own comments to Koukis line, was Ryutarou

Sakagami, Koukis best friend. Ryutarou had short, trimmed hair and a gaze that

seemed at once both cheerful and stern. He stood 190 centimeters tall, and had a

massive, bear-like frame. As his build suggested, he was a musclehead who didn have

much delicacy.

Because of his love for hard work and hot-blooded actions, he disliked Hajime, who

spent all his time in school sleeping. Ryutarou gave Hajime no more than a single

glance before huffing disdainfully and ignoring him.

”Good morning Yaegashi-san, Amanogawa-kun, and Sakagami-kun. Heh, well, you

know what they say, you reap what you sow. Its my own fault for staying up all the

time. ” Hajime smiled wryly as he greeted Shizuku and the others. The two guys glared

daggers at him, their eyes all but screaming, ”What gives you the right to talk to

Yaegashi-san so casually like that, huh!? ” Shizuku was nearly as popular as Kaori, after


”If you realize its a problem, shouldn you try and fix it? I don think its fair to Kaori

to keep letting her spoil you. She doesn have time to always be looking after you

either. ” Kouki warned Hajime sternly.

Kouki also clearly thought Hajime was a failure of a student who was simply

squandering Kaoris kindness. Hajime desperately wanted to shout out She hasn been

spoiling me! And in fact, Id really rather she leave me alone!, but he knew if he did his

classmates would ”escort ” him somewhere quiet after school. Kouki was the kind of

person who always thought he was right too, so Hajime simply shut his mouth and

didn utter a single response.

Besides, there was really nothing to ”fix. ” Hajime had already decided to make his

hobbies the centerpiece of his life. His father was a game designer and his mother a

girls manga author, so hed worked part-time at both their workplaces to gain

experience in the field.

With his experience and interests, most employers were interested in him as he

required no extra training, and his plans for the future were all perfectly laid out.

Hajime firmly believed he was taking his life seriously already, which was why he saw

no need to change his habits regardless of what anyone said to him. And if Kaori hadn

started poking her nose into his affairs, he would have been able to quietly graduate

school without attracting any attention to himself.

”Yeah, I guess. Ahaha… ” Which was why Hajime simply tried to laugh off Koukis

words. But, of course, the schools goddess had to go and unintentionally drop another


”What are you talking about, Kouki-kun? Im talking to Nagumo-kun because I want

to. ” The whole classroom broke out in an uproar at those words.

If looks could kill, Hajime would have died a hundred times over from the withering

glares he received from the male students. They ground their teeth as they glowered

at him, while Hiyamas crew took it a step further and began discussing what place

would be best to drag Hajime during lunch break.

”Huh…? Ah, I see. You really are far too kind, Kaori. ”

It seemed Kouki interpreted that as Kaori being nice so as to not hurt Hajimes

feelings. Though he was perfect in many respects, or perhaps exactly because of that

fact, he had one rather glaring flaw. Namely that he was a little too convinced of his

own righteousness. Deciding that correcting him would be too much of a pain, Hajime

instead chose to escape from reality by staring out the window instead.

”Im sorry about that. They don mean any harm by it… ” Shizuku quietly apologized

to Hajime, as she was the only one present that was astute enough to grasp everyones

feelings. Hajime simply shrugged his shoulders and smiled wryly in response.

Meanwhile, the bell signaling the start of classes finally rang, and the teacher walked

into the classroom. The teacher began the morning announcements, seemingly too

used to the turbulent atmosphere in the classroom to care. Then, as always, Hajime

drifted off to dreamland as class began.

Kaori smiled as she saw Hajime slumber. Shizuku stared at him, amazed, and mused

that Hajime was quite the celebrity in a certain sense. The guys all scoffed at him while

the rest of the girls stared, gazes full of scorn.

After a while, the classroom began to grow noisy again. As a habitual classroom

napper, Hajimes body had naturally attuned itself to know when to wake up. Which

was why his hazy consciousness was able to discern from the surrounding noise that

it was lunchtime.

Hajime rummaged through his bag and brought out his lunch, a simple meal that could

be finished in ten seconds, but still fully sated him. It seemed that most of the lunch

buying group had already left for the cafeteria, as there were some people missing

from the classroom.

