Ascension To Sovereignty

Bandit Subjugation 3

kes sense. ” I replied. I hadn realised I hadn spoke for a while as I was lost in thought.

”Its alright, your situation is very interesting to say the least. You know…when we get back, I could help you find out the truth if youd like. ” This was out of character for Draco so it felt odd to say.

Truth was, Draco had been affected by the Sun that was Sigmund. His aura and energy felt so comforting people would willingly want to put themselves around him. He was the Sun and his friends and family were planets orbiting him constantly.

”Yeah, thatd be nice my friend. ”

Sigmund had called him a friend for the first time. Draco had offered to help him out and shed light on a situation embedded in darkness, how could he not be moved.

”Good because I will gladly revoke my offer…friend. ” Draco reciprocated my sentiment.

The two new friends ran into the morning sunset.

*Magnis POV ”

”What! Sigmund got a mission? And hes the team captain? ” Magni shouted at Orsted.

”Hey kid, relax. Your time will come, they gave him an intermediate mission so its not like itll be hard. Probably bandits. You are training with the elite members and at your current strength you could lead a intermediate mission as well.

Your nearly ready for your first mission in the elite class too, so just calm down kid. ”

Magni had felt greatly offended that Sigmund had received a mission and didn inform him.

The nerves from the night before had made him entirely forget to tell Magni but he didn know that and nor was the hot headed teen ready to listen to excuses.

”I have to get stronger! ” He confided in himself.

”Orsted, Im ready to spar. Give me someone strong. ” Magni gathered his resolve.

”Are you sure? Your strong but strong in the elite division is something…else. ” Orsted asked genuinely worried for his students safety.

”Yes, Im ready. Ill show you the fighting style I devised myself, with bloody knuckles and resolve as steady as a mountain. ”

”Good words kid, Ill oblige. Erik! Come here, youll spar the kid. ” Orsted called out to a man around my height. He had a staff by his side and long brown hair.

”A staff user? This might be difficult; Ive never fought one before. ” Magni muttered.

”This is what you asked for, and this might actually make a good fight. ”

”Sir, Ill be fighting him? ” Erik looked at me with visible distain.

”Underestimate him and youll be in the infirmary before you can even think. Don get cocky, Ive told you a million times. ”

”Yes sir. ” It was clear his opinions wouldn be changed that easily.

”Kid, do you want me to use my magic as well? I will not hold back or pull punches. ” He looked down on me greatly.

”I definitely have to break at least two bones in this bastards body! ” I thought while clenching my teeth.

I ignored his question and assumed my fighting stance.

”Ill take that as a no. Prepare for a world of hurt. ”

”… ”

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