajime was usually busy either

helping his parents with their work or playing games until late into the night himself,

so for him breakfast and lunch were always a groggy affair he paid little attention to.

But if Yue was willing to learn how to cook and cook him breakfast and lunch, then he

could ask for nothing more. Back when he was still a student, he would never have

imagined he might one day eat handmade lunches cooked by a blonde beauty.

Though I guess I did once eat a beautiful girls handmade lunch. She kind of forced it on

me, though, so I don remember how it tasted.

He wasn sure what kind of life he was going to live once he made it back to Japan, but

the idea of going to school and eating Yues handmade lunch certainly did seem

appealing. In fact, the mere thought of it brought back faded memories that felt

decades old. Memories of when Kaori Shirasaki had offered some of her lunch to him

when he had been about to take his afternoon nap. Shed also given him some of her

lunch on the fateful day that they were summoned. Rather forcibly, too. Her actions

broadcasted that bombshell of an announcement to the whole class, in fact.

Hajime had reluctantly accepted the offer. Of course his classmates wouldn stand for

him eating the school goddess lunch, but… they would have hated it even more if he

had refused. Besides, Kaori had looked rather dejected as she got ready to put away

her lunchbox.

He was damned if he did and damned if he didn . Which was why he had decided to

at least accept Kaoris goodwill, and had taken her up on her offer. All he really

remembered of the time was cold sweat pouring down his forehead as he hurried to

eat Kaoris lunch as fast as possible. That, and how shed smiled as she watched him


Suddenly, chills ran down Hajimes spine. He awoke from his flashbacks and realized

that Yue was staring at him with a very complicated expression on her face.

”…Hajime, who was that girl? ”

”…… ”

He wanted to know how she knew, but he also realized asking that now would be a

terrible faux pas. A womans intuition was one of the seven great mysteries of this

world, and all excuses were worthless before it. They would easily be seen through.

Without a doubt. Seen through for the flimsy lies they were.

”Shes one of the classmates I told you about before. ”

”…Is she the reason you fell down here, Hajime? ”

”Well, I guess she is in a way. ”

Hajime wasn sure how to react to Yues question, but Yue ignored Hajimes confusion

and muttered softly, almost as if she were speaking to herself.

”…Have you eaten her cooking? ”

”Kind of have, yeah. ”

”Was it delicious? ”

”I honestly don remember that well… I guess it was? She was known for her cooking. ”

”…I see. ”

Yue stared long and hard at Hajime. She then slowly started leaning forward, her gaze

still fixed on him.

”Yue? ”

”…She knows a part of Hajime that I don . And shes even fed you her cooking. Plus,

you know her well enough to think of her right away when cooking comes up… Im

jealous. ”

”W-Wow, you
e rather honest about that. Wait, hold up. What does that have to do

with you leaning in to me like that? ” Hajime said, feeling cautious, and grabbed Yue by

the shoulders to stop her from pouncing on him. But Yue wouldn be stopped.

”…Everything. I need to fill your mind with nothing but me, Hajime. ”

”No no no, Shirasaki just popped into my head because of the topic, we
e not really—

”Its okay. It won hurt. Well just be taking a little break. ”

”How many times do I have to tell you!? Those lines are the guys lines! And if a guy

does say that, then you know they
e trouble. Restrain yourself a little, you stupid sexy

vampire princess! Don think thingsll always just go your way! Im a Japanese man

that knows how to assert himself and say no! ”

Hajime spouted incomprehensible babble while Yue bore down on him, trying to kiss

him. He continued putting up his feeble resistance for the sake of pointless things like

his pride or dignity, but in the end it was all meaningless. Somewhere deep down,

there might have been a brooding edgy Hajime that was stoic enough to refuse her

advances, but even if there was, he would never let it surface. Because he himself had

already decided to accept Yue, body and soul, so he knew his complaints were all just

for show.

As proof, ever since that night in the bath, he had never once been able to actually

refuse Yue. Every time she had come to him this past month, he had always grudgingly

ended up giving in. Even when he had been training his Hide Presence and Sense

Presence skills, he hadn been able to escape from Yue.

The one time he had seriously tried to hide from her, Yue had spent hours wandering

the darkness of the abyss looking for him, crying from loneliness.

”Hajimeeee, where are youuuu, ” she had cried like a child, rubbing her eyes. Hajime,

who was surprisingly firm when it came to training at least, had still stopped their

impromptu game of hide and seek almost instantly.

Technically he hadn lost, but he might as well have. Especially considering what had

come after.

Once hed canceled that training, Yue had stuck especially close to him for the next few

days. The amount of times shed pushed him down at night those days were far more

than usual too.

Her mind was filled with nothing but thoughts of Hajime. When he was busy

transmuting new weapons and bullets, she was sitting next to him sewing clothes

from the cloth Oscar had left behind and the monster hides they had harvested. And

she made sure, regardless of whether they were his clothes or hers, to make them

conform completely to his tastes.

She made a point of dressing up in all of the outfits she made to show off to him too.