A majority of people in Hajimes class usually brought their own lunch, though, which

was why around two thirds of the class still remained. Additionally, it seemed that

some of the students had questions for the fourth period social studies teacher, Aiko

Hatayama, and were milling about the teachers podium.

Sluuurp! Gulp! Having finished recharging his energy in just ten seconds, Hajime laid

back down on his desk, planning to get some more shut-eye. However, the school

goddess, perhaps more of a devil in Hajimes case, smiled happily as she scooted her

seat closer to his, preventing him from returning to his slumber.

Hajime groaned inwardly. Monday mustve made him take leave of his wits. Normally

he wouldve quickly eaten his lunch and bolted out of the classroom to find a secluded

place for his afternoon nap, but two straight days of all-nighters had apparently taken

their toll on him.

”Thats rare, Nagumo-kun. You
e still in the classroom. Did you not bring a lunch? If

youd like, you can have some of mine. ” As the frigid atmosphere descended upon the

classroom once more Hajime screamed internally.

Im tired a yer shit, his exasperated mind screamed out in some strange dialect. Hajime

attempted to resist the inevitable as that thought crossed his mind.

”Ah, thanks for the invitation, Shirasaki-san. But Ive already finished eating my lunch,

so why not eat with Amanogawa-kun instead? ” He showed Kaori the remnants of his

packaged lunch as he said that. The rest of his classmates would probably have hated

him for refusing too, but at least it was better than spending his lunch break walking

over a bed of nails.

However, such a feeble resistance meant next to nothing in the face of the great

goddess, so she continued relentlessly.

”Huh!? Thats all you had for lunch? That won do at all, you need to eat a proper meal!

Here, Ill give you some of mine! ”

Please, please, just give me a break! Why can you realize already!? Read the mood for

once! With each passing moment, Hajime could feel the pressure mounting, and his

saviors finally appeared as cold sweat started running down his back. Kouki and


”Kaori, lets all eat lunch together. It seems that Nagumo needs some more sleep. And

I won allow anyone to eat Kaoris delicious handmade lunch while half-asleep! ”

Kouki flashed Kaori a dazzling smile as he said that pretentious line, but Kaori simply

looked puzzled. Kaori was a bit slow, or rather just an airhead, so Koukis handsome

guy appeal was lost on her.

”Huh? Why do I need your permission to share my lunch, Kouki-kun? ” Shizuku let out

an involuntary snicker as she heard Kaori ask that question in such an earnest manner.

Kouki began laughing awkwardly and tried to change the subject, but the important

point was that the four most famous people in school were sitting together with

Hajime and the rest of the class was not at all happy about it. Hajime sighed deeply

and continued grumbling to himself.

I wish these guys would all just get summoned to another world or something. I mean,

just look at them, they
e the perfect party of four. They even feel like the kind of group

thatd get sent to another world. Can some god or princess or priestess or something

just summon them away from here? Trying to escape from reality, Hajime sent his

thoughts out to whatever other worlds were out there. He stood up and was about to

give his usual evasive answer, when suddenly he froze.

There was a glowing silver circle engraved with various geometric patterns glowing

in front of Hajime, at Koukis feet.

The rest of the students all saw the strange circle as well. Everyone was frozen in place,

staring at the weird glowing pattern that, for lack of a better word, looked just like a

magic circle.

The magic circle began to glow brighter and brighter, until its light enveloped the

entire classroom. The circle itself began expanding as well, and when it finally grew

big enough to cover Hajimes feet, everyone finally became unfrozen and started

screaming. Aiko-sensei, who had remained in the classroom, yelled ”Everyone! Get out

of the classroom! ” at the same time the magic circle flared up in a brilliant explosion

of light.

After a few seconds, or maybe a few minutes, the light finally began to fade, and color

returned to the classroom. However, the room was now deserted. Some chairs were

knocked over, half-eaten lunchboxes were sitting on desks, and chopsticks and plastic

bottles were scattered across the room. The classroom had everything still left in it

except the people.

The mass high school disappearance incident caused quite a stir across the world, but

that story was better saved for another time.

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