Ascension To Sovereignty

Faithful Encounter

”Sigmund, its getting dark. Light the campfire. ” A boy with dark hair told his twin brother with a serious expression.

”On it! You get anything good this time Magni? ” A red haired boy replied excitedly, his expression bright like the sun.

”A few beasts were around our camp, I was able to kill and skin them. The meat is in the shed brother. ”

”Perfect, we can eat dinner today then! ”

”Mhm ” Magni nodded.

The boys were orphans, abandoned at birth in the belly of the great wood outside of The Zerxes kingdom.

”Blazing Prvidence! ” Sigmund exclaimed. As he spoke, a blinding heat escaped his hands and danced across the campfire, lighting it instantly.

”Do you have to shout every time Sigmund. ” The dark haired twin asked rolling his eyes.

”Im very proud of this spell Ill have you know. I devised it myself, its not like we have any teachers out here in the wood. My True Sun magic is awesome so why shouldn I shout! ” The brother replied jokingly.

”I guess you are right there brother; I can only release 15x gravity at my current stage. That wouldn be anything to a powerful warrior if we ever encounter one. ”

”Don talk down on your gravity magic! We got our magic from our parents. Although we don know if mother or father had Sun or Gravity magic, we know that they both wielded one or the other. If you train more you can increase the amount you can manipulate gravity. So don be down brother. ”

”What you say is true, but how could it be our magic is so different? You shine like the Sun anytime you summon your magic while Im like a black hole that stagnated deep inside the galaxy. Weve trained everyday for 16 years and all I have to show is a measly 15x. ”

”Brother! ” Sigmund struck his younger twin Magni across his face.

Startled, Magni stood up and released some of his Kings Aura increasing the gravity by 5x

”I won fight you today but you must listen! You don know how much 15x would effect an actual warrior. We have never fought one so you cannot say it is useless without encountering someone truly powerful. ”

At Sigmunds voice of reason, the dark haired brother released the constraints of his aura and sat back down on the wooden log next to the campfire.

”Sorry brother, I just can help but think youve surpassed me over the years. Its disheartening training for as long as we did and to not have succeeded the way I want to. I apologise. ”

”Its alright brother. Remember our covenant; always and forever, family first. ”

”Yes no matter the situation, I will put you first. ”

”Good, the beast is ready to eat. ”

”Mhm ”

”… ”

”Captain, the troops are ready to enter the great wood. Tell us the mission. ”

A dark cloaked man in his mid forties sat on a chair facing away from his squad. He wore a black eyepatch and had long black hair.

”Dark Star brigade, today we must find a pair of boys squatted outside the walls of the kingdom. His majesty and the royal advisors think that they could be spys from the Zeppoth continent. Our mission is to find and capture these individuals for questioning. Do you hear me! ”

”YES CAPTAIN ” the dark star squad shouted in unison.

”… ”

”Magni, should we turn in early tonight? Im sore from training today. ”

”Yeah sure. ”

The twins retreated back to the cabin in the centre of the encampment and decided to turn in early.

”Enemies found, show no mercy and capture them. ”

The two boys heard the voice of the dark star captain and immediately prepare

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