At first her sewing skills had been crude and shed had a hard time making clothes the

right size, but before long she had become very skilled with her fingers. With her skills

so greatly improved, she had started making very adult underwear to wear at night


She would give Hajime peep shows, blushing shyly while wearing the clothes shed

made herself, and those situations always ended in Hajime losing his will to resist her

advances. His will thus broken, Yues next course of action was without fail to then

push him down.

There was another time that they went to catch fish in the river together, and Yues

swimsuit had charmed Hajime so thoroughly that she seduced him then and there.

Ever since that first night in the bath, it had become an unspoken agreement that they

would always bathe together too. Hajime was never able to resist Yues pleadings, and

always ended up letting her wash his back. She didn stop at just his back though, and

soon enough she ended up pushing him down every night in the bath.

Also, she grew aroused every time she sucked Hajimes blood, and unable to restrain

her instincts, she would invariably always push him down every time she drank it.

He would try and refuse, of course, but… Lately he wasn sure why he was even

bothering to resist, and had stopped even putting up the appearance of rebuffing her


Tonight, once again, Hajimes almost nonexistent pride and reason were overwhelmed

by Yues boundless lust and passion. Her next words were the final nail in the coffin

that finally killed his will to resist. Yue said, with flushed cheeks:

”…I just want to kiss you. Please. ”

”Ah. ”

When his lover looked at him with wet eyes and begged so earnestly, Hajime couldn

do anything to resist. Like a robot with its battery removed, all the power drained from

his body. For a moment, his body was afflicted by the charm status, and Yue wasn

going to miss an opening like that.

”C-Crap— ”

e mine. ”

A mans screams of pleasure echoed throughout the stone house.

The monster born in the abyss had no chance of ever winning this battle.

Hajime walked out to the terrace and flopped onto the couch sitting outside. He mulled

over todays defeat while basking in the rays of the artificial moon. Naturally, there

was a little vampire girl nestled snugly within his arms.

Yue shifted a little in his arms so she was looking up at him. Hajime was breathing

softly with his eyes closed. Though he wasn yet in dreamland, he was quite close to


She felt something warm blossom within her chest as she watched him rest peacefully.

The warmth grew into a burning heat, but rather than being painful, it felt wonderful.

Yue let out an enamored sigh as she continued gazing up at Hajime.

As far as she was concerned, his very existence was like a miracle. The sight of him

glowing scarlet with mana when he had freed her from her stone prison was carved

permanently into her heart. Her three hundred years of despair were nothing

compared to her meeting with Hajime. When she thought of how wonderful their

current life was, and how much more happiness surely awaited her, she felt it was

worth suffering all those years of torment if it meant she could be together with him.

Perhaps to anothers eyes she might seem nothing more than overly clingy or simply

dependent on him. They might have thought she was simply exaggerating how much

Hajime had done for her. But anyone who had seen the pairs meeting would have

agreed it was enough to justify her behavior.

However, regardless of what others might say, Yue would never change her mind.

Their opinions meant nothing to her. At that time, he had been willing to die for her, a

girl he had just met. During that fight with the scorpion, Yue had decided that she

would give herself to this man, the one who had willingly joined his fate to hers.

It was obvious, considering Hajimes circumstances and the situation he was in, that

the way forward would be fraught with peril. But something deep inside her still told

her he was the one. He wasn someone who would use her as bait to escape his own

predicament, nor was he someone who would end up as just a simple friend.

It was too cliched for her to ever say it out loud, but if she had to put it into words…

she would have said their meeting was fate. To her, at least, it was a fated meeting.

Which was why she wasn going to stop. She was going to keep showing just how

much she loved him. She was going to keep cherishing him. And without hesitation,

she was going to offer all of herself to him. To the boy she had met after three hundred

years of imprisonment.

Even if Hajime truly loved someone else, even if he made the entire world his enemy,

even if he came to hate Yue, she would never stop.

”…Fufu, youll never be able to escape from this vampire. ” If one were to sum her

feelings up into one sentence, that would be it.

”Hm? Did you say something? ” Hajimes eyes fluttered open as he heard Yue mumble

something. She was half-straddling him as she gazed up at his face. Hajime gently

brushed a few stray strands of hair off her mouth.

He trailed his fingers across her lips and rested them against her cheek. As he did so,

Yues neck shivered a little.

”Nope, nothing, ” she replied.

Finding her reaction entertaining, Hajime started tickling the back of her cheek and

the nape of her neck. Her moans slowly grew more and more passionate. Hajime was

about to take his hand away, but her eyes begged him to continue. He cast his gaze

around the room, looking for some way to escape, but he still gave in eventually. She

sidled up to him like a cat, and before he knew it, he was caressing the beautiful girl

lying on his chest.

Once again, Hajime had lost. No matter how much stronger the monster of the abyss

grew, he would never be able to win against the beautiful vampire princess

Though if the saying ”the one who falls in love first loses ” really was true, then Yue was

the one whod actually lost the most.

They were both losers, but at the same time they were both victors. Such was the

relationship between the monster of the abyss and the vampire princess.

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