A vast ravine cut through the earth, a scar marring the lands otherwise unblemished

surface. Boulders of all sizes tumbled down into the parched canyon below. The howls

of monsters punctuated the air, reminding any who passed by that this was a land

where only the strong survived.

This was a land where humanitys prized magic was ineffective, and food was scarce.

Climbing out of the ravine required scaling a hundred-meter-tall cliff. A cliff that held

no cover, and was filled with monsters waiting to feast on any foolish enough to

attempt the climb.

There were staircases leading out on the eastern and western ends of the ravine, but

once someone fell, the monsters lurking below had no intention of letting their prey


To most people, the ravine was synonymous with hell. Though for some, it also made

for a convenient execution grounds.

A solitary silhouette suddenly moved within that godforsaken canyon. A pair of rabbit

ears poked out from below a boulder. They twitched a little, as if searching for any

noises. Such a cute spectacle was completely at odds with the hellish surroundings of

the ravine.

After ascertaining its surroundings were safe, the figure tentatively stuck its head out

from behind the boulder. Surprisingly, the rabbit ears were attached not to a rabbits

head, but a humans. The figure was actually a bunny girl in her mid-teens. After

poking her head out, she looked around, confirming once more by sight that there

were no dangers around.

She was quite beautiful. She was covered in grime and her shabby clothes were in

tatters, but that did nothing to mar her stunning looks. She had light blue hair and

azure eyes, and gave off this aura of majestic mystery. And that dignified looking girl

was currently…

”Ugh, Im so scared. I wish I were in bed eating snacks right now. ” Her rather

undignified outburst ruined the entire effect her looks had.

The bunny girl continued muttering complaints for a while, but then she suddenly

slapped her cheeks and renewed her determination.

”If I don do something, then its my family thatll end up being the monsters snacks, ”

she muttered to herself, her eyes shimmering with resolve.

”…Ive gotta hurry. I need to make it to that future, to that person. ” She straightened

her back and dashed off deeper into the ravine.

A few minutes later, a pathetic scream echoed throughout the gorge.

”Hiiii! Im not tasty, don eat meeeee! ”

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