a couple of seconds until he closed the gap by not dodging an attack as he had done till then, but blocked the air slices produced by the monsters claws by using the arm guards that he was wearing.

Sparks flaw as the attack and armor met, with the armor winning out and showing its high quality.

The monster was surprised, allowing him to finally launch his attack. The beast turned and swapped at him using its powerful tail but the man avoided the attack again.

The tail hit the cliffs side wall, creating a thunderous sound like lighting had hit the area. Only a small dent was left on the cliffs face, showing how incredibly hard the rocks were.

As the tail missed him, his hand started to glow an intense blue light as with just a glance any sane person would see what incredible power that blue glow contained.

As the creature swung its head back around, it was met with an incoming fist and did not have time to evade it.

It put its two claws up, trying to cover its head and block but there was nothing it could have done.

Its two claws and head were obliterated in that one attack.

The mans hand stopped glowing and the area went dark again. He looked back to see his work and the devastation that the monster had done in just the 25 seconds they had fought.

Even through his dark hood, you could feel his disappointment.

At that time he finally felt the rain hit his hood and face. The sensation of the fight finally leaving him, he looked up at the sea of clouds and at that moment something happened.

He thought that he saw a red ray of light for a split second. It took him aback as the only light that could pass through these clouds was sunlight and not much of it could make it through.

As he continued to look up and be fascinated by what might have produced such a light, something fell through the thick black clouds that made him curious.

Wanting to take a good look at it as it was rare for something to fall into the forbidden land, his eyes started to glow blue as his hand had done but way less in intensity and power.

”A baby? ”

He was so shocked such that he said something for the first time in a while.

His body moved on its own and he jumped, leaving a dent in the ground where he was standing.

The way he leaped off the ground and soared through the air you would think that he was flying.

He caught the baby and landed not that far from where the monster was.

”Huh? ”

That was the second thing he said in a long time that night. The reason was that he could see that the baby was breathing and that he had just been born, but the crazy part was that he felt no mana whatsoever in him.

Not only that, but the baby was breathing like it was normal in a place where even the king would have a tough time in breathing the air there, though it would only be uncomfortable for him and not dangerous. It even made it through the accursed clouds alive.

The more he looked at the baby, the more he was intrigued.

He looked at the dark circles that were all around the babys body and the weird symbols on them. He had never seen them before and they did not make sense whatsoever.

He then took a good look at the babys face and after a few seconds, it dawned on him. The baby looked similar to someone he hated with all his being.

Anger and hate filled his heart as he remembered the past, a past that he had not thought about for years.

He looked at the baby sleeping peacefully and some of that anger disappeared as he asked himself if this was fate.

If the Guardian of fate had heard his question, she would have slapped him silly for even suggesting such a thing.

He made a decision right then and turned and looked at the cliff. He took some of the blue dust that had formed on some of the rocks there and then took his kill.

He was going back to his place of leaving.

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